Artcow Ken Penders - Former Archie Sonic Comic Writer/Artist

Holy shit, I had no idea that he was still making stuff. I kind of figured no place would want him. He basically is the reason that comic companies are extremely careful with how their contracts are written and keep paperwork of who worked for them and did what. His lawsuits against Archie were apparently bad enough that it taught companies several lessons.


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What's up with him and Digimon?
And the only way I knew it was from Digimon were the actual Digimon. The kids look like shit.

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says "Nope."
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—Silberkleit stalked her future husband all the way to headquarters yelling, "Let me in you son of a b*tch, I'm pregnant and you better take responsibility."

Man, life really does imitate art. That quote is word for word what Big Ethel said to Jughead in one issue.

If that's the case, then he needs better artist, because if this is the best he can do:

Then he needs artistic help, and fast.

Hey, it's the best digital artwork that 1997 could produce. In 2015. What's with the thing crawling across his face?

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What I don't understand is - what techniques is this guy using for those godawful 3d pictures? I have seen people use things like Zbrush for still illustrations but rarely are they this bad. Am I missing something?

Also when people like this become artists for actual companies I get hopeful I can actually make something of my skills. you occasionally see people in the Deviant art horrors thread (usually doing some fucked up fetish stuff) with more skill.

If that's the case, then he needs better artist, because if this is the best he can do:

Then he needs artistic help, and fast.

Also, I'm half-tempted to call Archie a lolcow company now, given how that co CEO's bitching about her calling people "Penis". Doesn't matter how high up in the corporate food chain you are, sexual harassment is still sexual harassment. And no amount of bullshit excuses can change that.

I've never read the Sonic comic or anything published by Archie, but do all their artists draw cartoon sonic animals with the same horrific attempt at realistic expressions and proportions? I'm not an artist and have no artistic talent, but even I can tell you a that something that's meant to be cartoony and simplistic like say Sonic the Hedgehog or Felix the cat ect looks disgusting if you give it a realistic textured Goatee and a fucking six pack.

I know something that was designed for a megadrive (Genesis) game isn't that visually interesting, but even an amateur can point out that having giant anime eyes and 3 fingered hands looks fucked up if you give them muscle tone ect.

I know a shit drawing is making me more annoyed than it should considering this is a Chris Chan forum, but he honestly got paid for this? I'm sure half of deviant could churn out something a hundred times better than this.

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