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As much as I sometimes think that Ken is taking the piss with his twitter posts it is hard for me to believe that he is playing the parody of a extremist regressive leftist and somehow is a crypto-Trump supporter.

Trump supporters, people who consider themselves conservatives or mildly center-right minded people know that at this point that their political opinions are undesirable on Twitter. So the best option is that if Twitter is a platform that they need to absolutely use to stay in contact with an audience and to publicize their businesses or projects then they will NEVER talk about politics and much less declare alignment to any side of the political spectrum. There is nothing to be gained by ostracizing half of your potential clientele by insulting them and calling them undesirables or deplorables. Much less insulting the capitalist minded side of the audience that believes in paying for content instead of the communist sympathizing side of the audience that will ask to be given content for free.

Clearly there is a lot of virtue signaling in Ken's post to appeal to whatever leftist follower he has but he barely gets any engagement because most of those 1800 followers on Twitter hate-follow him because if you really look at his Twitter feed, it is nothing but Ken's hate towards those who disagree with his politics.

Whenever he releases the proprietary app for the comic, you can be assured that there will be no option to rate or review it but that is not going to stop people from making blog and video reviews shredding his writing and art to pieces once it comes out because if anything he has cultivated and earned an audience of people that hate his guts and want to see him fail more than he already has.

TL;DR - Your friend is mistaken, he has full on TDS and it is not pretending, Ken is a tribalist leftard.
So if he is tribalsit as I have pointed out before how long till they eat him up on something stupid aka cancel him to oblivion since they did that to their own kind. Don’t forget that ken is just came out as an elitist and his utter disregard of others opinion that show he is hated by the entire sonic fandom. It doesn’t help the matter he claims to serve in military which I find very questionable
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Gay relationships, climate change, and immigration were all relevant issues to ten year olds in 2003? What a fucking dope.
tbf gayness is pretty relevant to being a sonic fan any year
he claims to serve in military which I find very questionable

yeah I have to assume that we'd have pictures of Private Penders being fat and ugly if he did


fbi most wanted sskealeaton
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People would do that? Just go on the internet and pretend to be tactical and realistic soldiers from are armed forces?
Yeah to qoute an old show that Steven crowder was on
just look up any video on youtube of people wearing army uniforms who didn’t legitimately serve and being confronted. Yes its cringy but they are committing a federal crime.

Someone posted this



he just showed his son from which marriage I don’t know
Lara su tweet
and of course more trump stuff even though he has been out of office for several months now
someone debated him
reminder penders kind of supported this guy’s partyC3EC9EA9-827B-4CE9-BF44-88A4CD9F436C.jpeg
lara su lore update 14BB0647-D2E4-4D07-AF66-BF48ABEE0210.jpeg
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Lmao. "Gruden used a racist stereotpye to describe NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith, saying 'Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires.'"

Ken being anti war vet then again that is what you get from a person who does stolen valor like him 1DA87388-85C9-473B-B3BA-8C5225315EE3.jpeg
And consider he supports pelosi who also helped Iraq its says something mainly he is ok when his side does it
some more vax stuff with him quote tweeting another lolcow Eichnewsletter


lara su updates
and a update about him Licensing characters 1542321E-8D6F-459F-8053-CADB728C810F.jpeg
also dnc bootlicking977813B9-23D6-4237-A8B2-AD98897C4B4F.jpeg
also he is reactinonary to dave Chappelle

ken went full hostile

Still at it8725A9B0-46A0-4753-895D-D7B7839D43CB.jpegCF06D575-564C-45EA-9DB9-6C2CC212C275.jpeg
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