Kelly Lenza / LividLipids / softbodytendermind / ass_child - "Radical body liberationist”, Intentionally Repulsive, Uber woke 40-something SJW influencer wannabe, drank the HAES/BoPo Koolaid


complex post traumatic stress disorder?? because people think you're stupid for thinking fatphobia is a thing??

(also that photography is shit. making things black and white isn't always better)

Logical Fallacies

Anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
I like how Kelly is none of the things she promotes on her Instagram. She's neither kind or compassionate, nor does she accept accountability or love her body. And yet she believes she is all that.

It is the fate of narcissists to drown in their reflections (projecting) without ever realizing they're doing so (lack of insight). They're in love with their reflection which, ironically, makes them completely incapable of self-reflection. They can't see past the projection of their idealized self.


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Over half of Americans are overweight or obese. You are the majority. And you aren't "marginalized" either. The only people showing disregard for fatty lives are the fatties themselves. People have been warning you for years about the health consequences of obesity and none of you wanted to listen.
It's also pretty bold of you to think you'll live another 30 years.
exactly. if the way oppression works, is that its always the majority oppressing the minority, then fat people being oppressed makes no sense. there are tons of overweight politicians, overweight celebrities, and overweight millionaires. and i'm pretty sure donald trump is considered obese technically

by their logic theyre the ones with power in our society.

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What is the bat post about? At first I thought it was Covid related but I guess it's just what to do if you find a (dead? baby? injured?) bat on the ground. Just skewer it with a stick and wipe it on a tree limb using that ladder that mysteriously appears after step 3.

And Kade and Vos makes plus size clothing at no extra cost -- which means normal size women btfo because you are paying more to subsidize the extra material needed for those massive tarps. It's actually not unfair to charge more for super fat clothing because the cost of the material is higher than it is for normal sized clothing. If she made her own clothes, she understand that pretty quickly.

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LOL @ "drop the rope". I'm going to drop the rope for POC. That phrasing doesn't conjure up an image of acceptance at all. What genius thought up that expression? Or how about saying I'm going to allow POC, instead of saying I'm going to accept them?

What is so wrong with the word "acceptance"? It is a step up from "tolerance". I thought that was a good thing ...

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Now suddenly every left leaning fatty thinks mocking Trump isn't okay? I mean, teasing him about having small hands is totally fine (penis shaming) but fat shaming is just a bridge too far for them, huh? Oh the hypocrisy. I think you can fat shame anyone --even President Tubby. It's un-American to think otherwise.