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Kengle now has 10k+ twitter followers, is he still a lolcow?

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    Votes: 22 4.5%
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    Votes: 471 95.5%

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What is it with Kengle and layers?


Maybe it's related to his love of overthinking, like that "tier" system for "Lol-Cows," or that delirious long "friending policy."
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Kengles method of journalism:

Step one: Read kiwifarms.
Step two: make our autism even more autistic
Step three: write about history and events no one is the least bit interested in.
Step four: delete and restart the entire process ad infinitum.


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He should just stop announcing these things. All he wants to do is make websites - the process of running and maintaining them bores him rigid. If he didn’t announce them, he could build and delete them to his heart’s content without being laughed at.