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Kengle now has 10k+ twitter followers, is he still a lolcow?

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    Votes: 19 4.3%
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Durable Mike Malloy

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The community college in Warwick looks depressingly boring. Like a Siberian nuclear power plant.

Of course, on the Kengle Scale of Excitement it's probably like Harvard or Oxford.
For some sort of anniversary or renovation a few years back, this place hosted an art show and incredible associated panel discussion that ended up being all about how it was a ponderous and grotesque mimicry of innovation that was already outdated at its inception, failed on every possible level, and resisted every effort to improve it.

Kengle's attendance is a goddamn oddly satisfying moment of things fitting perfectly.

Durable Mike Malloy

Fine &/or dandy.
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Kengle went to that gulag school? I thought he just moved to Warwick after recently getting kicked out of his parents' home in another boring town.
In fact, I am not sure! I believe he'd mentioned some sort of pointless certification offered at the Knight campus not terribly long ago, but I can't remember if anything came of it and am disinclined to do much digging. I suppose even I have my limits as to how poorly I will spend my time...


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