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Kent is out bullying people now and it's not smart.
Thanks for the Kliffs.

I can't really blame Kent for his new 'tude. Although him bullying people is laughable it may be the only way he knows that he can retaliate as he has been bullied primarily in real life and secondarily on here & thecoli (however I don't think he can differentiate that WE actually like him and the bullying is more roasting him than with ill-will),

I really feel for Kent. This is a guy who needs a real life friend. That's all. In fact it seems most people who "go postal" actually just need some tangible and even public shows of acceptance and affection. Unfortunately, the mainstream media doesn't get views with that insight. They get views by saying someone is crazy or "no one saw it coming".

His WWE obsessions and gaming are really just a form of friendship to him. I do agree with him, MANY people will not hang out with another person unless it somehow benefits them either explicitly or implicitly (hanging out with a subordinate gives one a feeling of superiority). Very very rare are relationships where two people meet as equals (other than in childhood).

He really should get another dog. Its time and he will be able to vent some of his feelings out unto another being. I wish I could contact him and tell him to start puppy-shopping. He blocked me on youtube but maybe I'll make a dummy account and let him know that may be a solution.


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Kent has burnt any friendship he's been able to strike up, any social interaction he poisons. Not because his tism, a lot of people esp older you get are more accepting of quirks or people who are off as long as they are trying and or cool. Kent aside his problems, is a dick. He's a flat out selfish, lazy person who is very petty.

How can you be friends with someone who's whole goal is stabbing you in the back the second they think they can get away with it? We have oodles of proof over the years he's been followed online this is his MO. Get picked up by people who want to be kind to the new guy, they go out of their way to help him since he's off, then Kent lashes out in some behavior and ruins it.

You can't be his friend, I can't be his friend, no one can. The only people he interacts with are the incel suck ups who think because he posts videos he's like, cool or something? Seriously, Kent likes these losers, since they are less than him and do nothing but ass pat. That's all, they aren't friends, they are tools to fill his ego.

We all live this life thru our own pov and experience, it's fair to say we can't not have a self centric view of the world even tho we have empathy and grasp a bigger world than ourselves. Kent does not, he is quite happy being the big fish in a little pond because his autism and being in special ed nut houses low level jobs, he's been around the bottom rungs of humanity. Couple that with watching the news or re runs of cops, that's his understanding of life. He really doesn't grasp how big or expansive the world is. Nor does he want to, because if he saw what your avg family is like, with all it's faults they are light years more diverse, happy and productive than he could ever dream. The idea, people go to work, own a home mow the lawn and wind down watching tv or something is just not real to him.

Nor does he want it to be because it shows him how low he really is in the world. We can't let the ego destroyer lose his own ego. Kent never can nor will get it, when it comes to people, how to behave or social interaction. I'm honestly for the idea him getting another dog, but he has to pass it thru momma Kent first. I don't see why she would shoot it down.

In regards to him going postal or people that do do it, I have some mixed feelings on people not seeing it coming, sometimes you really don't and can't but also people need to protect both themselves legally, and emotionally. Kent is a fucking werido, we've all met people like him, where you just don't feel right. They haven't done anything scary, or abusive they just don't feel good being around. In school work etc, you just suck it up.

Now if that person does something you not ringing a bell could put you at risk. But then again you don't want to go talk to a boss/teacher etc since this person just is strange not scary. Then something bad happens. I am not saying go out and anyone who gives you the willies narc on, I'm saying that's just how social interacting is and 99.5% weirdos are just that.

There are a lot of people who just need a friend in this world, some of them are like Kent tho and just refuse to let it happen because they are down right shitty people too. It's why Kent has had so many people try to be nice to him over the years a lot of people are good hearted an empathic, they saw this weird little dude being sad and lonely and took them under a wing, Kent being himself, then jammed a dagger in them and scurried away. Fuck em, don't help someone like that, good people need love.
The only reason Kentry hasn't gotten shitcanned yet is because his boss is probably compiling a file against him. Nowadays, canning a poc, especially one that is a sped, is a shitstorm. Usually when any employee behaves like a sped, if they can't fire them outright, they need to compile a case file documenting their behavior so that the termination can be justified. Unfortunately for Kentry, the only thing he's going postal on is both his feet.


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Being Quiet Works In The Long Run (Stay weird is a say of Seattle his fav place, ironic)

Kent looks like Kid and or Play in this intro, his stash doesn't connect to his beard, very high soy boy look, to match his feminine traps. He gives us the austimo stare down as he rocks like an autismo.(No really lots of trades rock to feel calmed).

Again 30 full fucking seconds of intro. Then he speaks, I want to, elaborate more on this vlog. About, being quiet. The more you are quiet, more that you keep mouth shut, less problems the less conflict less drama you have to deal with in your life.

If you really want to go into deep thought about it, less stress you have to deal or struggle in life. If you are quiet, If you are quiet and uh stick to yourself you keep to yourself, you mind your self. Better you are. But here's the thing when you are quiet, it always makes, other people think, other people think why is he quiet and they come and talk to you. They interact with you.

They are nicer to you, who are mean to you and give you a hard time, people who pick on you, more you are quiet they are trying to talk to or maybe be nice to you.

Only reason why are being nice to you is because, you are quiet. You and are quiet it scares them, deep down. Deep down they in soul they are scared of you, intimidated. I tell people deep thoughts and just live in denial. People are in denial about it, they sure do.

When you are quiet people want to talk to you and be nice to you. I was at work work yesterday, I was real quiet, real quiet. I didn't speak less be spoken too. Don't speak to no one less they speak to you first. I remember remember training day, the movie. One of my all time favorite movies (MONICA, I do love that movie.) that movie with Denzel and Ethan Hawk. It came out in 2001. Year 2001, it was 18 years ago. I can't get over 18 years old.

In one scene, when Jake and Alanzo the names in the movie. I remember he said, when you walk in here don't speak till spoken too. They went in a building. When you walking in here don't speak till spoken too. I have that mind set. (Yes base yourself off a gambler who rips off the russian mob kills people for amusement and to repay debts and then cowers and dies in the end, it's almost 2 decades old, I ain't gonna spoiler it for anyone)

Since I have been doing that feeling a lot better, I feel free when I do that and be quiet. I feel free man, like a freed man. Well you know what Iw as saying at my job. My manager and like other people had asked and said, Kentry are you good. My manager asked me, someone asked is everything ok. I said I'm ok I'm chilling and working and minding me. This is what I tell them. Fact I was quiet. I was telling myself, tell yourself this too, try it and tell me what happens.

If you have a job, it doesn't matter, an office job, a labor job, any kind. Walk into your job, before you walk into your job and uh, if you get out of your car or uh hopping off bus or what ever your way of getting to work. Before you punch that clock. Tell your self, don't speak unless spoken too.

If you are some body who's dealing with, someone who's dealing with…uh, you know asshole managers. People who are bullying at work. You know and mistreating you, fact you are quiet. Fact you are different. Tell yourself don't speak unless spoken to first and do your work.

When I get out of my car when I go to work, I tell myself, Kent Trey, when you walk in here, do not speak unless spoken to. I tell myself that, every day I go into work.

I've been doing it, ever since. ever since. (since what?) It's better to be that way, but why why why, why does it. It makes people worried about you and wonder about you, when you are quiet. It's why people ask if you are ok or how you are doing, people are being nice to you. Because you are quiet. Tell them I'm just minding me, chilling. Tell them.

Im' a very quiet person. And, only time I speak, is um when recording, youtube videos for vlogs. For it's' that's about it. I don't talk much, unless they talk first because I'm done trying to start convos with people going out my way and uh do things. I'm done. It's very time consuming and annoying it really is.

So I'm gonna keep mouth shut and focus on me and doing what makes me happy. Because, those guys who are watching understand where I'm coming from, I'm an introvert. A very very very strong introvert. You know? I just like it. I like peace and quiet, I like it I love it. I want it. Peace and quiet.

You know like I was saying you watching, always remember this, takes an introvert to understand an introvert, extraverts can't understand introverts. Extraverts don't understand. So anyone who watches this and who is, um um, and who is viewing this, is an introvert you understand if you don't get it, you can't understand if you are extroverted. You are talking and stuff I don't have to be like you I don't have to be what you want me to be.

I want to send a message. To those CREATINS out there on those forums (notice me sempai) I know you watch me, I know oyu watch me and talk a lot of BS about me. Doing it for for past, for past 4 years. Imma say this right now to you CREATINS if you don't like what I what post or say on youtube, why do you watch my videos and talk shit about me? why? If you don't like what I do why do you do it? If you just hate on me anyways. It's been for past 4 years. (You claimed you raped my mother Kent. Remember that sunshine? Also it's funny to laugh at you, I know you are legit a raging autismo, so google hate watch, understand the concept)

Like what what group of people do this talk out one man for 4 years for 4 years? (because the farms is literally one thread, and we aren't STILL making jokes about Jesus who's been talked about for 2000+ years cows give tard cum so we drink it up) I know you still do this, I seen. Don't think I don't know, I know I know you do this, why do you do it? (I just said) You guys are jsust a bunch of CREATINS, CREATINS you a bunch of.

You know who you are, I won't say names (pussy ass bitch ass say it sempai)
Leave me a lone. I ain't doing nothing to you (yes you are you provide me amusement as your life is in tatters and only getting worse) If you don't like me why do you watch me? Go somewhere else if you don't like what I post simple as that.

It's simple, but you won't do it, gotta talk your BS, keep doing it end of the day, you you don't know me you don't me just know me on YT. I'm done with that. (you're still a virgin teeheheheheheh)

The whole point of this vlog is, when you don't speak unless spoken to, it really works. It works. Because, because it's true it's true (citation needed) when I'm quiet my manager the one who gives me a hard time, she goes and asks me if I'm ok? I told her I'm fine, just chilling, just working. She only asked me that because I was quiet. Because I was quiet. I didn't talk to her. I was quiet, I didn't talk to anyone didn't look at no one just did my work.

I'm telling you, when you be quiet, when you don't speak unless spoken to, it concerns people, it really does, makes them wonder, when you are really quiet. No one everyone sees this no one. Only i notice this no one else notices this. I notices this only I noticed this. No one notices it at all.

It's that's how it really seems. It really seems. Thats' how. I am who I am, you know? The introvert, the introvert the lone wolf, ego destroyer, the real deal. (virgin) misanthrope. How you want to look at me as. (austimo) how you want to look at me as. I am who I am I do what I do, and people are gonna accept it. If you refuse to, go somewhere else.

If you like me and what I do, then, shout out to you. But I am who I am ( a manlet) I will be who I am myself and do myself and think FOR MY SELF. Not no body us. I will focus on my self and better myself as a Man(let) I will get to where I need to in life by myself (oh good another trip to the loony bin Kent? well over do you spurge)

I don't want no ones help (lives at moms house intensifies) I don't like asking for help, I never needed help, I don't like help. I just like doing things on my own, on my own I'm that type of person.

I don't like help or people, people disgust me, people just I can't stand people. I'm not being negative, I'm being 100 no no no I am keeping it 1000 year keeping it 1000 percent I keep it 100% real I'm the real deal. Anyone who tries to have a conversation with me I keep it 100% Real (unless i need to lie because I have a huge history of that) everything I say is 100% real I keep it real I'm the real deal.

Everything I say is the real deal. I won't ever say I can't do this or won't say I'm this or that. When you are something or this when they don't know you they don't even know you knw you personally. Never even have had a personal talk with you. Just assume things. Stay away, from those people. Stay away. Keep your mouth shut speak only if spoken to and the better off your life will be.


Kent is a proud werido
He learned to not talk to people because a bad guy in a movie said that
Kent is proud he's literally scaring people around him.
For an introvert he found the only way to talk to people (something he claimed to enjoy) was to act fucking weird in public. So for someone who doesn't like people he goes out of the way to induce talking
Kent only talks to the camera, this could explain his poor speech patterns, since it's monologing.
Kent tells himself not to talk people so he doesn't forget, a clear sign of being a real introvert not just a weird lonely person
He claims he doesn't like us, (KF coli trolls etc) then yells CREATINS because he is so fucking weird he thinks it's his new catch phrase in his failed WWE career dreams, much like his other attempts at catch phrases it's just cringe.
He doesn't know why we watch him, because he wants ass pats. Also our lives suck, but his doesn't and we are jealous of him.
Kent reminds us, he's the real deal. Because he said so, that's proof.Kent hates getting help but lives off his mother and tard bux.
Don't talk to anyone, unless they talk first and only if they give you ass pats.

I tried to go a back little only my live commentary, but added some for when he pulled his stupid stunt towards us in Kent paradise. Kent is just as immature as ever.

Really his grasp on reality is sliding fast, and I'm not trying to be funny at this point. He admits he does things to attract social interaction (proof he's not an introvert just fucking lonely) but he's too much a nuttier to do anything aside act weird so people are scared for his and their own safety.

Kent is still butt mad about us following him, for someone who doesn't care about the haters, and we don't engage him he sure likes to lash out at us, because deep down he knows we have documented his long history of antics, crazy shit, lies and anti social behaviors, he wishes swept under the rug.
He's honestly lost really why we don't ass pat him, forgetting the acts of charity offered etc. Kent is an all or nothing person when it comes to worship him or fuck off. It's why he is so cripplyingly alone.

Since his only social interaction is people literally worried about him, because he's acting so strange and monologing, he really doesn't see how fucking off him trying to snag a catch phrase is. Heathens and creatins are his new ones. Plus like any loser, tries to pick his own nick name, since he's autistic, I'll explain it. You earn a nick name. You don't get to choose one. Since Kent thinks WWE behavior is well ok outside of WWE events, he just comes off whack.

Austic people don't know you have to alter behaviors to fit a group, you are still real it's called tact. I say shit here like gas the jews, use racist terms etc, they are jokes welcome and supported by the community here. I don't walk up HI GRAND MA MY NIGGER, Kent, thinks this means I'm being fake.. because he's fucking stupid. In every social circle, family, work, hobby we have inside jokes, a lexicon etc. We use them in context or we sound absurd. So walking around cutting promos to normal people unaware this is meant to come off like the Rock after winning a championship belt would just sound insane. Kent doesn't grasp it, so he makes people think he's been dropped on his head as a child. (plus he does look like a child)

Kent really is only getting more and more off in his speech and acting, he's just a weird dude and I'm sure as mentioned before he's being monitored for a VERY good reason at work. When something happens, he will blame everyone but himself, as history has shown us with all of his other self imploding behaviors.

Dear KenTRY,

If you are reading this people are being nice or cool to you because you come across as a Black Elliot Rodger and they want to stay on your good side so they at least get a heads up. made a very lonnnng video to basically talk about being quiet. Wouldn't a short video been more effective at illustrating your thought on silence? Do you smell me?

Sincerely, your eternal soldier in arms.




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I Treated Myself Out (I'm so cripplingly alone crying into my nachos for 2)

Kent opens staring at the camera, he looks adorably frail. His shoulders sit like my grandmothers, I see those UGE lifts are paying off.

He gives us another 30 second autism delay before speaking. Again, he just comes off as a serial killer not deep like he hopes.

I love, the Oakland As the Athletics are my favorite baseball team. The most under rated team in the MLB in my opinion. (they are a strong team but mid pack as time of writing this, I won't baseball sperg but Kent has an underdog fetish, and that's ok if anything baseball thrives of that, but he unjustly applies it to his team because he's well Kent no one who follows would call them trash or a contender, so again this is Kent literally not socializing building a narrative to himself) I love the A's (coughs in spa) sometimes you gotta treat yourself out treat yourself out treat yourself out and go somewhere you can, feel good be happy, and esp if you are someone who loves sports, I love sports.

I love going to baseball, I love it going to baseball games (me too) It's almost 1am on the west coast. So it's june 3rd 2019 um um I went to the A's game on the first it was saturday Here's my ticket to prove it (he holds up a ticket of section 315 row 13 seat 16. It's a 21 dollar ticket god he's a fucking weirdo) Dunno if you can see it if camera can focus. I was at the A's game vs the Astros. The A's lost. Score was 5-1 the A's only hit one home run. I think second inning, second inning. So I treated myself out to the baseball game. I did this. I rolled on the bart train (BART is awesome you can see hobos pee and drink beer in public.. I mean the hobos pee I drank a beer on it once, shit was cash) I live in the bay area, they have a train (BART is Bay Area Rapid Transit) called BART. Kent tries to explain this and struggles.

I rode the bart to the Oakland game and went to the game sat down and sit down I like to sit in left field. I like there it's my area and another this is that, is another thing that I love night games this started at 707pm. I love night games, I like night games I like them more, I am a night owl I love the night time (da grave yard man returnth) I love the night time.

I don't like the day time, sometimes in life you have to go somewhere to make you happy. By the way I went by myself I didn't go with no body. I told a couple co workers (and asked mommy if he can stay out past dinner time) that I was uh uh going to the A's game. They asked me if I had a date. I told them no.

Last week A's were on a 10 game winning streak 10 game a 10 game streak winning streak. They lost 4 games to Angels twice. It seems the struggle playing the astros' (he's historically correct amazing enough)but other than that other than that the whole point of this, of this vlog you gotta treat yourself out if it's go out to eat. I'm sorry I'm under the weather not feeling all too well.

Nothing but organic food and organic and organic drinks this cough is bothering me (then why are you sick?) I use hand sanitizer. Another thing, other people can get you sick. I think someone at work got me sick. I got a cough I'm not sick .I'm sick I'm sorry I have a cough I'm sorry heatens who don't know how to how to cover their mouth when they cough, or people who don't wash their hands (remember Kent literally says he showers so date him) people who don't clean themselves. I think someone at work got me sick crazy man. Spread it man, crazy man crazy man. So I've been drinking organic pineapple juice. Nothing but fruits and vegetables. All I've been doing so.

Trying to make this cough go away, it wont' stop me from having fun won't stop me, from umm. enjoing what I ilke to do. This is my first first first A's game by the way. Tickets were real cheap, tickets are are tickets are very cheap. So I went. But I had fun. I had fun and everything and uh you know. No one talked to me and that surprised me, I had that kinda mind set. .. don't speak unless someone speaks to me first, that's just who I am. That's just how I operate.

But um, the A's lose score 5-1. But um treat yourself out, and do what you like to do. I like to go to the A's game now and then (hey Kent remember that time I tried to be nice with a shared love of baseball and offered to give you a hat and you told me you hope my woman dies? #goodchristan) or if you like if you like to if you like to go to night club or go play videos what ever makes you happy.

Sometimes I go out and huh eat in restaurants by myself and times and eat restaurants. I go out. I treat myself out, I like to sit near the window, when I eat in restaurants I like to sit in the windows. So I can look out and think. I'm type of guy who likes to think. I like that. Whole point of this vlog.

Not much else in this vlog. (5 minutes left of autism) It doesn't hurt to treat yourself out now and there now and then. And just get out of comfort zone a little bit a little bit helps. I'm doing it. I've done that whole like like when I go out of my comfort zone and sometimes you feel better. You be albe too and learn things and and whole different improved mind set and umh and go out and uh and do what you like to do.

I treated myself out to the baseball game. I'm going to be doing that a lot I'm going to be doing that a whole lot, is treating myself out. To places I want to go there. I want to go there because I want to go there. Also it's good to plan it out in advance. So I planned huh you know huh. Last month. Last month I planned going I planned my A's game June first I'm going to the A's game and I did.

It's good to plan things out and in advance. It's good to do that. Always more orginzaed. I'm more organized compared to most people. I plan things out. I keep I keep track on what's going on and being organized lot of people aren't they are disorganized (a man who's mother makes his bed for him) And huh the disorganized person sees someone who is organized it intimidates them (lmao what he has some sick fetish of scaring people when he's just a weird loon not at all scary until he brings a gun into wal mart)

It intimidates them it really do. when wh weh wehem when I (Kent master of being organized can not frame a single syllable word.) When I was at the baseball game I didn't speak less get spoken too. umm I was real quiet. umm and by the way before I was before I end this vlog. When I was on the BART train, while while while I was on the BART train. On the BART train on the on on on on the way to the the stadium, this girl there was this girl. She sat in front of me. I didn't know her.

Looked like she looked like maybe she had a pony tail. She smiled at me real hard. I just looked at her I didn't smile back at her (lmao autistic AF she dodged a bullet big time) I just looked at her (creep) She was smiling real hard, this was on the train. It probably wasn't nothing.

People are looking at me more. (Because you are adorable, just want to pat you on your little autistic head, like a chip monk.) Now that I'm much more quiet now. And everything and people have been looking at me much more. People are noticing me, you know I dunno, you know? I don't pay attention to that.

I just don't .. I see it I mean I don't care for it. I do me. I do for myself, think for myself and focus on yourself. All I do don't care about no one else. (what a lovely person) I just uh grew out of it, grew out of it (unlike his boys medium fucking tank top lmao) You know as you get older and more mature you grow out of stuff (says the man living with his mother)

You know and I grew out of a lot of stuff that's really not important like important. I care about important stuff like the A's winning, that's what was most important, because I was treating myself out.

But other than that um that is my vlog and another thing today today today I had had had went to pick up food pick up some food pick up food get myself something to eat and uh this cough man this cough. Really. I went to get some food something to eat and um um and and while this girl she handed me me food she was looking at me. Looking at me, she said have a good day, I said it to her.

I checked my made sure my food was right and all. She smiled at me you know and you know. I dunno dunno probably nothing probably nothing, maybe just me I focus on me I do for myself think for myself and do what makes me happy.

Kent is a wierdo
He went to a baseball game
He rambles on and on resaying his attempts at catch phrases
He says he earns to treat himself and acts like the concept of this is a new idea invented by him.
He suggests other people try it.
He's so fucking socially stupid he thinks the girl who works customer service was into him because she wished him a nice day
He claims he's intimidating to people because he's organized, he then took almost 15 minutes to tell a maybe 20 second story.

This was a super boring video, but it shows how poorly his brain functions. He's not just socially off and all he's down right a dummy dumb.

I'm so glad his insane idea that he's a rare person who bathes is back, now it's possible a co worker got him sick, we all got there but yeah that idea only he washes himself and deserves praise for it is back. If you know nothing of Kent, this sums him up pretty damn well, legit this guy doesn't understand why a soap alise in a store is a thing because he claims he's rare to you know, shower daily, plus he deserves the red carpet rolled out for him for it.

He has some strange power trip he's on of late and gets off that he intimates people in his mind. I assume him being bullied made him want to become a bully, something he's tried to do before and kept getting dunked on. Rightfully so, mind you bullying is bad and Kent is bad at everything ergo he's a bad bully.

So yeah just a weird little dude rambling on and on and on stuttering not due to a speech problem but because he can't think well enough to form a sentence, brags how he's organized and mature. Also that tank top is a riot, but I respect skeltim.
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A Welsh Cake

Terminal case of Yellow Fever
the bathing thing seems like at one point he got shit on by someone for not bathing and now fixates on that fact to try and seem "better".


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the bathing thing seems like at one point he got shit on by someone for not bathing and now fixates on that fact to try and seem "better".
Personally, my assumption is due to him being in group therapies and the nut house a few times.

Kent has no idea how the world works and really his only interacting aside forced stuff like school has been people with serious mental illnesses, he's got his problems we all do but Kent could be functional.

Some people in the nut house, a shower IS a big deal, doing it every day is a big deal. Kent is lazy, selfish and no grasp of the world. Someone who's getting rewarded for a bath, means Kent should too. In his broken brain. When a 5 year old goes potty all by themselves you take them for ice cream. Kent is upset when he pisses no one claps.

So perhaps you are correct, when he was super depressed his hygine lacked, that can happen in depressive swings. But the claim other people don't to a degree it's rare is just baffling.


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Something That I've Been Struggling With For Many Years (getting on rides more intense then the tea cups at a theme park)

34 seconds of Kent staring at the camera. I've pointed out how insane and silly this is but, it also shows not only is this kid a weirdo, he's a flat fucking selfish child. That's time his viewers will never get back. He just wants to try to look cool with his mean mug, and doesn't mind burning half a minute of people's time to build an image that's so clearly fake. Fuck him.

I want to admit something, I really want to admit something, that I… struggle with, for past the past, …. I think probably, …. I really thinking long and hard it's 2019 since (he counts backwards) um yeah since past 5 years past 5 years maybe longer. Been it's been been many years, almost a decade (half is not almost no wonder he was in special ed) It might be longer than that.

And and and that is having resentment in my heart having resentment in my heart towards people human beings, anyone being anyone. I have resentment in my heart. I feel that it's not a good thing, not a good thing (holy shit a broken clock is right twice a day) At all for me, something that I'm trying to improve on now, is not resent in my heart towards people who haven't done anything towards me, or have anger who haven't done anything towards me.

You know? I guess you can say I'm trying to be more open minded I guess you can say, but like? For as long as I've been living, like I never really liked people. I never liked human beings. Being a misanthrope, and I know that's not good it's not good to be a misanthrope to have, anger resentment towards people or hate people who haven't done anything to you.

I want to be good towards people and good towards everybody. But deep down I know I have a good heart. I know I have a good soul. Now let me say this, and I know the CRETINS who watch me every day what I say in this video what I say and what I say and twist my words around and take what I say and make me look bad (literally copying word for word, isn't twisting words. Step up and be a man and notice me sempai) That's what the CRETINS do.

So, you guys are helping me at end of the day, helping me grow, so thank you. (I thought we were dishonest and making a false narrative, what is it Kent?) So um back to what I was saying and I'm really trying to change about myself, is um, is to not you know have resentment towards another or one another. Anger towards one another, and I'll admit when I say I'm the real deal, I am the real deal (yes certified autistic gamer humor like ta-ha) and I am keeping it 100% really in this vlog, not 100.. yeah huh a million percent. I keep it real I'm the real deal I'm honest, this on this video. I don't like people I'm a misanthrope.

Like I said before I admit the fact is is not is something, that, anyone shouldn't have I don't like feeling this way, I am trying to make changes and adjustments. I was the kinda guy I really don't like talking to people, sometimes I don't like being around people and sometimes, I don't like people talking to me.

I didn't like people I liked to be by myself I always have, been a loner. I always have been a loner a lone wolf, you know like that. I have always been like that, I know deep down that is um um is not a good spirit to have.

For as long as I can remember. ( his story again doesn't match he said 5 years aka a decade because.. math) deep down like, other people are against me, out to get me I always felt that. (he removes his shades) I always have, always have, felt like that. But that is something I am working on, and a everyday struggle, an every day every day struggle for me, every day 24/7.

Something I struggle with, every single day. So I'm really trying to change that, and how I think sometimes and how my mind processes things. Like I really think about the way I be thinking about stuff, I just think why I think this way? Why am I thinking that. It doesn't be good, it doesn't be good at all.

So that you know just everyday struggle having anger resentment sometimes hate to other people. I feel other people holding me back where I want to be in my life. I'm only human being (rates optimistic) there's gonna be times in my future vlogs,

I talk about how I don't like people or human beings, but at some point hopefully some point will stop saying that. In my vlogs. It'll take time be a process, but um something I struggle with, I think why am I thinking like this? This isn't good. This isn't good isn't good to think like this. I was telling myself this I was thinking this in my head.

When I was driving home from the gym, I was thinking this in my head it's not, good think ilke this feel ilke this, I mean um I'm a natural intro vert. I need to be a bit more open minded, more friendly to people.

You know? Sometimes I have days I don't want to be bothered, don't want to be bothered, days I don't want to talk to no one. I don't let it anger me tho. I dunno what it is I don't know what it is like I dunno what it is like about me that makes me think like that. Right now, I'm drinking some huh organic apple juice.I love this stuff, it's organic, it has no sugar no sugar here (apples have sugar I think he means added, rookie food mistake I'll let him slide) Just 100% pure organic apples.

And this is what really made my cough go away, to be honest. Ever since I have been drinking this it made my cough go away. You know? I really think, I just gotta stay away from people but not because like.. it's difficult, difficult, difficult to explain it. I kinda feel like I don't want to condrict myself in this vlog. But other people get you sick.

Other people will make you sick, make you under the weather. Cause it spreads around, esp esp esp if you have a job and are around people. Ever since I drank that organic, apple juice my cough went away, like I was saying, like I was saying, like like, that was something I struggle with, struggle with, it's not good to not good to um, have that spirit, mind set in your heart, anger hatred and resentment towards people who have done nothing to you.

You know or you shouldn't, you shouldn't let, you shouldn't let like, the um, little things bother you, you shouldn't let little things anger you little things piss you off, you know? Something I'm thinking right now. Try not to be "easy irrupted" by stuff, because, me i'm very easy irritated by any little thing, if I don't like it I get irritated, it triggers to anger to trigger to hate, that triggers to resentment (wasn't this a line yoda said?) I just just I just, I just really feel it's not a good spirit to have I admit it I really admit it I struggle with it something I like work on to need to work on for me.

I mean I'm going to be a natural introvert, a natural loner. Natural lone wolf, not just gonna have anger because I don't like people and uh uh uh and have anger I don't want that. Towards people Don't want to be angry towards people. I am naturally like that I don't want to be like that.

Deep down I don't want to be like that, I really feel it's not not it's not, it's not good. I don't feel it's good and it's ugly. It's really ugly deep down So I will be more calm more try to laid back. And want to be trying to be more chill. (stress sigh and chugging juice) just the fact the fact that that I get so easily irrupted, so easy to anger. Something I'm gonna struggle with for a long time.

I can see can see can see that happening. I can see that happening. I really hope I'm not the only one who feels this way. I really hope I'm not only one feels this way, I'm a natural loner, what do you expect? I don't mean I'll be extroverted. It's not good to be resentment towards people I don't wish death upon people (just me, or my family or anyone on KF, anyone who mildly slights you etc.) I just don't like I just don't I just don't like you, pfffft. It's hard to me very hard for me for to me, to like someone. It's very hard to like someone for me to like somebody. I dunno what it is (ego)

I just don't like you, I just don't. I like, I dunno what it is, I just don't like you. It's really not good, like I said to not like someone for no reason, it's really not good, just how I feel. Just how I feel. But other than that.

Something I'm working on, something I'm working on and best think, I'm gonna think gonna improve on it. I'm not ashamed to admit my flaws on camera. There's gonna be CRETINS, and HEATHENS take what I say out of context and try to twist my words around (literally re capping your words isn't twisting, funny how that works) you stay away from those HEATHENS (ignore all google results)

That's another reason I don't like people I just don't like people because of that, a lot of bad people because of that I shouldn't dislike people because of that. It's not good to think like that. I just how I feel, I just don't like you. There gonna be like take what you say out of context and twist your words. People will lie on you. This video this vlog seems very contridictive. 17 mins of what i've said been conducting. I'm not really sure. Just being honest tho.

You know like, what people do in this world, how people treat you causes resentment causes anger and hatred. What people do to you in this world, how people treat you in this world. And we are gonna erase race and ethnicity out of this (kent is pretty openly racist mind you while here on the farms we use a lot of racist humor that's because this website has a culture, I seriously haven't spoken to anyone here who's openly bigoted oddly enough also, while it's often claimed, this site is quite diverse, with members off all race sex and levels of income, education etc.) If you look a way, act a way dress a way talk a way.

If you are fat fat heavy set or skinny short (manlets aren't people) or skinny, like my self I'm skinny (because you don't lift right) I'm a short guy I'll admit but that's, just that's how I was made how I was born, how I was created (hatched) that's something I'm working on. I hate when people are are so perfect, so perfect. And, and they act like can't do no wrong.

People act like they don't have flaws. (holy fuck this irony is incredible) That's another reason I don't like humans I just don't like you. I just don't like you cause little shit like that, (dramatic pause and stress sigh to end video)


Kent wants to stop being hateful
He's aware it's not healthy
but other people are the problem
he's introverted but he wants to branch out.
He has flaws, but they aren't his fault, other people have flaws too.

Man this video is a great watch highly suggest. I'll try to keep my 2 cent short since all members of Kent paradise should really give this a watch it's well worth it. It's one of the saddest too. Kent is aware, here he's in the wrong for being so spiteful, I don't think it's good for anyone to be spiteful I agree with him. He's mad at the world and doesn't know why. It's nice to see him want to change and see his error in his ways, but we all know this act.

Again, he claims he doesn't do anything and then lashes out at us. Also we don't twist his words, we repeat what he says, we are allowed and able to think what we do when we see/read his actions. Because it's not glaring praise he doesn't get it.

Really I don't want to go hard on him here, this video really lets you see in his mind, he's been pretty punchable, lately with the behavior and tude he's given in. But this video shows Kent with out the mask, a confused lonely kid who doesn't know why it's not getting better due to his disabilities.

feels /10 rating.

Kent uploaded again (kill me)

The Best Solution For Me

Kent is wearing his fake WWE belt over his shoulder like some bandolier of autism. He gives us this traditional now 30 seconds of wasted fucking time intro. This video is 10:40 and 30 seconds of it, is just him mean mugging like a gnome for no reason, fuck you Kent.

I'm just sitting here thinking. I just really been sitting and thinking, solutions, solutions to my problems. And I am sure other men feel same way I feel, you know? But only solution for me is uh, focus on myself. Focus on myself what I got going on, focusing on bettering myself, as …. As a person? As a man (let) psychically and mentally. And um, (coughs) and I got to tell myself every single day that, I'm a winner. I'm a winner (keep telling a lie enough people believe it - Adolf Hitler)

Um, I will succeed in life. And just focus on me. Another thing, just, I got to, expect, the unexpected. You know? Don't think about it just do it, take mind off things that are less important and focus on that is important.

You know? What I was thinking, what I was telling myself, what I was gonna do and keep doing. Is to, just do for myself think for myself and focus um um focus on myself. (coughs) Focus on my self, I really feel it's the only way for me. You but um, worry about the things that are mostly important. Only solution, I think other men feel same way but I'm gonna gonna do what I need to do, I'm doing this for me, not for impressing no body not to you know? Not doing for anyone to show off or please (you know like let mom turn your bed room into a nice tiki bar) I'm not doing this, for me. For me. Because, I am I am in control of my life, and um.

All I can control what happens in my life, no one else can control that, I can not control what other people do. (coughs) I can not control what other people do, just control what I do. That is focus on myself better myself on as a person. I really been sitting here and what I have been thinking about been just I have been just doing what makes me happy. I'm doing what makes me happy at the end of the day. As you can see, on my left shoulder, well on my left your right those who are watching this.

Um. I have the WWE championship, I have the WWE championship, on my shoulders right now, because to me, like (he shows it off) This W right here this W this W this means this doesn't mean WWE championship, it tells me myself that I'm a winner, the W stands for winner (my sides) It doesn't mean just you are the WWe champion it means you are a winner (holy shit he head canoned himself a WWE champ). This WWE championship motivates me everyday.

It motivates me every day. And um, I'm just gonna just gonna do me, you know just do me. Someone someone had left a comment on my earlier vlog. Not everyone is gonna like you, you are right. Not everyone is gonna like you. That is fine, that is fine (yet he calls us out in every single video) . I don't like a lot of things, you don't like a lot of things.

You can't please everyone so, like, I'm done pleasing everybody. EVERYBODY when I say everyone I mean everyone, I'm not trying to impress anybody I do what I want to do, not because someone told me to do. it like me going to the gym, me pumping the iron. (lol more like pumping feathers ok I kinda feel to need to go out of the way, I clown on Kent a lot but he's far from the only chuckle fuck who pretends to lift, it's not me going harder on him or anything, I have many times suggested and offered him and others exercise plans it's just Kent is doing a Kent and wasting gym room and time a pet peeve of mine)

I'm not doing this me getting in shape and everything I'm not doing this to impress everybody (good it ain't working, also Kent joined football team to impress a girl and get laid, but he died that till he let it slide in a depressive swing) I'm really not, I'm not, some of you guys might think that. But I'm not honestly not I know it I know what I got going, you don't know what I got going on (weak lifts) I'm doing all this for me, you know for me. For this because I want to do it not because someone told me, I don't do what no one told me to do I do what I want to at end of the day (mommy said as long as I'm back in time for supper and don't turn stove on with out her OK)

That's that's that's another thing, some asshole some jack ass and someone how to live your life. First of all who in the blue hell are you to tell someone how to life their life? Esp when they are grown (this behavior is why Kent can't grow he refuses to be mentored due to his jealous behavior and power trip) Those are the HEATHENS I don't like I can't stand, I'm doing all this for me, end of the day.

I could really care about no body else, at the end of the day, because at the end of the of the day, no one is doing anything to help me to help me get better (lives with mother intensifies also remember he rejects help) I'm doing me, to better myself on my own. I rather do it on my own.

I prefer to do it on my own to do on my own. It's just who I am man, just who I am man. I'm very introverted, conservative, I am a misanthropes, just who I am. Don't get it twisted, it doesn't mean I'm a bad person, just because I'm a misanthrope (got ya, you hate everyone for breathing the same air but not a bad person) I have talked to people daily who are misanthropes and they are kind hearted people to me (again Kent only wants ass pats)

Very kind people good heart people, due to bad things after bad experiences, after bad experiences, I tell them then I tell them, then they share me their experiences, dealing with the HEATHENS in this crappy society we deal with today, and that's the god's honest truth.

That's the gods honest, truth. Just who I am. That's who I am man, but only solution for me or other men who feel how I feel (didn't he just say no one tells a man how to live?) is to focus on themselves. Do for yourself, think for yourself, don't listen for no one else. Other people will not care about you, or treat you wrong, not other people will feel same about you as you feel them.

I just learned to deal with life and move on to bigger and better things. I learned to accept things now and move on move on to something better, how I see it now, I try to move on to to move on more great vlogs coming from you all. I hope you enjoy the vlogs (lol sorta)

Kent says he's living for himself
he doesn't want advice so don't mistake him getting nothing done for lack of progress
he isn't a bad person he just hates you for daring to be alive in his time line.
Infact hating people makes him a good person
He wears his WWE belt to prove he's a winner and lets it slip in his mind he's a WWE champ. Yes he's on chris chan levels now.

While this sounds like some motivational speech 101 shit, if you step back and know who Kent is, he's very very angry in this video. His power trip of "I do what I want" etc is an angry angsty teen. He also keeps telling people how to live after his tirade you don't do that to a #real man like himself.

The WWE slip up is insane, in his mind he's a WWE champ and jacked like the rock or some other WWE person (sorry don't know my WWE) people enjoy it sure, that's fine. But Kent is forming his life off it like it's real. It's why his behavior is so strange, Kent hates following trends people who want to be like someone else, but invented a WWE persona who he likes more than real life Kent and lives like that.

Now if I cut my hair like, Brad Pitt he'd call me a bitch. But it's ok to live in a fantasy world in reality.. ok.

He keeps saying he's doing better and well, with nothing tangible, or not to show. Just his claims. I think we all can agree the style is a bit better, but his Johhny Cash rip off is getting silly. Just keep the fresh 'do.

He says more cool stuff is coming. Someone pass me the whiskey and a hand gun, I'm gonna see how Russian roulette works on an auto loader.
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One thing that's interesting about Kent is that 95% of his YouTube commenters seem to actually think he's an inspiration and source of wisdom. While some of the more famous "cows" have had a lot of admirers too, Kent never did but now suddenly does. Sure he's slightly more rational and less repetitive than he used to be, but videos with 35 likes and 1 dislike....I don't get it.
He's becoming the niggo chrischan. Maybe we should start calling him Kent-chan. He already has his belt of fail and refers to people as cretins. There is also the fact that he's a virgin with rage.

But in all seriousness, that is some major autism to go out in public wearing a wwe belt.

Eugene Drizzledick
One thing that's interesting about Kent is that 95% of his YouTube commenters seem to actually think he's an inspiration and source of wisdom. While some of the more famous "cows" have had a lot of admirers too, Kent never did but now suddenly does. Sure he's slightly more rational and less repetitive than he used to be, but videos with 35 likes and 1 dislike....I don't get it.
His commenters are like that because Kent has a history of banning everyone that isn't sucking his dick.

Kent has a solid base of incel types that are supportive of him. Well, probably more semi-trolls like myself that can relate to a lot of the loneliness stuff he says, but find a lot of the silly shit he does funny.


True & Honest Fan
I Was Approached

Kent stares off for 37 fucking seconds. Again, I urge you to just put a timer on for 37 seconds and picture this frail manlet trying to mean mug you. I already am jealous of those who bullied him, putting him in a locker would be so satisfying right about now. He can't grasp this doesn't make him look deep or wise or thoughtful, it's just this creepy little dude trying to come off tough and failing.

Kent tells us he was at work. Yesterday, he works saturdays some of them at his job it's an optional thing if you want to work saturday, he got approached, now he's the type of guy who doesn't get women he doesn't attract them, he could care less about getting them compared to now. Compared to a few years ago.

A girl approached him at his job, it was probably nothing, probably nothing, but at least at least a girl walked up to me and started talking to me, and started, started having a convo with me and uh like I said before, I'm type of guy I don't speak unless, someone speaks to me first. I always have I came up with that mind set a while back and stuck to that mind set of don't speak unless spoken to.

During break time sitting by myself away from everyone else, I was by my self. You know? During break time, One of the girls who who who who work where I work at. She walked up to me and started talking to me and having a normal convo with me. I didn't speak to no one I kept to myself I minded myself.

I want to say that, that it's much better if you let people, come to you, instead of you doing all the approaching and stuff. It's what I do now (The passive lazy way, ah I see that trait is now turned into a virtue) When you do all the approaching, You never get what you want in life (kinda sounds like a personal problem) you never get what you want, well as for me.

So so I thought it's let to things come to you better to better to let things happen. It's best way, you know like I'm i'm i'm I have a mind set I'm living my life and what happens happens it is what it is. (this is how people achieve mediocrity) So she started talking to me, started a normal conversation and that was about it (yet 15 more mins of autism)

I knew who she was I don't really really, I don't really talk to her like that but um, she walked up and talked to me with a normal convo. I just do my work my mind self. She walked up and started talking to me and was nice to me. It went good, that was about it.

I learned, um… What people what I relized now, is um, now that I am have been going to the gym, and really really stopped caring, what and what things aren't important I stopped caring, more I stopped caring and not paying attention to myself, things come to you, naturally. I see that now, I see it now.

But like I said before unless I don't speak people come to me come talk to me more, I don't talk to me I don't strike up a convo I just I just let them come to me first. Lot of people a lot of women a lot of women. Have been talking to me, I'm being honest, I'm the real deal everything I say is honest (ignore all my lies like security guard, sex, dates, kissing, manager job, being in shape, that club where people were smoking pot…)

People have been doing that more ever since like ever since like ever since I stopped care I don't speak to people I don't go out of my way to start convos now people want to talk to me more. I really that, it's probably because I have been lifting weights (lol no) people see that now. I don't pay attention to how people see as. How they see me.

I work I work I uh handle the things I need to handle (works part time lives free with mother, what a busy schedule) I try try to get to where I need to in life, I am trying to better myself and be successful I focus on myself.

People have come up to me people have come up to me. Mostly women mostly women lots of women older women, and middle aged women to young women to young women near my age, and some younger than me a little bit. Uh 24-23 early 20s. Lots of girls talk to me and all that stuff, I look at it like it's nothing. I look at it like it's nothing and everything.

Now some CRETINS some specific CRETIN who is cyber stalking me( first off, good you such a bitch as nigga, you keep MY name out your mouth. Can't notice me sempai? Then don't speak my fucking name. Also, how is publicly posting anything stalking, you austmio?) me for past um um past um, for the past, 4.5 years this CRETIN, following me cyber stalking me, on social media (nah fool just YT) He says everything I say, in every single vlog, and it's ridiculous and all he does is hate on me and talk shit on me. (First off you bitch you just said word for fucking word, I repeat what you say, that means you are the dumb dumb dumbo saying dumb shit if people laugh at it. second lol I love how my coffee time habit causes you to chimp)

And this individual won't leave me alone (stop being fucking funny, and ignore the year long break I took.) He's gonna say everything I say, like a CRETIN what CRETIN has the time to do that (is a man who doesn't work full time, or manage a house hold complaining about others free time? Also lets not forget Kenty poo, my biceps shames yours) Say say, every word that I say in my videos. Twist my words around, take out of context talk shit. (ok so am I twisted words or copying? story changed right quick pussy) You are very pathetic (say the man who's never had sex lives at home and drives a beat up old crysler that mommy gave him)

You want to talk about me not having social skills, you don't even know what I am (lol check my friends list vs yours @TJ1000) outside of me me doing these vlogs. Want to say I have no social skills. People say on here.
You guys make me shake my head how how how and how and how ignorant how evil and very just hateful and just watch my videos esp one person, I am not gonna name names and I won't say no names (SAY BASSOMATIC IS A BIG DICK SWINGER 3 times in the mirror or your mother will die in her sleep)

Saying this about me, saying that about me not knowing how I am in person (aside short, we've got the seattle video and church videos and thugs video, where you were a werido) and and and this is what these cretin this one cretin, he does this, even being doing it for years. like like they talk shit about me and keep watching and watching my conent and talk shit

and when I do something good they talk shit, it's pathetic cretins, it's pathetic cretins. Go somewhere you cretin, just go somewhere (I'mma come over cook your momma a nice dinner, take her out for a few glasses of wine and then be your new step daddy, you want that pookie?) Or you gonna keep cyber stalking me, and keep talking shit about me. Kinda sounds good. (stress sigh)

Like I was saying I was focusing on me (he rolls his shoulders in a try to be tough look and they look like they came off a sparrow, the bird not the super sonic missile) there was one time, I was walking to work to clock in, and everything and this this this this one girl I work with she's very young. She's all like Hi Kent-try, She said it. I was like looking at her and said what's up then kept moving.

I kept moving, Girls have been going out of there way talking to me and all that, and what ever happens happens, and I'm looking forward to the future my future, and all of that. But um um, when you expect the unexpected and don't speak unless spoken to, all the of the most men get tired of the taking the intuitive (oh shit we going TFL retro mode) It's time for women to do that now, (roasties rise up) it really is, like I was saying.

I don't speak unless spoken to, when you speak and let things happen and let things happen and just let things go they go, and now people want to talk to you and want to talk to you and at first no wowmen no women talk to me and no women was doing that at all, now they are doing it. I just go about my self.

I just go about myself. (DSP snort) what I do, it's what I do. I be Kent try. What I do. Expect the unexpected unless you spoken to it works. It really works. In the long run. I just am gonna keep just keep working out, and do me (he means masturbate a lot) be the real deal be the ego destroyer and have a back bone (let's see your dead lift and row then twink)

And just, just don't speak unless spoken to, stay quiet, stay quiet gotta stay quiet, sshhhhhhhhhh. Stay quiet and watch it's what I'm gonna do now, and another thing I was quiet and watching. observant, gotta be, keep mouth shut see how people are and how they act. Don't say nothing to them just watch (Kent watches girls pee, good to know) how you learn and see how people do and what they say and what they do how they treat you..

You will know if you like that person or not, I don't like people (coughs in alone) I don't like people it's hard for me to like someone, you know really like someone. If I like you I do if I don't don't I don't. 90% of the time I talk to someone I don't like them.

90% of the time 90% of the time. That's ok, you just know that's who I am very very thoughtful person I think a lot, I think I sit around I'm thoughtful I use my brain a lot (explains far too much kek) I always think before I do stuff.

It's what I do, what I do. I just be me. BTW I got a few compliments by girls saying saying they liked my hair cut, and went got myself a hair cut, and this past weekend you know know how and can see in my video in my profile pic on my channel and uh my my uh, and also this vlog I'm watching now. In vlog watching now, but um. I'm gonna keep doing me. All I can do now is just just keep doing me and just do me. Look forward to future, not worry on past.


Kent talked to a co worker
it's a feeeeeemale,
him being weird at work is working … because people talk to him.
He goes on an autistic chimp out towards yours truly (sempai wants this dick)
He keeps thinking his game plan is working, while he doesn't have a game plan
He fellates himself like normal and struggles to speak.

Oh man it's around 8min mark he comes at me, I would slap the pb&J his mommy made him out his hand if he tried coming at me. It's your typical unthoughtful angry child rebuttal we farmers see all the time, you don't know me, yeah Kent you don't know us, we aren't the ones posting our lives online. I don't even have a fucking Facebook, you post videos inside a fucking nut house. I have nothing but free time? How does this take any longer than your vlogs? Protip it doesn't. Things said publicly are stalking? Gosh, if that's true everyone is stalking news anchors tv stars politicians…

This is right after he says he doesn't care about what people think then has a cry baby melt down people don't ass pat him online, while admitting his stuff is recapped, then saying what parts of his own actions he doesn't like is "twisting words" I'm still waiting to know, how we totally didn't understand him when he wished to rape and kill members of this site and their families.

Kent gets angry about saying how good things are to prove everyone else is wrong, when he's so amped a co workers checks in on the weird guy to make sure he's ok. Then says he hates people, anyone with 3 brain cells can see thru the ruse. Kent is introverted I don't deny but he's a super lonely kid and thinks acting weird will help. People are legit worried and scared and trying to feel him out, this is his only outlet so he does it. It's like rewarding a kid for crayoning on the walls.

I threw some shade back while i was recapping his chimp out to me, because again with his lies, he claims he doesn't read things or care but melts down.

I'm a bit bummed as a long standing member of Kent Paradise I deserve a better bitch out than "mad at da twills 101"

We do get a slip women need to approach men, and Kent thinks since he can't get laid, all men should sit and wait for girls. The reality is he hates women since they don't bow to him. I would love a 2019 feeeemales Kent come on dude, you got nothing to lose.


STOP STALKING @Bassomatic!!!


Sincerely, Kentaholic

p.s. Please sell one of your hats to me that has "Kent" in-scripted on the side. Preferably a decent MLB team (obvs not Oakland), also preferably National League and a hat with darker muted colors. Also my head is probably larger than yours so something adjustable. Thanks.


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