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The More I'm Alone The Stronger I Am

This video is in fucking sideways mode, because Kent is a god damn master troll. He's also wearing his autism championship belt (as he said early putting it on reminds him in his dream land he literally won the WWE championship and is hero of the world for wrestle wrestle time)

42 fucking seconds of manlet sitting intro. What a goober. There is always one thing that I always wanted, in life one thing I wanted in life and that would make me a happy man (stilts?) To move out, and live, and live, in the middle of no where and middle of no where in small town and middle of no where to be by myself alone isolated, away from, people. And, away from, society.

I said this before in an earlier vlog. When I'm by myself, and when I'm alone, I I can be able, to focus, on a task at hand. I can be able, to, get, um, more things done. When I'm alone, by myself. Because, I'm a person (rates optimistic) that gets early irrupted by people. I get easily upset by because I don't like people. Now, I was not born this way. ( You were merely, brought in the autism, I was born into it, bred by it *read this in Bane's voice*) I just thought it would be good, because when you go thru, go through things.

In life, you know? It just, other people that, makes me feel this way. You know because? Because this is an evil, this is evil society right now (citation needed) I don't belong in this society (agreed lithium and left in a closet imho) I don't belong here, I really don't.

It's why I say to be alone by myself and focus on what I got going on and do me just do me. But I always have been a dream of mine, live in middle of no where and like a small town and be away from people and society. And, I can could just do me.

I feel around people around people or when I'm trying to get things done, and and it's how I feel other people try to distract me, other people do this. It's the thing about having friends. Because I have the quote on quote (he does the bunny ears how valley girl of him) friends I've had over the years. Previous years a lot of them them they held me back, mentally and finically i don't want that man (and wants a g/f oh mrs bass and your fucking school loans) having friends you'll be broke (half of my jobs in life were from friends) you will have mentally going thru, mentally have mental problems (spoken by a man who clearly has it all together and isn't LARPING as a pro wrestler.)

And health problems if you have friends. More you spend by yourself more alone time and more be able to find out who you are as a person, more alone time as you spend you be able to find who you are a person, you do and you choose in this life this advanates and disadvantages, when you are alone, you dealing with thinking. I'm a big thinker. I'm a thoughtful person I think a lot I use my brain (that's explains why his life is a fucking wreck) Most people don't think they don't now a days, they go off, what someone else does or says, most people don't think for themselves.

I don't think in this society has emasculated so many men, I don't think so many MEN can think for themselves( Kent is a quarter century old, never held a girls hand, isn't jacked, no education no career lives at home and dares to call himself a man. Younger men have been seriously wounded in war, come back and started a career and family, and Kent doesn't call them men since they like "sports ball" Or something else popular. This is punchable) They go off what the next man thinks or next man says. So what this society is doing i, they are trying to esmaculate men, they are targeting young black men.

Trying to emasculate them (13% commits 50% maybe they should put dresses on instead of robbing banks) That's what got me thinking if I lived out in the middle of nowhere. Had my own house, my own my own car everything I wanted, healthy and everything. Healthy in body money and mind, living in middle of no where.

Only have like 1 or 2 or 1 to to2 real close good hearted introverted friends (2 more than Kent has now) I'd be a happy camper. I'd be a happy camper, and I want to say about being an introvert I am one an loner a loner wolf I'll say this right now, it takes one introvert to understand another introvert. Because, an extrovert doesn't understand introverts (citation needed) Don't you know that, most of this world most people are extroverted, extroverted. 65.5% are extroverted. 34.5% are are introverted.

So, I'm proud to say I'm I'm in that small percentage. Most introverts think for themselves (citation needed) Most introverts come up and are created, and don't go over off what others think or say. Most introverts like alone time, they spend time alone. A lot of time, just just thinking, that's what what introverts huh introverts do this. I'm one of them introverts.

I'm a quiet person (he takes off his shades) I'm a very quiet person (9+ mins into his 24+ min ramble of autism) I am a very very quiet person, I'm very observant. And, and and people will do things to test you. Another thing, people will to test you, esp if if, you are the quiet one. That's another video I'll do another vlog, is that if people try to test you, they will really will.

They try to test you if you are quiet. I was I don't what I don't understand why do they test you, the quiet people are more powerful (don't you have some 2lb bicep curls to do? trolling aside, Kent since you read this, social people show off their morals values, skills etc via interaction, introverts need to be tested since they don't choose to interact a shrink 101 class would teach you this, it's really the only way to gauge people whom are introverted to a point of non interaction, it's not meant as an insult because we know your dumb ass takes it as such)

With this *points at his empty brain bucket* I may not be physically but it's here and in here *points to his empty skull again and his cold black loveless heart* In your heart and mind. You know I think about that stuff, really think about it and uh um.

I really hope that happens in the future, I just can live a healthy organic life style, living in middle of no where, with no people no society. Nice fresh water, nice fresh, delouse organic food, and be healthy and happy. Live peaceful, I'll be a very happy man. With money in the bank saved up a big chunk I'll be a happy man a happy man.

I sit here and I think about that stuff, I really do, I really do. I'm a big thinker, a big thinker and I think about that stuff, think about the future. I think about the future, I always think sometimes what happens happens, I just let things happen organically, I think and let them happen naturally. I just just, I don't try to force things anymore. I'm done force and chasing, only thing I'm chasing my dreams, that's it nothing else.

You can not talk down to anyone trying to chase their dream (wanta bet? let's start with small towns are gossip havens, Kent would be the weird new dude, because he's new, then known as town weirdo no one would help him or interact with him aside bare needed. Shit like Kent's car breaks down, Tony takes 4 weeks to change the oil because his buddy wants to build a slant 6 and well Kent has to suck it up, these ideas of fresh organic water and food, good luck finding that guy to spend the day to help farm the social pariah will be left to tend his own land and no way can he learn how to do it, ok back to his autism) BEcause you gotta be a sick twisted individual for talking down or knocking someone, for having dreams and goals and stuff. You gotta be sick evil person for this (Hey man I'm not shitting on em, just warning you.. you can fuck up your own life and don't say I didn't warn you. It's funny to me, farms does 10x to help you than your fans) to to do that to somebody, because, I sit here and think about all that stuff.(nigga day dreams instead of works for his goals)

Me sitting here and tell myself I'm a winner (because no one else will) gotta say good things about yourself now and there. Need to do more and more and more, and more I keep doing that and thinking good things about myself and positive things, good things happen, so I focus on the good and not the dwell on bad, negativity and stuff, there's enough enough negativity in this world already.

So, That's what I'm doing now staying focus focused on my dreams and um um, but you are gonna have haters, who hate on you I have a group of people who, cyber stalk me, and and all they do is say bad stuff about me, negative stuff about me. Because they don't have lives themselves (this is proven to be false but Kent will deny anything because he's jealous of everyone) because they are unhappy in own lives. But other than that, I'm sitting thinking. I think a lot, But like I said before, when I'm a lone, and by myself, I just just, I get more things done, and I am also more able to, to, able to, focus more. On what I got going on. When no one is hitting on me (LOL) no one is telling me what to do or how to live my life. Is no one has always been putting 2 cents in and all that stuff.

I never asked for your opinion so keep it to yourself (yet Kent tells other people how to live non stop) Make a youtube channel most people got a cell phone record videos on your cell phone, and voice things how you feel about what you feel. Your cell phone webcam or laptop or huh camcorder what else uh uh, record on um, cell phone webcam videocam. Mostly everyone has a cell phone. Mostly cell phone, i phone android, you can use that and voice your opinion.

Yes you can but I feel like if someone is someone not asking for your opinion keep it to yourself. How I feel about it end of the day, extroverted people do that, you do this and that and people extroverted person tell you not to do things and I go no one asked you. Stuff like that pisses me off about um? Most extroverted people. I don't mean to be negative, but just, i'm just you know? Being realistic, and being honest in this vlog.

Just how I feel. But um, I gotta focus on task at hand. This is why I like to do things on my own I get more stuff done (says the part time worker, who dropped out of college all while a #lone wolf really burning the midnight oil aren't we?) getting done on my own, I feel feel good about myself when by myself. To be honest around other people I don't feel like I can be myself (this is because you are a social deviant) because when I'm around, one person I can be myself but around a lot of people I can't be myself, like like very hard for me, like I dunno if I'm the only one who feels that I'm the only one who feels like that.

I feel more powerful by myself (since there's no reality to step in the way of his LARP) On top of that I don't like most people my age, to be honest, not most people my age, most of them are just dumb as hell dumb as hell (says the pity pass sped high schooler) Most of them, most of them. You know do what they do I do what I do. I won't do what I do (I agree, you won't get your dick sucked tonight, nice slow blow status nice eye contact nurturing bj know for me it's just monday night, you that's never gonna happen)

See, I'm a leader (someone has to follow to lead you are walking in the woods aimlessly) I'm not a follower!! I do me, end of the day, I will do what I want to do. But, if I want to go somewhere I go somewhere, if I treat myself out somewhere, I do that. It's because I want to do, not because someone makes me do it or told me to do it. Everything I do is because I want to do it. (he takes off his stupid wrestle wrestle time belt and looks at it to channel the WWE LARP) I feel when I go places alone, I feel like when I go places alone go by myself, I don't be just a champion, I also am a winner a true winner. I'm the champion. (he puts the belt of shame on the bed that will never be shared) of that you know?

I just this is just just a vlog that I'm just just and only time I talk or speak, when I do vlogs, other than than vlogs I don't talk I'm more a watcher and observant and talkative. But um um um, people are going hate on youtube end of the day that's life. End of the day you do you I do me and that's all that matters.

Because I got ambition, and people who are gonna hate on you for having ambition, I got ambition (but no drive, skills or effort) I know i got it and some of you who watch my videos have it too. Some people say you won't do it and can't make it. Some people will say that about me the CRETINs already say that about me I won't make it (prove me wrong or right I get laughs and am unaffected, I just calls it like I sees it). But um, other than that.

Just gotta, do what makes you happy, what ever makes you happy that's fine with me (aside laughing at permavirgins online apparently) perfectly fine with me. Perfectly fine with me, but um… I'm just chilling, chilling and doing my thing, and keep pumping iron and working out and lifting weights and staying quiet, That's what one is staying quiet. But one day, one day I'll have, have my own house. Somewhere, away from people away from society, how I want it it'll take time, it'll take a few years (expecting mom to die of old age and leave him house?) And that's fine. That's completely fine.


Kent lives in fucking dream land for real.
He's building this new victim complex and ass pat system as well as still thinks he's a WWE champion IRL
apparently someone is making young black men into women (jews cause niggo trainees)
Kent feels since more people are extroverted he's better than most people
He's gonna be rich move to a small town and not talk to anyone aside his friends
he's never had friends but ones before were bad
If you have friends you're gonna suffer.
He's a leader, even tho no one follows him.
Small town would be better (I explained how gossip travels in small towns)
Kent thinks since he has hopes and dreams he's unique and this makes him better than us.
He doesn't care about the haters, yet keeps addressing them.
He's better than people and stronger
He doesn't like being around other people because they bring him to reality and this time line sucks
He makes up a lot of claims that fluff himself.
Only talking he does is to these videos

God man, this is just getting really sad. Kent is regressing more and more mentally and socially.

I understand people whom are lower end on functionality and use in society need to play themselves up. Kent is very much ego driven so he can't be around people his jealousy drives him insane, he's learned to not openly admit it and turn his fears into a persona.

Kent honestly thinks the avg person doesn't have hopes and dreams. I don't want to own an airplane, you don't want to see the Effiel Tower etc. He also thinks just having goals makes him better than people. Regardless he's doing anything to achieve them.

He goes on some Alex Jones shit that black men are being made into tranies,because he's a real man and most people aren't. This is comical for a lot of reasons.

Let me throw you a Bone Kent, You claim you want this drama free small life, making good money. OK let me tell you what to google, to get it. Oil rig work. You know why you wont'? You're weak. I know people who have done it who literally can't read fucking do it. I'm talking right out of high school dumb as a bag of hammers making 6 figures. Owning a home, a lifted truck or sports car. Out in nowheres ville, after work they do what ever.

That sounds like Kents dream, he's weak and selfish, there is NO way he could do it. Hell, I'm in my 30s and I don't think my body could take it anymore and I'm in great shape. I'm not even doing this to , point out he's frail. I'm doing it to remind him, his dreams are very possible. Kent isn't working to them.

He's building this "if only I…" story that EVERY loser has. No one gets thru life without serious fuck ups or being snuffed etc. It's the losers who are "slow in the minds" who feel they are victims from it soley. We know in 15-20 years Bass Jr will be laughing at Kent. He's hoping to fool people until some how he falls into his dreams, no one does this.

His speech as always is incredibly poor, he points out he only monologs so,it's fair to say that's a bit harder if you aren't trained in pubic speaking but my lord it shows he literally doesn't know how to talk.

He's just building more and more on his dream and flying high, man when reality hits him, it'll be ugly. I pity that day because we know Kent suffers from serious depressive episodes and he's dropped the an hero date, but man hitting 25 being who he is where he is, it's GONNA hurt big because he's such an egomaniacal fuck head.


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Forgive double posting but, please take note

this is who comments Kent just read this and let it sink in :

Kent ! I HAVE A CHANNEL AND IVE FOLLOWED U FOR A LONG TIME my name is Omar I’m pretty new and I’m not a troll if ur down to talk or maybe even do an interview Hmu and txt me 954-789-6658

Nigga you wat. WHY? This is the weirdo class that Kent hangs with, people this DUMB who look up to him and give him the ass pats he needs.


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I will single post this to not be a turbo jerk like normal.

His cologne review, I won't word for word because it's fucking god awful. It's a whole train wreck of stupid and fail.

As I worried before and showed his other reviews, it's a man(let) with no grasp of the english language, or nuance of well fucking anything. Trying to explain the fart sniffers hobby. It's like wine tasting, it's all good and fun if you do it and like to put on your top hat and complain the notes of elderberry and what not. More power to you if you can free style a poem of tasting notes to sound fancy.

Kent, can't tell us what fucking day of the week it is, with out 3 times looking at a calendar, stuttering and saying the day 11 times. He sucks at any form of speaking. Period.

Reviewing cologne is well, don't try because that has it's own fucking werido sphere as well as a sphere of people who honestly really give a fuck about their products. This is like showing up to a Rolls Royce Meet in your 1974 AMC Pacer with mis matched fenders and pointing a lot saying "ROUND TIRE GOOD"

No in regards to what he bought, from a quick google it's VERY highly rated, 4/5 4.5/5 stars in many reviews from stores and 3rd party. It's 25 bucks a bottle so quite reasonably priced, heck next time you're at a place give it a sniff if you are into this stuff. I might as well. Irony, Ignoring Kent and googling sold a product, I wonder how this company would feel on PR, autistic man fails review, sells product thanks to google.

On to

Smelling Good& Being Quiet AT The Same Time Draws Attention (the school shooter and axe body spray)

31 seconds, of waiting till he smiles and says "check this out ya'll" I want to let Kent know each time he makes us wait in videos I'm gonna spend that time water boarding the voodoo doll I have of him.

Check this out he says again let me tell you something let me tell you something let me tell you, So I went to work today, I went to work well past two days, I have this cologne, those of you who've watched my Chrome Azzaro cologne review. Uhh it's on my channel check it out since I been wearing it to work with me wearing it it. I'm been getting a lot of compliments from co workers. I sprayed it on before before my shift started.

One good one there's this one girl, who was like someone smell good! That's what she said and um and um. No one knew who smelled good. This is not cheap cologne (it's 25 a bottle for cologne's that's "cheap" fwiw and since you read this Kent-try, I wear Tom Ford feel free to google that) I don't I don't, mess with that cheap stuff I don't like cheap I like good stuff that lasts and smells good. Not that cheap stuff,

People who wear a lot of cologne, and know that stuff, they can tell something is good, or something is cheap by the way it smells (Giant red flag of uneducated people right here, yes we pay for quality, diminishing returns ARE a thing very real but anyone who truly cares or enjoys a hobby/sport etc understands budgets and more so value, his stuff is very cheap and very well liked that kicks ass, Kent is saying cost = quality that's far from true for example, there's a 100k watch, with plastic guts while my beater camping watch has a hand made brass and ruby movement and was less than a c note) Umm but but but

just by way this smells you can tell it's not cheap, just look at the bottle (he holds the bottle and autistically waves it) you see by look of this bottle and everything. As soon as as soon as I sprayed on as my shift started, none of my co workers could find where the smell came from and everything (sounds like a raccoon died in the HVAC system, not a well worn fragrance) because it smells so good.

One of my coworkers was like and she was walking to me walking towards me and (stops to chug water) she was walking towards me, she was walking towards me. Same girl who I did a vlog about who approached me (I'd pay for her to find this YT channel) she was the one one the one who said it, and she didn't know where the smell come from. She asked one of the other co workers someone real smell good. My co worker walk up to me. Kent try that smell is real good really good. It's that Chrome Azzaro, that French Cologne right out of France.(Azzaro is Italian not French) No American Style Cologne, it's that French stuff (that sells at wal mart) .

You know like me I like foreign colognes better than American colognes ( I love trashy people trying to be classy) that's just me. But um one of my co workers, she asked me I think that's coming from you, Kentry where is that smell, I said I think it's me that smell good. I told another co workers that. She didn't know she didn't know she she was smelling the cologne and sniffing loud. That's you that smells good. I said that's me. I said that's me. Yeah that's me I get a lot of compliments. I get told I smell good.

I tell them I like to smell good. When I work, that's me I like to smell good, I like to smell really good. So I got quiet, a few a lot of compliments at work a lot of people say it's a good cologne, I tell them it's french, forigen cologne, not no American Cologne you know ?

I think Chrome Azzaro smells amazing, and got lot of compliment,s like I said before I got off amazon. I might give them a review, on their page and how many compliments I got.

Every since I wearing that cologne, people want to talk to me come up to talk to me and having a normal conversation. Ever since I've been wearing cologne for the past few days, this cologne I've been wearing it coming to work smelling better.

People treat me like a human being, and go out of way to talk to me and approach me and people treat me like a human not a second class citizen, like a normal person. All I wanted all I wanted be treated like a normal human being. Treat me with respect, I treat you with respect, I always always I always, you know? I always, try to try people how they treat me.

But um, since I wore that cologne, people been nicer, friendly and get compliments and feel great and feel great. I'm going to keep smelling good. No one said anything about it, one of my co workers said, man Kent try, that cologne, is real strong (fucking called it let's save this spurge for later tho) but it smells real good it's what they be saying.

So um so so so so I got quite, qiute, a lot of compliments from co workers, it's a good thing. No one likes someone who wants any way be around a good smelling person be around someone who smells good. But anyways, I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing man. You know I let things let things happen organically and naturally I just be me I just just I like to smell good I tell them I like to smell good before work, simple as that.

This happened today, (another slug of water) my mouth is really dry so I apologize for drinking water, but um what I was gonna to say, what was I going to say? Now I remember, my manager, my manager she told me someone needs your help going there smelling all good. So I look over and go OK. She asked me to do something (her sarcasm shot right over his manlet head LOL) why don't you go over there smelling all good. Go show them the EGO DESTROYER show them you are the REAL DEAL (lmfao she dunked on him to his fucking face and he lapped it up like a dog drinking piss) word for word. I'm like alight.

I juts be chilling all I do be chilling, stay quiet, don't speak to no one . Come in smelling good. Cologne has been helping, it really helps it really does help. If you want attention from the other sex, all I gotta say. Another thing another managers, another manager, since like I word this shirt. We don't have no dress code We can wear anything (dude he showed up to his job showing them chicken wings he calls arms off my fucking sides) so so I had on my sleeveless shirt, had my gold chain while I was working.

One of my other managers was like I see you Kent-try with your guns all out (nigga those ain't even air soft let alone a fucking 22.) I'm like yeah you know I'm chilling, minding myself. Thank you for the compliment tho. But yeah I see see I see I get these compliments. People see I'm going to be something in life (a suicide statistic for young black males sure) People see I'm getting more muscular, (lol no) and everything and I just been hitting the weights. I keep hitting the weights and maybe more people will take me more serious and treat me like a man people treat me like a man i want to be treated like a man (but not leave mommy's house)

This is a manly type of fragrance, a manly type of smell. You get what I mean I love it man. I wanted to do a vlog share it with you all. You know the cologne works it works it really works. It actually works like I said not cheap cologne this good stuff, if it's good it's over 50 bucks. I wanted to share that with you all.

Kent buys some cologne and bathes in it
Kent gets mocked by everyone at work being autistic he thinks this isn't sarcasm
Kent claims he knows fragrances but lists the wrong nation of origin for his cologne, he talks down on other kinds, even though he got stuff that's for sale at wal mart
This is a riot video highly suggest you watch because a few slips he's only trying to pick up girls.

Kent is in fucking la la land and I love it.

This story is so fake or mis read it's brutally clear. Also next time I hear the word Cologne, the car geek in me is spearing out about those damned ford V6s.

I touched on it a bit, Kent acts very snobbish about his purchase, because he needs to validate himself for what ever reason. Instead of saving up or buying things needed to move out, Kent is focused on the manly thing of smelling good to get his dick wet, the same shit we all did as 13 year old boys.

Kent is probably doing some DAGO bathes and covering himself if indeed his entire work force smells him. Or his story is made up, it's no middle ground. The high point, his fucking mana jerk told him "go smell good somewhere else ego destroyer" I spit coffee and clapped laughing at my desk.

The one thing I wish Kent gave us a Chris chan "axe body spray isn't for da homes!11!!"

It's more and more clear as Kent slips up and his stories become more silly, he's still trying to get laid and following the autism of some "stat" sheet kinda mentality, he's becoming a gymcel, just not strong, a looks maxxer just not to anyone into fashion etc etc.

So in his brain he's a 10 in all these stats and not sure why he can't get laid.

Really this also shows like I said before, how deeply lonely this person is, he has no grasp on socializing to a level lower than Chris chan because for the tism they both suffer, Chris has had many social interactions and currently has pity friends.

Lastly, let me point something out, way way back when Kent was the screaming tard we know and love, he literally said he has 7-8 bottles of cologne so he's date worthy. This isn't a new game to him, it's just a cycle of his manic depressive behavior and now he's into the high end because people interact with him get him up, even though it's either pity or mockery it's still enough to get him into a jolly state.

I really lack any way to put to words how off this kid is, that's part of the fun of this stuff to me.


is rolling her eyes at certain folks
>Kent claims he knows fragrances but lists the wrong nation of origin for his cologne, he talks down on other kinds, even though he got stuff that's for sale at wal mart

Kent trying to act like a cologne on sale at WalMart for $40 is luxury! If it's on sale at Wally World, it's not luxury especially when serious luxury scents sell for $150 for half the size of what he bought. Kent is not getting any better in iq, social skills or general knowledge; I really hope that his mother has setup a trust for him because Kent would be snookered out of his inheritance in a year or two.
The only upside to this whole cologne saga is that he doesn't get the cheap shit from the local apothecaries that reek like mothballs. Unfortunately, how he goes about with bathing in cologne is only a step up from the mothball scent.

But as @Littleblackchyld said, once his mother passes, he won't have the impulse control to handle any money he receives. Especially if he decides to start blowing it on wwe belts to match his outfit of the day.


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Expect The Unexpected (taking tired old catch phrases that mean nothing and trying to make them Kent's)

37 second stare down from out negroid gnome friend. ( FF these parts and scroll back no way am I sitting thru that shit) I'm just sitting here, thinking. I have to quit paying attention to things that aren't important, I have to, expect the unexpected. And, what I'm going to keep doing is to is not give a damn.

Don't pay attention and just stay focused on on what … … … stay focused on my current goal. That's what I'm going to do, and I was thinking I have to pay less attention stop paying attention (crossing the street) and focus on the objective and task at hand. What ever you are doing and what's going on and in your life and my life.

Your current situation. That's what I'm going to do expect the unexpected. Expect the unexpected, that's what I'm going to do, stop caring, and just, expect the unexpected.

When people talk to me and ask me question and and and it depends on the question and if you feel if someone asks you a question and you feel that they are trying to stick their nose, doesn't belong in your personal business (because autistic people are great judges of social interaction) You know what I do?

When people try to do that to me, I give them a very very vague reply, a very very very very vague reply. People don't need to know everything that goes off in your life (Day in the life of Kent : cry, fap, wrestle wrestle time, fap,cry,cry, wrestle wrestle, go to gym, look at wrestle wrestle at gym tv and come home cry cry drink organic OJ sleep) People don't need to know your personal life, but people try to stick their nose in your life so they can run back and tell their other so called friends.

And I'm pretty sure everyone has experienced that, and everyone knows what's that is like. Everyone knows what that is like. But um, give them a vague reply, you don't give them ammo to run back and tell someone else, and spread rumors. (this is a man who has on camera admitted and this is just a few of his spergs mind you, he can barely drive and failed 6 times, his penis is small, he wanted to fuck a girl who worked at the loony bin because they both were only children so they were perfect to date, he stalks the women he wants to date)

From now on when people ask me things, I be very vague, I give them very vague reply. You don't have to to to reply to them to explain things to him esp if you are a grown man or woman (5'2" grown man my sides) you don't have to do that. So I'm just sitting here, and just thinking about that. Just thinking about that expect the unexpected focus on your task and mission.

Focusing on your on your completing your objective. Because what I'm doing it's what I'm doing. When people try to keep me away, when people get in my way that holds you back when people get in your way to hold back your way of life (I know it's a cock block to live with your mom but be thankful you have a roof Kenty poo.) What I when I had plans and people get in my way it held me back. From now on I stopped caring and stopped caring and better off I was.

As soon as I stopped caring, as soon as I let go of those feelings and emotions and all that stuff. You'll feel better when you let go of feelings and emotions. And you expect the unexpected, you don't pay attention to other people and what they have going on, don't even look at them (austitics have a hard time with eye contact as do soy boy betas)

That's what I do I don't talk unless they talk to me first #teamlonely I'm done looking at people just going to focus on me life what I got going on completing my objective, what I'm gonna do. Do not speak unless spoken to, do not do it do not do it. And that,what I'mma do.

Don't pay attention to them, when you don't pay attention to them they be drawn to you more. Because you are mysterious and not saying much and being vague. It makes people thing, esp if you are an introvert and quiet. Lot of people don't like me talking about being quiet. This is serious stuff (ok manlet bear pig super cereal) that I'm talking about.

People don't like it it's on them (that's why he blocks and bans like a chicken shit on YT) You can like dis like it doesn't even matter.(totally don't care but Kent hawks his YT for anything aside his cult members) It doesn't even matter.Expect the unexpected. I don't think about it I just do it just do it just do it when it comes to certain things in my life, I just do it.

Expect the unexpected and be cautious, be cautious too. I tend to be when it comes to certain situations, Nothing wrong with being cautions.

Expect the unexpected, don't speak unless spoken too, and I truly mean it 100% I mean it it's the real deal. You keep your mouth shut and and keep mouth shut and don't act like don't much (lol "act") and deep down know a lot and in long run better off.

Play stupid but really be smart, (too easy mr special ed) that's what I do. What I do. Cause, I don't have time to to be getting involved in others nonsense and BS I don't have time for it, but you want to expect the unexpected. Expect the unexpected.

Kent ends with a suicide bomber looking 15 second stare down and ends.

This video has nothing to do with expecting the unexpected, bravo you spa
More of this I act weird as shit in public it's good
It's all part of the plan (joker laugh)
Other people are bad for you
Kent is really busy doing well it's top sekkkert
No one should talk to anyone since Kent doesn't

Oh man this is fucking 13 year old logic bull shit. This video does two things one highlights how flat out dumb he is, and secondly emotionally stunted.

Literally this video isn't about the title it's more of his stupid mantra that is making him look creepy. Good work Kent, you rambled about same shit for another 10 mins on how you are doing all you can to destroy your chance of a future.

He's sliding down the paranoia mind set held by so many ego filled fuck trades. The world is out to get him, other people are why he's not the winner.

Now he's cut people off he's doing better, but he still pops on YT bitching about people and running his YT channel like a nazi banning anyone who doesn't kiss his boots.

He claims to not get emotionally invested but falls flat like any of his ideas he's not smart enough to get fleshed out, he's acting like he's stoic to the world but does 30+ min chimp outs on his favorite wrestle wrestle time events.

I'm not bashing his hobby or enjoying anything, it's just so clear cut this is an act it's comical. Really this video helps remind us, Kent is 13 at best mentally and maybe worse emotionally.

Many people whom have had "normal" upbringing teenage time start seeing the evil in this world, and how social groups interact and gossip things like that, shit we didn't see before because kids are kids. Because we just first encounter this a common reaction is to try to avoid it by not caring.

This is why so many god damn 15 year olds are 2 edgy 4 me hot topic wearing dorks. Kent is just figuring this out now and man it ages badly on people esp decade plus late.

Lastly, this whole I'm going to keep vague, is probably the smartest idea lets see how long it lasts vs how truly lonely this kid is. Really, as I pointed out Kent loves to bitch about his failures and unjust things thrown at him as much as his deviant behaviors. He's not giving us those sweet 2019 femallleeee ids because he doesn't want people to laugh at him (because he doesn't care)

Kent admits he reads all this and I think at times, his brain flickers hard enough to know, aside dunking on him we speak the truth and it cuts deep. If he talks about lifting it's pointed out how he's doing it wrong, if he talks about work, his constant missteps are brought up. Anything he touches he fucks up on his own choosing because he's Kent. Not because the world is out to get him.

If he doesn't set goals he can't fail them nor can the lack of progress or unrealistic factors be pointed out. It also helps build his new character he's playing of stoic Kent

This is a more boring but short video, you can tell how fake it is and how much rage is boiling inside him. I do feel quite a bit of pity because he's trying so hard to be the cool quiet dude like some neat protagonist in a movie of video game and it's just not working and Kent can't figure why and he's really upset so he's ramping it up to make it work.

Also what's scary I often said, legit no joke TFL incels etc are a cult. Kent is now telling everyone who watches him not to interact with others, cutting others out is like step 2 of cults for real after you suck em in. Kent is a control freak because he has so little power in the real world but also he's crabs in a box as we've seen before time and again. The idea his watchers get a better life would crush him. He hates us on the farms for a lot of reasons, one of them is many of us, are happy productive people who have a hobby of watching crazy when the office is slow, kids sleeping or just taking a shit.

I really hope his co workers find this, he wouldn't care so he claims. Honestly, I say this because he's scaring people acting so weird, if they found this maybe he won't get shit canned or reported to the police as a potential shooter. They would just find, he's a spurge in and out of the office and ignore him till he's let go for incompetence.


Doggoneit! You beat me to posting "Expect the Unexpected"* by 5 minutes. I wish he would go back to taking big swigs of [insert non-alcoholic beverage here] before he begins to speak instead of the Autism9000-yard stare.

*As soon as I saw the title, I looked at the length of time of the video. Gotta admit I was not expecting it to be less than 10 minutes.


I asked myself yesterday, "Kentaholic, if you can't beat some creatins on a some online forum (the name of which escaped me at the time) to be the first member to post a Kent video...are you REALLY the Kentaholic you profess to be? What in the Blue Hell is going on when you slippin' like that?"

So today at least I am destroying online egos, one ego at time by posting our Lord & Savior, Kentray The Real Deal Brown....FIRST!!!

btw: Hey Kent, thanks for reading my previous post and upping your hydration game at the beginning of the video, instead of the usual longer WWE-tier cold-stares of death.
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Being A Loner In 2019

41 seconds of manlet mean mug, get eaten by a shark kid. Growing up I always have been a loner. I always have been an outcast. I was that guy who I was in back in school grade school elementary school, middle school and high school, I was a loner. I was that guy.

I was that guy where, I sat by myself by lunch time, when people had friends and you know was sitting at a table I sat by myself, hung out by myself and my whole life I always did things, by myself as for when I did want to do something. Now I'm grown now, um I really do it I go to baseball games by myself to WWE by myself WWE came here lately and I didn't go I didn't want to because the show, but that's a different video.

But um like any events, or like if I want to go somewhere and treat myself out to eat or if I wanta you know uh eat at a place, or you know want to go to movies or something and see the movie playing. I go by myself, I do things by myself, I go for walks by myself. Everything I do I do it by myself.

I always, felt comfortable doing that. So, people in this world mostly extroverts mostly extroverts, tell me you need friends, they tell me you need friends I need friends and uh uh uh, I'll be able to meet people and stuff, and I should go out and put myself out and all that let me tell you this. I don't want friends. The reason I do not want friends is because (please educate us someone who's never had them) Most people don't care about you most people in this world do not care about you.

All people want to do is, most people well people with friends and for sure a relationship I see it other people tell me this. It's all about a form of manipulation, it's a form of manipulation. Everything in this world is a form of manipulation (he struggles with this word) no one is gonna manipulate me.

I want to do what I want to do end of the day I'm gonna do what makes me happy not this person or that person (crying yourself to sleep on an empty bed is an odd hobby, but whom am I to judge) Because all of my friends, my so call friends i've had in the past (this story is already hole filled like swiss cheese but go on) They all tried to manipulate me.

I'm really sitting here and thinking and going into deep thought (depths of autism) thought about it. And they, uh they were trying to manipulate me they didn't care about me. It's fine I always have been in my own skin. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin, I mean this is who I am. This is what I look like.

And uh people who do like me they accept it, they already have because they like me. But um, it's came to the point to the point like, I just stopped caring the older I get less I care about friends when I less I care that's what it seems like. (my best friend and I have been that close longer then Kent's been alive, wow and I'm not even old) And uh, I try to better myself as a person (living at home entry level job, college drop out, virgin scrawny, yeah moving on up to the east side to that deeeelux apartment in the skyyyy) and do what makes me happy. I want to be happy, want to be healthy.

I want to be strong, and wise. (so he wants to be the incredibly sexy @Bassomatic) and uh and I had a cousin who came to visit out of town, he said "kent I thought you'd have a gf already" I stopped and I paused and I looked at him for 10 seconds and you know what I told him? "it is what it is man" you know because he said I thought you'd have a gf by now. He told me I look good working out and doing well for myself (either this is a pity white lie or more likely made up in Kents rot riddled mind). I don't even care about that no more (rates optimistic)

I really don't care about all that I just just look at it look at it as, what ever happens happens if it was meant to be it was meant to be if not it wasn't. You know how I look at it it to coming dating and relationships it's not important and you know um? If it happens it does, if it doesn't all I can say it is what it is.

If it does happen, then cool it happens. I let things play out organically, what I do let things play out. Yeah um, I just I just don't like people they get on my nerves and upset me. And um, and just a very introverted person. Thing people people want to hang with me, and want to be with me, they have to truly understand that I'm very very introverted I like my space I like I like I like I like my privacy, and want it respected.

The things I wear, things that I eat, things that I do. They gotta you know understand you know that's just who I am you know ? I don't want them, you know ? laughing this guy is a lame. (laugh in your face sunshine) alright so be it.

I don't care about these HEATHENS they all sick of me. they all sick of me. and uh… I keep my mouth shut you know? I just think, I just think when I'm quiet I really thinking.

Kent what are you thinking how are you? I am just thinking? what are you thinking I want to know ? life you know the future (more virginity) what I'm thinking about. That's what I think about. All I can do is be me and be that loner, be that lone wolf.

I'm much more I feel more powerful more manly like a man by myself (because no real men to judge or compare too it's also why midgets hang around 3rd graders, to feel tall) I like to work by myself, (according to Kent only time he talks to co workers is when they fear he's gonna shoot up the place or his boss has to fix his fuck ups) I like to do things by myself. I like to be by myself with no one on my back with out someone bugging me on my nerves when I don't want to be bothered.

I just am a lonewolf (I think he should be more honest with unloved ground hog) and I'm proud of that. I'm completely proud of it (fun nature fact lone wolves are the autistic wolves that can't be beaten into pack mind set so kicked out and forced to live off scraps left by the most beta wolves in the packs)

Do not speak unless spoken to, the heathens want to get a reaction out of you but no heathens getting a reaction out of me (addressing us is just that you chuckle fuck). No reaction out of me.

People are going to say what they want to say, come up with theories and assumptions about you. They are gonna do what they want I do what I want. I'm going to be Kent try (a fate worse than death) Be Kent try. Keep my mouth shut (and 30 min rambling videos quoting WWE catch phrases) and rise to the top (turds often float)

Because when you don't keep your mouth shut you get in trouble and causes problems. When you open your mouth it causes problems. I learned that (personal problem not a rule) I learned that. I learned that but um….

I'm going make my videos how I want to make them, if it's random or if it's something, been planning with in 48 hours I'll make how I want. If you like it you do if you do or don't don't. Like or dislike (this is why he bans people from his comments so much he totally doesn't care) This video is probably gonna get more dislikes than likes (not true since only his cult watches him and those who would dislike are banned).

It is what it is man. It is what it is. (Kent chugs from his autistically large water bottle, well it's probably a 20oz he's just so small it dwarfs him) Just trying to chill out relax and think just think. I love peace and quiet ,peace and quiet. Peace and quiet. Because people try to test you and manipulate you.

It's all manipulation, people people people get mad, people get scared by you when they can't control you. (nigga you are so fucking small, my gf could use a shoe string to make you a puppet don't act hood or i'll slap the baby bottle out your mouth) What they want you do. Be the lone wolf.

Lead the pack. (lone wolves don't have packs you fucking dolt) You got the power they don't. Introverts got the power extroverts don't. don't need no friends. I'm a lonewolf. (his voice breaks here you can hear literally he's holding tears back.. feels) I don't need them. They need me, I don't need them.

You need me, I don't need you!. I don't need nothing I don't need no body (man living with his mother, on tard beaux) Just how I see it (Kent hides his head his voice is still breaking, really sad can tell how much he's fighting back crying out of being alone).

(he hangs his head for 10 full seconds trying to compose himself) There are just some things people just don't need to know. I just be very vague with it. It's really cool being alone. It's cool being a lone wolf. I feel like a free man, a free man (as long as mommy says it's ok) I feel like a free man.

And just go with my dreams and hopes. Never let someone say I can't no do something no asshole hold you back trying to be a winner. Nothing wrong with dreaming, nothing wrong with dreaming. People try to shame you for dreaming. Shows how people are cold hearted this world is.

If you like me you do if you don't like me you don't like me. End of the day I'm just me. I don't care who does or doesn't like me. This world is filled with toxic people. Very high toxic people. Very senile people (I don't think he knows what this means) All I do is wake up (in the bed of 1000 empty nights) and smell the coffee smell the coffee when you wake up in the morning.

Throw some ice on you when you wake up, wake up and smell the coffee the healthy organic coffee. That's what I'm doing what I'm doing. I just like my alone time. No one can manipulate me emasculate me or put me down when I'm by myself. When I'm by myself no one can do that. When I'm around other people these HEATHENS these CRETINS these assholes will do that to me. Gotta prove to me you are different, I hope you are different I really hope you are, I will when I see it, when I see it


Kent has never had friends
But he has and didn't like them
He's better than friends
He knows a lot about friends even though he can't pick the lie of if he had friends or not
Everyone is out to get him so he's a pack leader, of none.
He doesn't like being around other people and it's clear it's because everyone is better than him.
He's so cool other people just are scared of him.
His family member asks if he had a gf and he said what ever (this story might no be true)
He doesn't much care what people think but he still blocks and bans anyone who disagrees with him because..
He likes being alone and this makes him better
He holds tears back as he's reciting the lies about how happy he is alone legit feels.

Man Kent is on a rapid decline of late. He's still spouting catch phrases like some cartoony PT at the gym yelling gatorade slogans as you work out.

He keeps swapping stories mid lie, and it's really sad this video about 14 in goes flat feel mode. Kent can't even lie to the camera with out holding tears back about how 'great' things are with no one in his life. No one wants to be around him and he can't accept because he's a scummy weird little dude.

So he's just saying he's so much better than anyone and everything with not an ounce of proof, even if a metric that's small and off beaten path. Hell he's still going out of his way spending HOURS each week to try to impress people, that he doesn't care.

For people who really don't care about society there are so many outlets, ways to prove you aren't a loser on some metric, be a loner? Hike the Aplalican trail solo. That's proof you are a loner. 2000+ miles on foot by yourself in nature, only your thoughts. Not live with your mom because anti social people totally want a roommate etc. There are so many different things you can do to prove your happiness and skills. Kent watches fucking tv and acts strangely in public working an entry level job. That's all, he doesn't have a craft a hobby etc. He's basic bitch consumerism.

I'm not joking when I say he pauses to fight tears back in this video for as much a spoiled little shit as Kent is and can be, I for one am empathic towards people even manliest, like him. He just can not drop the act because it undoes all these cool points he got from the losers who follow him.

Really I think everyone around Kent should give him what he asks don't engage him leave him be, we've seen the "friend" Kent can be a backstabbing fuckwit. Not until someone like him gets on his figurative knees and asks for help will he get better as long as he keeps his lies up he won't get better and his lies let his cult clap like horking seals for him. It's all he has so he doesn't want to lose it.

The gamble is small, give up these losers for mentors, family, friends hobbies life. But he's a weak man mentally emotionally and physically.

Kent what are you thinking how are you? I am just thinking? what are you thinking I want to know ?

.... LIFE.... you know the future ...

The dialogues that he makes up and acts out are pretty epic. No way in fuck somebody was begging him what he thinks @9:10 minutes into the video. But his theatrics really make watching him worthwhile. I'm glad he regressed back to the old Kent.

Now the only missing ingredient is the RAGE.


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These women are something else | Story Time

Kent opens drinking from his over sized container (ripping off Sam Hyde) and has to steady it because it's heavy for him (gym isn't paying off I see)

24 seconds of waiting till the tism starts and here we gooooo.

I wanted to do, a vlog and share this with you all. You know a couple things happened in my job past few days and I wanted to do a vlog and share and talk about it. It has to do with the other sex, women. Nothing bad, nothing bad. I haven't paying any attention to these women, I mind my self, I go in do my job and go out and go on about my day.

At at at my job, I am a veteran at my job, I am not a rookie, everyone sees me as a veteran because I know how to do everything (salt the fries, take them out of the oil repeat damn he's good) Um, other than that, you know there is a lot of people where I work, a lot of people, a lot of employees. I never met this girl before you know?

Because you know people don't show up to work and ask me to cover. So I was at this work area covering, since someone is on vacation for 4 days so I was at their work area. one one one one of the girls who was walking. Not walking, working across I mean working. She was across from me, and she was talking to me she asked is your name Kentrey right? I told her yeah.

I asked her name, she told me what her name was. She was all like I heard a lot about you, a lot of things about you. I thought wow you heard a lot of things about me, and she was like yeah I heard a lot about you (like carry mace or don't make eye contact, pat him on the head like any weird puppy you pity) She told me you know what she knew about me. I asked who told you, she said I know things I know things that's what she said.

She looked at me in a flirty way, well not, but kinda flirty way, but she said I know things, she was like smiling. I'm like I'm like thinking people talk about me in here. I don't even do nothing I just work. She said I know things and I'm thinking in my head, ain't that something, ain't that something.

But um, I don't do nothing don't do nothing I go in do my job I don't speak unless someone speaks first. I just do my job and get out of there, and she says she knows things and she stared,smiling at me and I was like …

I played it off I played it off, I said people be talking about me, it is what it is. Second girl uh uh she's another manager there, she she she showing me signs I am not going for it. She she she's showing signs that she likes me, but other than that. I know she does I know she does she has a thing for me you can say (autistic people are great at reading signs, literally the entire medical problem of autism and aspies is how GREAT they are at picking up hints like that) There will be trolls coming up with their own theories (yes listing your 100% WRONG ratio of how others thing esp women and your legit medical issue that prevents you from reading people, wez trolling like boxxxy) With their own assumptions, about what this girl thinks or what I'm gonna do (be weird and die alone?)

I'm not going to do anything I won't don anything or say anything, it's the work place, and I'm smart enough to to to jeopardize my job. It's best to keep your mouth shut, (he shushes us) don't say nothing. LEss you say better off you be. I play it cool tho, I don't try there is no next level I just do me (It's such an easy masturbation joke, I'll still make it, Kent jerks off, a lot like, profound amounts) One of the other managers, this this this this is the same person who complimented me on my cologne (dunked on him but autism at work, and it is a super power, it turns hawkward social interaction to youtube gold) an d and and this woman asked mw what kinda cologne she asked me what kind this is same girl.

She was all like she was all like like uh. You should come to my work area (to monitor his failings) and she smiled and said it all flirty. She was flirting she sure was was. SHe said it man, way she's said it man.

When ever you need me I got you and I went about my bidnizz. But um um um you know I know I go to the gym and they know I work out and everything (this nigga could wear a gold's gym tee shirt and no one would guess bird chest lifts.) Speaking of working out I have been seeing some results (I am piss drunk and about to do some pull ups just to spite you) Keep pushing my self keep pumping that iron. Keep getting stronger and bigger.

They know I go to the gym and be working out obviously (LOL I think this dumb mother fucker things that poster of Hulk Hogan is a mirror now, god he's that goober) I be wearing sleeveless shirts where where while I work (trashy af) but um but she was all saying she was gonna take good care of me.

Other girl was like I heard a lot of you, she knew stuff about me I asked how she knew, she told me she knew things and she didn't tell me who was talking about me (yeah Kent gonna get gully on a co worker) she's not gonna say that she not gonna say that (kent picks up his water again I think it's an old olive oil bottle I'm pretty sure that's the kind I get at Costco) it's just the way she said it

But I am not going to pursue it. Any of those women I am not going to I am not going to I am just gonna keep doing what I'm doing, keep pumping my iron (he named his penis iron as it's … fuck it I'm drunk insert your own joke) Keep fighting for my dreams keep betting myself as a man and as a person (he's a sexless dwarf who rolled lawful evil)

But that was just very odd, and I didn't expect that I didn't expect them to say those things to me (so much for expecting the unexpected) it is was who knows it could been nothing. It just was how they was looking at me and smiling and all that stuff. See I learned to pay attention to people's body languages, see that's another thing I've been doing I've been paying attention, to their body language.

They know, I just mind myself and show up to work on time and do what I need to do, I don't like being treated like a rookie like a dog gone rookie, if you worked some where a long time and people want to treat you like a rookie and everything. thats that's one that's one thing I don't like at my job they treat me like a vet. They move me around and have me in different areas.

Wanted to do a vlog and share that, it was unexpected in what on goes too. Uh what women did, i noticed less you care more they want to talk to you invest their time into you, I really see that (he tried this stunt like what 3 years ago and it failed?) I really see that now the less you care, but I'm not going to pursue those women. I won't, yeah they are attractive, but I won't pursue them, I know the risk I will take and the issues if I do go for them, I already know. So don't tell me (I'll tell you what I want, sucka, chump ass) I don't like when people tell me something that I already know (your gonna die alone kid)


Kent talked to girls at work
One said she heard about him
Clearly she's into him and spying on him that's why.
He keeps to himself.
His manajerk who's into him said to come work in her area as a joke but this was flirting
He isn't going to go for either of these girls (thank god ladies)
Kent is getting jacked, and doesn't wear sleeves to show off his arms
Kent wanted to share this
He knows not to risk his job so he won't go for them but girls are into him

Oh man it's about time we got 2019 feeeemale info. Kent is back to cuckoo land. He's done this shit before and it always blows up in his face. I look forward to this blowing up.

Kent is again to claim he is good on social reading etc even though he's a literal autistic and can't do it.

He's still with this gym shit, I don't know why.

He seems to know at least claim, he won't move on the girls since it will fuck his job up. It sounds like an assembly line or warehouse of sorts. He's legit caught on his ego too. Claiming he's an old salt and how important it is people see him as such.

Great shorter video highly suggest watching.