Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt / "Kengel" / Saturnella / Thundersteam / OnionNull / sailfish8964 - Autistic adult cyberbully, ISIS apostate, failed lolcow collector, dickgirl lover, CWC stalker

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Kengle now has 10k+ twitter followers, is he still a lolcow?

  • no

    Votes: 22 4.5%
  • yes

    Votes: 471 95.5%

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The last time Kengle did anything interesting was either Buffalo Cube or trying to make a Kiwi Farms clone that no one could sign up for, and I can't remember which one is the most recent because it was like 4 years ago.

Ken should do something new. Like drugs. *yawn*
I would love to see Ken tweeting in his beige way about the interdimensional crustaceans with his father’s face trying to contact him through the wallpaper patterns.


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I would love to see Ken tweeting in his beige way about the interdimensional crustaceans with his father’s face trying to contact him through the wallpaper patterns.
If Buffalo cube and his other 'artworks' are anything to go by, a patriarchal wallpaper crab would be a bit tame by Kengle's standards. If he started doing drugs, maybe his artwork would cross the autistic event horizon and become good.
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Ken went private despite 12k followers. His “personal” account? Just complains about the weather. Edit: he fucked up his SEO again by changing his actual username also.
New account for website. Planet Gaus for real this time.
Ken has locked somebody up in his basement. It’s the only logical reason why anybody would want to work on Ken’s fapfic.
His new account appears to be the second Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt account (and the new @kennyengelhardt) which adds confusion to the locking his primary account, or making a new one with his name. If Ken had any actual fans they’d be hella confused.


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