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How long until Kelly needs both her legs amputated?

  • Tuesday

    Votes: 44 18.9%
  • But I’m a ballerina.

    Votes: 75 32.2%
  • As long as it takes her to gather enough shit to rub into her wounds.

    Votes: 114 48.9%

  • Total voters


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Wonder how she'll explain all this? Behcht's is out the window since it's been so contained and even in that one area for so long. I mean, we all know it was never behcts but now it's REALLY not. Time to move on to something else. God I hope she brings back the cult and maybe they've been stealing her skin to sacrfice to their fuck/food dogs?

I dunno, trying to keep this interesting. Turns out watching someone slowly skin themselves for a year turns from stomach churning to boring quicker than expected. God that poor skin graft surgeon though. All that delicate work just to have her peel every inch of it off.
Wish I could send him a condolences card.


fat bird
I'll throw my hands up and admit I honestly thought it was Behcets when she first mentioned it. Her previous gambit of bloodletting was obvious - she wanted attention both online and at the hospital and from her community for being an ambassador for blood donation and also being such a brave, sick warrior. But I always thought she was a bit too vain to actually start physically damaging her appearance. I was wrong.


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maybe she gave the legs enough time to heal a bit before she will go to fucky town again.
because do they still give her sweet opiates for the pain or not?
if not, this must hurt like a bitch ha
I think it might be an old video. Those photos and video of her removing the bandage looked so much worse and even if she was to let them heal in the air I would expect that after the dead tissue was removed there would be a dip in the more damaged areas. It could be the angle that she made the video though but we know Kelly lies and loves shock value drama. I think the next video/ photo we see will show much more damage to look like she's had a dramatic flare.


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More gross shit.

Huh. Amazing how fast she gets boring. I didn't even know about her less than two weeks ago and I'm already over her and her self sabotaging.
Blah-blah: Her technique is wrong, she uses the wrong underlayer for that wound, she should clean it up herself and she should know better by now. Blah. Bored.
By now I'm more interested in her foot/feet. See the way it's swollen? See the skin tone? See the toenails?
You can almost smell the bad circulation. Feet go bye-bye when?

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If you’re squeamish at all, don’t click on this gross shit. Kelly has outdone herself.

I love you. Thank you for posting this. It's really fascinating. I've never seen anything like it. Kelly must hate how good her body is at healing.

I actually find this video the worst of all. For those who can't watch, Kelly is moving the muscles in her legs. The undulating flesh makes cracking sounds and the exposed muscle writhes in waves of lateral motion . It's really fascinating. For a un-gory example look at your inner wrist, now move your fingers inward from pinkie to index. That muscle movement in your wrist is what she is doing on the wound.


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I used to follow this thread but I lost interest and stopped, she’s so boring now. Oh lawd my laygs, they’re deep fried and soaked in bleach...yeah mate we get it, same old same old.

If she actually gets them sawed off, I’ll go back to checking in here once a week. But at this point it’s just her desperately trying to offer pictures of her legs to the world in exchange for sweet attention, and no one cares anymore. Maybe if her face started rotting too. Do some makeup tutorials on how to cover it with concealer and a cement trowel.

The way she peels off those dressings though. That would be agony for any normal person. She'd do great if she ever went through childbirth.

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