Kelly Lenza / LividLipids / softbodytendermind / ass_child - "Radical body liberationist”, Intentionally Repulsive, Uber woke 40-something SJW influencer wannabe, drank the HAES/BoPo Koolaid


When she fuck me good, I take her ass to Dorsia.


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So talking about the fact she ate herself into an avoidable disorder is violence??

What will she call it when they have to amputate a limb?
because that's where someone like her is headed. Insulin can only do so much for so long.
It seemed like she was saying that when people piss her off it makes her blood sugar unstable, and that its therefore "violent".

So saying anything she doesn't like is violent. She found a way to blame her glucose reading on other people's words. Amazing.

Well, you see, she's not Muslim. No hijab or arranged marriage for her. She can praise Islam (and rail against yt Christian Daddy) on Twitter, nice and safe and fat in her white neighborhood, with her indulgent, if apathetic white husband, no problem. If Muslim women get oppressed for real, in far away places, oh well! Their ~culture is ~different. Compulsory hijab? Acid attacks? We colonizers have no right to judge! Now, if you subjected porky Princess Kelly to one-tenth of the oppression women face in say, Dubai, that would be a war crime and literal fucking rape... but out of sight, out of mind, am I right? Can't hear the cries of those Yemeni child brides over the sound of one's doughy fingers bangin' out dem woke Tweets.

She is SUCH an empath, gosh.

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>shit talks her kids, husband, FiL, sent a passive aggressive DM to a kids’ book author and a complaint letter to the dean after a college student was rude online.
Yeah, definitely extremely empathetic. And self aware, too.
Angry New Ager's Life Tips: Anybody who describes themselves as an "empath" is best regarded as having a Cluster B personality disorder until proven otherwise.

Oh, fuck--what am I saying? They will never be proven otherwise.

(Ditto, anybody who describes themselves as a "Highly Sensitive Person," or tells you how "compassionate" they are, or how much they "just want to help other people." Truly compassionate people who want to help others are off somewhere being helpful, usually in unglamorous, overlooked ways, getting all the dirty work of caring for others done, rather than telling you about it.)