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Everything is a form of manipulation (autistic people teach us social skills and philosophy)

23 second of manlet stare down then I wanted to do a vlog, and talk about, manipulation control, what other people try to do to you, esp if you are, very introverted likes to be alone to themselves true to themselves, I respect those people.

They don't let people try to manipulate them try to live their life. I respect you like that oh and I thank you for the Wesley Snipes comments people say I look like blade (side note google patrice o'neil on O&A about snipes jail time it's a fucking riot) I wasn't trying to look like blade or Wesley Snipes, I'm just being me I was not trying to look like Wesley Snipes in the movie Blade I'm just being me. Just being me.

I do thank you for compliments people been giving me. I want to better myself as a man and a person. I just try to do good and everything. I realize you are gonna lose friends (never had any) gonna have to cut some people off. Because you just feel that, you feel that people manipulate and control you tell you how to live your life or tell you that you need to do this or do that or don't do this or don't do that and it's a problem.

When it comes to women, women can't control you (this chump living OFF a woman and says that, I hope mommy sees this video and we watch real man kent beg not to pay rent) they want to emasculate you (have to be a man for that first) or put you down as a man. Call you names, emotionally abuse you mentally abuse you.

You know take can really take a toll on self esteem, can really can really can, can cause resentment towards that person. Pretty sure every man has gone thru that, at least once in their life, if they say they don't they are a bold face liar.

I try to go to the gym try to lift weights and take my mind off things. I want to be stronger, I want to be stronger (so lift right) healthier what I what I want to be, healthier stronger and healthier stronger. Because you don't fall into other people's traps and they will will will. Treat you a way.

One thing I don't let people control me or manipulate me or live my life. All people have done to me is make fun of me (guilty as charged) talk about me behind my back put me down, all people has done. People, trying to get me to do what I think I should do.

I don't want to do it so I know I don't go off what someone else wants and someone else does. Or what someone else says, I think for myself, do for myself and stay true to myself (summed up your sex life I see)

Esp, when you are a man and think for yourself and think for yourself and stay to yourself and are smart, and smelling the coffee every morning. You are introverted and you are quiet, society doesn't like that. At all. Society hates, guys like myself (manlets are not people I agree) They hate us the most, the most.

But end of the day, you got power inside you. I got the power inside me, to be be the best Kent I can be. I can be. Keep it real being the real deal. Someone get out of line check em (come at me sempai) Don't feed into people's egos. I'm not going to feed anyone's ego esp a woman's ego (don't worry momma kent doesn't have the chance to be proud of you) at that.

I'm not going to feed anyone's ego end of the day people are trying to manipulate me in to to to getting me in trouble (come on Kent smoke this pcp you're an adult) getting me to do something I don't want to do. Everything is a form of form of manipulation, everything in this world is. Because in this generation.

Most everyone goes off what someone else things or what someone else says, no one thinks for themselves. Or if you don't act a way or dress a way or or don't follow trends something is wrong with you. They try to program you to think like that, and be like that, it's manipulation and programming and propganda you gotta be that 1%. Don't be that 99% that small percent.

What Im' doing. Keep doing me Keep being me. Keep being Kent Brown, keep it real be the real deal if someone comes at you with that bs you don't feed into it and you destroy that ego (says the kid who cries himself to sleep nightly) The real deal and ego destroyer is who I am. It's who I am. People know that, people know that.

Now ever since I made changes compared to a few years ago people respect me people been nicer to me people know not to mess with me (nah, if anything my pity for you died a long time ago and lately you are more fun to bully and I feel it's almost a duty of a real man to step to some pussy who flaps his gums) People know to to bully me anymore.

That's the truth people won't bully me pick on me or mess with me anymore. I hate bullies all types, cyber bullies, bullies that you deal with at work or at school. But the future is near. Because I got big goals and dreams and hopes.

Some people said I won't make it or get these or have my dreams (I've been saying this for years and still correct) a couple people have been saying I'm not gonna make it. And when people say that it pisses me off more and more and just just that end of the end of day it pisses me off and motivates me to reach your dreams.

People are sick, seriously sick (that's why you've been forced to the funny farms a few times) Everything is a form of manipulation, everything! Form of manipulation, at work at school, your friends everything is a form of manipulation.

It's time for me to think big and go for my dreams STRONGLY STRONGLY it's a process I'm putting in the work now I'm putting work in now.

Kent who doesn't know how social interaction work explains he sees thru 40,000 years of humans socializing and sees it all as manipulation.
Kent does say he tried looking like blade and well didn't because that makes sense
WAHMAN shouldn't tell Kent what to do and none of them have power over him, being his boss is female and he lives with mommy, I beg to differ
Kent gets really close to naming the jew in regards to societies problems, being he's gone batty with GMOs and shit, I don't want to rule out a 1488 Kent. God that would be a good saga.
Kent puts anyone in their place he wants because he's a man also bullies are bad.
Kent is still angry about these friends he never had by his own claims
Also school even though he dropped out of college and barely passed sped high school, over half a decade ago
He's gonna make it but he won't explain what his goals or or plan to get their

Kent is really sliding, in mental state. He's going full out loon. I have said it before he's mentally a teenager and man this screamed of it. This in a bigger break down is just someone for the first time seeing the social contract.

Kent is a bottom rung knida person, he's got no work skills, no real income, no social skills, no talents no nothing. He's a blank slate of a person he clearly has people lined up who have goals hopes and dreams but Kent is acting like he's dreaming putting him in some rare group. This kid is so dumb and separated from the world he thinks none of us have goals.

Kent thinks there's this system holding men down when he's a negative stereotype of fake men. I really hope this goes into crazed NWO anti semetic rambling.

Kent doesn't tell us what his goals are, for one simple reason, he doesn't have any realistic ones. Every goal he's had he's talked about ad nauseam and he's FAILED them. This is why he won't talk about these things, he shifts the goal posts over and over and can't make up something because we all (him even) he will fail.

Kent really has this comical idea he's some kinda mover or shaker. It just shows how unhealthy people are introverted or not end up when they isolate.

Also to his last work out video, again LOL. Kent we know you lurk your form was eh, you hid the weight because it's light and too many reps. This ties into something, Kent doesn't like people telling him what to do because his ego is so weak he can't be wrong let alone educated.

Being a gismo selfish ego filled tool Kent can't see caring advice, education and bullying any difference, He's gonna chimp out and say I lift how I want, regardless, the entire science of kenisology says he's wrong.

Kents entire life is the Icarus effect and Dunning Kruger effect mixed up and it's a fucking riot.

Liquid Kent

MGTOWindu Nuffin

went live within 5 minutes ago as of this posting. Solid Kent quotes Vaas again, and he's learnt from his mistakes, a young man going on his journey. Still watching, though.

I'm always watching (goddamn).
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I've gotten another compliment & more heathens

the manlet hangs his head in shame of what it is and waits 17 seconds to open up.

I relies, is that when you are quiet, another thing I figured, when you are quiet and keep to yourself, and be that lone wolf mind yourself and don't speak until speaking to. (my word his english is poor) you are going to attract, people.

I relies that, you attract people when you don't focus on what anyone else is doing just your task at hand, you attract different people. I saw that since I been working out and lifting weights (yeah seeing a gymcel is adorable they never make it) and, wearing cologne and smelling good. I have seen changes I have seen some changes for the better. I really have, I'm proud of myself, for making these changes in my life.

Being I felt that it was time to make a change, I don't want to be insane. Doing the same things over over and expecting expecting something different I had to make a change and for the better. Right now I'm just a young man going after his dreams (god he talks like if a hallmark card had autism).

But right now, that um but you know want to share you a few things that happened that happened at work earlier today, I had um um was working I was working with was quiet, minding my own. I didn't speak unless someone spoke to me first. I have that mind frame. Every time I go into work I tell myself, when I get out of my car, I tell myself "Kent try when you go in there when you punch in that clock, do not speak unless spoken too" (for a lone wolf and not a lonely as fuck kid why would he need to remind himself to do it? It's almost like it's an act he's putting on for attention)

And, I have seen changes, well during break time, one of my co workers, she's a much older lady btw, I had walked past her and uh uh uh she had uh uh uh, wow you smell good! She said that she liked the smell of my cologne, she asked me Kent where did you get that cologne. The older lady said I'd work with you you smell good. The younger lady asked me where I got it I told her I bought it off amazon. She asked what kind I was wearing, I told her Chrome Azzaro, my favorite.

She told me she was gonna get her brother some of that for her birthday. she said it smelled really good. The older lady ,she told me I smell good she said that. I really was thankful for the compliments. (doesn't care what people think, unless it's an ass pat) That's what people think and that's something positive that happened.

As soon as I walked past the older lady who walked past, she told me I smell good I smell really good. Yeah that was positive I got. Yeah, I got that. Another thing that happened, on tope of that they talked to me first I didn't speak to them. Another thing, these two heathens, these two heathens did at work. You wouldn't guess what they did.

They were talking about me, behind my back. I was like doing my work minding myself and everything. They said hey Kent called my name, so I walked over to see what was going on. They asked did you like such and such back in high school, (an open conversation to Kents face is talking behind his back, god he's dumb) and he's like, did you like such and such back in high school, and he kept asking me.

You know did I uh uh uh fuck her pussy (LOL) did I huh,did I hit it and all that stuff, literally did I have sex with her. Yyou know what I did I didn't say anything I didn't reply, I didn't entertain that BS man, I didn't say nothing, I told him she's a ho (yet you didn't get it nigga LOL) she's a ho. (Kent has no problem insulting others about sex, but gets mad when pointed out he's gonna die with his v card and wrestle wrestle time belt in his hands)

Most women are hoes (gentleman Kent shaming women, for exploring their sexuality and more confusing if women are so easy why can't you get laid?) Most women are hoes and I'm pretty sure, 95% of sure of you men who watch my videos agree with that (because you block and ban anyone else and I'm in the 5% who doesn't I just like talking smack but I loveeeee you ladies)

Someone might get offended, if I have any female followers, umm I'm just keeping it real. (he shrugs his little manlet shoulders they are so cute) you know you know my user name means something it means something it means something I keep it real, I do.

Most women are hoes I didn't say nothing. Even if I did have sex with the girl even if I did fuck her pussy (lol you didn't and never will) like like like he said (so then why do you call ALL women sluts and make an entire gender's sex life open in the air?) it's not none of his business!

I don't have to talk to him, or respond to him (but you did incel rage at girls) You kno and I'm thinking thinking why would he ask me that, it's crazy man? It's crazy man. Why why why is he saying that asking me that. He asked another girl way back in HS.

People bring up way way way old stuff, it pisses me off, it really pisses me off. You know because, I'm trying to move on with my life I have moved on from my life for the better, what pisses me off when people try to bring up old stuff man. Old girl I liked or someone did in the past man, pisses me off really does.

I get sick of tired and people trying to make me talk to them or reply to their questions, first of all I don't have to respond to that. (yet he did ignoring his involvement and being a bigot classy) It's none of your bidnezz real talk! Asking me if I slept with this girl and everything, even if I did it's non of his bidness.

I did not (SHOCKING) I did not sleep with her. Ignorant man, talking about me behind my back (he literally talked to you face to face like men do) a bunch of heathens. I was always told always told, when I was younger, one of my good friends I know personally. he told me told me and said if you are around someone is all they are doing talk shit people behind their back get away from them. Get away from them, he's right.

(Kent takes of the the shades) he's… right. He says told me get away from them, people like that are no good. He was asking me questioning me, did I want to did I have sex with a girl, I walked away I sooo did. Went back to work minding myself. He wants me to entertain that nonsense, that garbage, that propaganda. (wat)

Bunch of heathens man that's what they is, one of the co workers I went to middle school with I think this too in my head. I really wish I didn't meet certain people. I take that back I really wish I never went to school (as a tax payer, I agree, that shit didn't work out) I really wish I could school myself. I really wish I was home schooled, I really wish I never went to public school (red pilled af kent)

I wouldn't have had to be around those ignorant heathens (Kent doesn't care about education just wanted to be a selfish little shit) Bunch of heathens! I really wish I never went to middle school and high school. I really wish I didn't and was home schooled man I really wish. My life would be a lot better than it is now, but I am bettering my life now.

I would have better my life a long time ago (english couldn't be better now could it) when I was was was was like, you know in my, late teens. Probably soon as I turned 18. I would be on my way on where I want to be. If if If I never got picked on, I never got bullied, I would be where I am now at the age of 24 years old.

It's crazy man but, yeah, that they just a bunch of heathens man. You know because, people talk people talk, I try not to get into that garbage, people are garbage, human beings are garbage. Human beings are garbage, some of you are thinking "how can you say that" it's the truth, it's the truth. (citation needed)

It's the extroverted ones, the extroverted ones are garbage people. Always want to run they mouth, always want to tell someone how to live their life, or what they should do, I don't like most extroverted people.

I don't like em. I I that's probably gonna be another video in video. Can extroverts and introverts get along I don't think so (let's take someone who's literally an autistic dumb as rocks with no education on the subject) I don't think so. I don't do nothing to no body (just talk shit about people on YT) I just do my work.

I mind my business go in do my job and get out. And people always try to get me to entertain their garbage. Trying to make me feel I have to do something, that I don't want to do it.

That's what I mean by everything is a form of manipulation, extroverted people try to manipulate you, but no one talks about that. No body talks about that. No body talks about it at all.

But people will learn on their own people will learn. They will learn on they own. I will keep getting stronger, pumping iron, no one dictating me, or telling what to do or how I should do it.

No body tells me what to do (just mommy) At the end of the day, and people know, people know not to fuck me with anymore, they will learn on their own. No one will manipulate me, that's why people troll me, why people troll me because they know…

They hate my guts so much, but keep watching me. You people are sick, sick.It's not me, it's you who is sick. It's you. People need to learn to leave me alone real talk (it's almost like his thread went dead and we all moved on when he stopped using a public website) I just wish people would leave me alone (yet does things to attract attention)

I say what I say, the things I say and go about my life. But I be careful what I say. I don't say no names. I be careful what I say, one thing about, being a youtuber, is be careful what you say don't know who's watching. (How's Jamie Kent? Or that time you admitted your penis is small?)

If someone out there and and and and knows me in real life and person if they do find this video, I don't care, I don't care anymore. I'mma keep being me keep doing what makes Kent Try happy. I won't be entertaining my self with heathens uncivilized people, very uncivilized. Be around someone who talk bad get away from them.

I will get away from people like that focus on myself, focus on me. But um, life is getting better for me, it's really getting better for me. (he can't even make eye contact with the camera with this life) I just speak my mind. I just speak what's on my mind. People like it they do, they don't like it they just don't like it man.

I really wish I had more female followers, I really wish I did (more than half of Kent paradise followers are feeeeemale) it'll come, it'll come (like your baby dick in a kleenex) it'll come naturally, let things happen naturally.

We all wish things and want things gotta let things happen, organically. I just am just another guy, just another guy you know? People are starting to gravitate towards me, people have been. Little by little, little by little, um. People say what they say.

I have no social skills no people will say what they say, I have no skills no talent I don't have this I don't have that. Ok? (then why rage and call me a heathen?) ok? So be it. That you know what it means, that Cretin you don't leave me alone you don't know when to leave me alone.

You have a unhappy childhood, a very unhappy one (this is a shout out to me, because that's what I put as my "from" as it was fucking funny also you don't see unless you search my profile so he's stalking me) Leave me alone man. Seriously. If you don't like what I say go some where else, get a life, get a life.

Kent thinks being socially daft brings people to him. Like autism is gravity.
People were nice to him at work, proving he's winning at life.
Co workers ask Kent if he hooked up with a girl back in HS Kent being a perm virgin is upset and calls this convo talking behind his back.
Kent doesn't like his past makes him look like a spaz worse than his current so IGNORE ALL GOOGLE RESULTS
Kent doesn't like extroverts because that means bullies
He wishes he was home schooled, you feel for him for a minute because he was picked on, and then he rambles how great he is and that fades like he'd have done better left to his own autism.
Kent explains he's better than extroverted people by saying so
He will do a video making a comparison of introverts and extroverts
Kent has no friends but a friend told him something this makes it true
People will learn (how supreme a gentleman he is)
No one tells him what to do other than his boss. mommy. but for real
He doesn't want people to judge him on his videos
He doesn't care
but fuck the haters
Kent confirms not only does he read the farms, he also literally stalked my profile and throws shade at me. Then ends the video because dr. big dick daddy bass would slap him like the bitch made he is.

Oh man this is another rambling video. Like normal Kent's grasp of English is poor, but it is constant "I don't care" "REEEE everyone should worship me" he's not even sure what mask to put on to impress people or try to get what he wants.

Kent isn't sure if he wants to sell he doesn't care what people think or he is so wrapped up in what people think.

He again has no clue what intro or extroverted people are he just thinks since he has no friends he's better than people. I suspect he's introverted really but he does things for attention all the time because while he claims he likes being a lone wolf, he's a very lonely person.

Kent can't banter with his co workers, because he's a sped. Can you picture working with someone you knew in middle school? Must be strange even more so when it was the weird kid.

Kent harps again on the feeeemale attention, something he claims doesn't matter to him, anymore. So we know that's a lie.

Kent is upset he's acted poorly in the past, and wants a clean slate, here, I have mixed feelings. We can all grow and adapt as people, but Kent condones people for shit back then two, you have to forgive yourself to be asking others to forgive you. That's just fair. Also Kent with a clean slate, would still be the weird guy, who is not lovable.

You can tell really nailed his ego, he was so rude to a girl he didn't have sex with and had the nerve to say 95% of women are hoes or easy. So why is he a virgin? If he doesn't want people judging him for his past, why does he judge women?

Kent talks about how he'd be better off not bullied, I don't think so his darkest times were when he had NO social interaction. This is how bad isolation is for even shy people they get worse than when they are bullied. Seriously, let that sink in, Kent was happier when he was being stuffed in lockers. He didn't try to hang himself when he was in THUGS going to church etc.

I'm the biggest supporter of other school systems than the public, Kent was def wasted away in public school even low track like he was, because well public school sucks. Kent thinks he would have been better off home schooling himself, god I can't picture that shit show. He'd draw a picture of the rock give himself an A then demand he's a CEO because he was top of the class.

Why bullying is bad it was literally some of his only social interaction and as we know Kent was quite the bully himself too. Can you picture this kid with LESS social skills? Seriously.

Kent wants female followers. God I'm so itchy for the girl crying again. He also claims he will let it happen so it will. It's just a lazy man's way to blame fate for being, well lazy. As we know he is.

Kent's last min is throwing heat at your truly, bitch still can't even say my name. Why? He knows if anyone comes here sees the truth about Kent it's dirty. He will look bad, so bitch nigga, has to be a BITCH and not even speak my name. Jamil could, he named me word for word. Guess what? Jamil got some pussy, he was up in dem cheeks, touching yabboos, feeling them sugar walls.. What ever comical and foul name you choose to use towards sex.

Also he mentions my profile, meaning for someone who he doesn't care about, he's reading my profile, and wall.. and is so fucking dumb he takes my location that's CLEARLY a pun as something serious. Because we all are honest on the farms, a site we use to laugh at dumb people online.

So lol Kent you a bitch.


Excellent work as usual.

I have a hard time believing (although I want to believe) that everything Kentray says happened, actually happened (Kentray, care to chime in?). I mean who asks anyone if they fucked someone's pussy? Wouldn't you just assume that? I've never understood locker-room talk because I take it as given that if you are couple, that you are licking and probing each others genitals.

Would you kindly consider mentioning whenever Kentray mimics a female-voice and speaks in falsetto? That has never failed to make me LOL. Its never occurred to me to do that when describing what a 2019 feeeeamayel has said. Makes me really wonder what kind of life/perceptiveness/perspective is going on in Kent's head?

EDIT: Wow...Kent is on a tear. Reminds me of his posting frequency, circa twenny-fifteen.

@Bassomatic - I genuinely think he is directly addressing you with the WWE influences that have seemingly seeped into every pore of his body. Or at least I like to think he has a nemesis somewhere, if not you then some cretinous feeeeamail he works with (err sorry...under). I wonder how he dresses nowadays off-camera? I can't imagine he goes into work dressing like Mr. T.

@Kent - Brotha...put yo' damn hats up on eBay so your disciples can collect them, wear them and represent "KentLyfe".
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Danke as always nice to know members of Kent Paradise enjoy the efforts.

With Kent the stories don't add up because he's Kent. A long history of dishonesty and his autism make his lies just come off as silly. I do know Kent was open about a few people he crushed on, that I don't doubt.

If indeed this happened at all, his co workers who knew him from middle school probably gave him some good natured teasing of you tap that? I really see, few people talking about the old days a name comes up, happened to be said person Kent crushed on, one things leads to another, Kent is right there, ask him if he got with her.

Kent calls her a whore to the viewers and shrugs to them in person because he felt it tested his man hood and his ego is so fragile, reminding him he's a virgin he got salty.

Also in my experience, living with women, most of my adult life, locker room talk from males is a lot less gross than girls. This could be Kent filling his story in with things he "learned" from TV his only source of social interacting.

Kent like anyone who's paranoid, a loser etc, needs a nemesis, you are 100% right. I find him amusing, Kent doesn't allow anyone to see him in a way he doesn't first vet. So he hates the farms because he can't block me like he could on YT. Kent always found an enemy, everyone's out to get him. That's why he's not making it. Totally not due to him.

Also since WWE is his new fore front, yes, from what little I know of wrestle wrestle time, rivlarys are a big thing. So he needs me. Kent would replace me as he doesn't see me as a living breathing person, just da bad twoll.

It's funny, I care much more about Kent then he does about himself. And he's just someone I chuckle at when I'm bored at the office, he lets me live rent free in his head and when I'm not on the farms I don't even give a passing thought. As much as he wants to think. Me doing this is most of my down time at the office, with a few peeks at other trolls, after catching up with co workers about life, got my coffee etc. While Kent is seething 24/7 and doing all he can to keep this mask up.

Kent claims, he goes to work like this, even if this is true, and there's no dress code (remember last week he got yelled at for wearing his shades? ergo one is a lie) that's just silly. Frankly I don't know a SINGLE job that allows you to be sleeveless or shirtless. I've worked lawn crew in college, and we had to have sleeves regardless we were doing heavy lifting in 90F weather. (we had our college crest polos we looked pretty snappy drenched in sweat and dirt in fact I kept one when I graduated)

Extroverts vs Introverts

11 Seconds in Kent picks up his over sized water bottle, you can see him try to flex. But there's nothing there. (note to self post more work out pics in this thread just to spite Kent, my fucking veins be popping lately)

He leans in and off his shades he's watching WWE, or gay porn, I assume it's two men touching each other it's gay porn. 31 seconds in the tis starts.

I've been wanting to do this, a vlog on this for last 2 days and it's time to do a vlog and talk about this. A lot of people are gonna like what uh what like what I'm gonna say in this vlog because a lot of introverts can relate. If you are an introvert shout out to you. Respect to you. I was always thinking in my head.

Can introverted people and extroverted people, can introverted people and extroverted get along. No. (Kent who has no friends and never had a single date fails to explain the ring on that lady who lives with me's finger, I assume she just got it from a cereal box and we are roommates) No…

Reason why I say that is because, it takes an introverted person to understand another. Extroverted people don't understand introverts, they do not they do not.

I don't like, extroverted people, because I always felt that extroverted people manipulate emasculate me (have to be a man for that boy) put me down, and they know in the back in dye minds they do it to people. Another thing I don't like an extroverted person wants to give their 2 cents, they want to give an opinion.

Someone always give their 2 cents when you don't ask for it to begin with. One thing I never done I never gave someone my opinion when they didn't ask for it (balls to the wall false, often Kent suggests suicide vs watching videos since we don't worship him.) I never done that. Only time I will state my opinion is my YT channel, MY videos MY vlogs.

but um, extroverted and introverted can't get along. I have so called friends in the past, extroverted outgoing and everything. They always always always tried to get me to do things I didn't want to do. Put me down and things. People want to say and need to get out of more and make friends and have a social skills and talk more.

No no I ain't gotta do that. People need to be more quiet (I thought you don't give advice to people who don't want it?) and get out less and keep their mouth shut. Most people need to do. People have nerves to tell me to make friends and need social skills and need this and that.

You need to get get out less and talk less and don't speak unless spoken too (so everyone falls under this rule socializing dies, the entire world falls to shit as well stand around waiting for someone to talk first but no one does brilliant Kents autism would literally destroy society as we know it) And stay away from the HEATHENS.

What needs to happen. Now now that pisses me off about people want to go and say gotta do this and gotta do that. It doesn't matter what you think. I'm gonna do what I want to do. (interesting life goal of being a weirdo who never gets laid, more power to you)

At the end of the day you gotta do what makes you happy. Everything is a form of manipulation. That's why that's why and that's why, why people don't' like me, because they can't control me, manipulate me.

Why people mess with me give me a hard time. Because can't control me! On the real. But um, (long pause) I get out less I talk less what I do. I better off feel. The long long more I'm by myself I feel like I more peace I have I feel powerful (because 3rd graders with bigger biceps aren't there to shame him)

I feel confident it may not mean anything, it won't mean anything I take that back (aww vintage fucking Kent is BACK) it won't mean anything to someone else, but at least I say it I feel good about myself, (why?) I don't care I do things for me I think for myself I focus on myself, I handle myself on my own. On my time and my terms.

I don't have to deal with no one manipulating me, no one telling me what to do what time, do this this time do this that time, or you should do this or that. Stuff like that pisses me the hell off. When people tell me that , they make me more more more more by myself, more more more more a loner, a lone wolf. When people tell me or what to do how to live my life.

If oyu are over 18. (then move out of your mothers if you a MAN) I'm speaking of other people as well. If you are younger than me. But um, no. Introverted people and extroverted people can't get along. They can't understand introverted people want to stay home, play playstation or xbox (because online gaming isn't a thing, even vidya players like being social) um.. may want to watch a movie, extroverted people and party and go out get drunk get high do things they shouldn't be doing.

Doing illegal things why most extroverted people in drama, extroverted people are in trouble. You see why. You see why. Some of you guys may disagrees. Introverted people can become mass murderers, that's not always the case but it can go both ways.

It can go both ways. But um, another thing why uh why um why I don't like extroverted people, they slander my name, slander my name talk about me behind their back running they mouth. I need to go out get social skills and this. Why don't you get out less and SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH

What you need to do what I need to do, you need to shut your mouth. real talk. Anyone come at me with that BS I'll block and ban you. I don't care how long you been subbed to me. I don't care how long you been subbed to me being honest, being me who I am. Being real.

(stress sigh) introverts run this world not extroverts. (For all we can say, Donnie Trump is NOT a NEET he's one of the most extroverted people to the fact it's claimed he's a sufferer of NPD look at any world leader ATM and name the introverts. All those photo shoots, royal dinners, fund raisers international affairs, hell same for corp world I digress Kent is just dumb and wrong, like normal) Oh you need to be out going get out more. (stress sigh) No No you need to shut the hell up what you need to do. How I feel, I feel about most people esp extroverts.

I'm just speaking from experience. I'm speaking from experience. I do things on my own my time, my terms. I do things how I want to do it. I organization things how I want to. If you don't like it too bad. You can get out. (Momma Kent pass this message on, Kents room looks messy a real man should have the right to a messy room living rent free at a quarter of a century old) You can go.

I am who I am, I am who I am. I keep to myself. I keep myself to myself for myself. (wat) And just keep it real. To destroy egos. Knock someone off their ego, their pedestal I mean. Destroy that ego, people need to come back to reality (irony) I just focus on myself, bettering my self. Best Kent Try I can be, I be the best Kent Try I can be, not best no body else, not best Josh David Not best Tommy. Not best Javanti I'm going to be the best Kentry I can be. I gave those names fictional names, I don't know no body named David, Tommy or Javanti (Then you wouldn't mind a quick googling in your area :) ) I don't know anyone, I assume don't assume. I'm only making that name.

You CRETINS would make your little theories and things because you hate my guts (your "gym time" is giving you a little belly as you think 3 sit ups is an excuse for burger king, it's cute tbh) Ya'll hate my guts and watch me, I can not understand that about this society. Esp you CRETINS. But um, (stress sigh) introverts rule the world. Not extroverts. Remember that.

Kent is BACK we are OG level
He's not yelling thou.
Introvert is "nice guy"
Extrovert is "thug"
Seriously, he just changed the terms. Because being out going, and social also means you drive drunk party all the time and get into fist fights.
Nice guys sit at home and are meditating like Yoda.
For some insane reason Kent says introverted people rule the world, with no citation
Again Kent keeps talking a lot of shit about being a real man, when he's never done any step of being a man.
I would highly suggest a google check on these "fictional names" we know Kent doesn't edit his videos and hates people around him, me thinks these "made up" people are co workers.
Kent is in charge since he can block you from youtube
Kent is gonna be the best Kent (unaware that's not much higher than a hair ball in terms of usefulness)
Sometimes introverts shoot schools up, but extroverts are the problem.

Oh I'm loving this video, I'm probably gonna go watch it again on my next free min. I'll be bold enough to rate it 9/10 manlets.

Really as I said in the cliffs, his regressing is FAST he's really off kilter and just doesn't make sense, his english is slipping because he's getting so angry. extroverts are thugs and introverts are nice guys. Swap it in your head and we see vintage Kent.

He literally doesn't understand either of these terms so uses them as a blanket and makes no fucking sense. Really his entire rant of the problem with extroverts has nothing to do with how social you are.

Kent who has never had friends, lovers, or any interaction demands you listen to his thoughts, and refuses to hear others. But they can't get along.

His victim complex is growing even out pacing his weakness. Kent is ashamed of himself. Frankly this is the pity I take on him, but it ends when he thinks instead of being a better person, lets invent a new persona, not be a better Kent. Then he just builds a new group of fictional enemies.

Kent is one of the slower threads on the farm, maybe a dozen or so of us laugh at his stupid life floundering around watching wrestle wrestle time, shirtless jacking off to the rock after a shift stocking shelves then mindlessly yelling at youtube about this vast world trying to hold him down.

That's far from oppression, he's just so self centered it really doesn't matter it effects his mood so it' by far the worlds most important issue. Kinda a shit bag way to see things.

Lastly on the idea introverts and extroverts can't get along, it's comically untrue as I mentioned I live it (quite well mind you) it shows how insanely wrong Kent is due to being naive and ignorant on any social interaction. No two people have same social desires, it's about balance and working around it. Kent is far to selfish for this and one of many reasons he will never manage a real friend or single date. Let alone grow old with someone or have kids.
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EDIT: if you missed it, it was pretty short, like 2 minutes but ya gotta account for behavioural tics of autism, silence, etc. Anyways just basically Kent directly addressing you. YOU ARE his nemesis/foil afterall! can you not jump for joy and click your heels ala Chaplin circa 1928 when THE REAL DEAL directly addresses you? I mean Good God. That would make my year...sorry month....actually no week...fuck it...yeah just my 5 minutes walking out to my car. But anyways it would definitely give me some joy.

p.s. Also, KENTRAY...I'm tired of asking your bitch-ass to sell one of your hats with "Kent" inscripted on the side. PM me you fucking twink faggot so I can pay you and give you my address. Yes...I prefer muted colors and my head is probably a bit bigger than yours so please take that into consideration....Regards.
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A bunch of videos got deleted. Better download what you can - the deletion of the channel is probably next.

Edit: WTF

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Funny that Kent has made hundreds of videos over the years (thousands?) so he obviously needs that approval, but he can't even keep up the recent videos his "fans" largely praised.
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The best of Kentray is what I call "THE BLACK SERIES" of our hero filming in his car at nighttime.

Don't forget to waste an hour of your life listening (or re-listening) to these classics...Happy Fourth of July!


Get back to making videos Kent!
I know it seems hard to believe but everyone here loves you and wants the best for you.
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I'm going to continue to better my life for me
(mommy let me use the stove when she's not home)

Kent is still on this sleeveless T rocking a WWE chain and those shades, this is getting silly. This is a vertical video, proof 47 minutes long Kent is a lolcow and should be bullied.

He sits slouched and purses his lips a few times looking like a sad baby monkey. I don't mean it in a racist way, but really if you took an chimps favorite toy away, this is how Kent looks. 33 seconds in the tism, starts.

I'm just going to a do a vlog. And let, people know that, umm I'm not going to be doing vlogs, back to back anymore, not going to umm umh making videos anymore. I will still do videos, I just um um, slow things a bit, slow slow slow down recording and everything. Because focus on focusing on, bettering my life as a man you know bettering myself as a person overall.

I'm just been getting older and wiser. um and um waking up. I'm a woke black man (meme gold here). doing what I'm doing and keep staying as healthy as possible, eating right foods and points to comes to my diet and um um drinking my water staying hydrated and doing that. Staying healthy as possible.

Um other than that, only gonna gonna make youtube videos, part time. From now on. Not going to daily, every day, days I made on my channel, I uh gone, I took them down. I won't do them I'll do my own thing do vlogs still. Do them part time, like once twice a month, twice, once a month, well do videos twice a month but vlogs 1 a month. Um of that month second video is a WWE view recap, in July we have extreme rules in august we have
summer slam we got summer slam.

one vlog this is july 5th 2019 next one is aug 5th then sep 5th my birthday and oct 5th, 5th of every month. So 5th of every month I'll do a vlog for you all.

Um, just as an update what's going on in my life and all. You know, trying to move on trying to all I'm trying to do is move on just move on with my life for the better. You know? I want to do this for my own good. For my own good and for my safety as well because reasons I won't explain. Other than that keep doing me doing my thing going to the gym (has 0 gains in 6 months of this shit lmfao) keep getting stronger.

Um, just work. Just work and uh uh save some money, some more money like that. That's pretty much it you know, progress in a way possible mentally, psychically, money, I want to progress. I really want to progress. I got big goals and dreams. Plans for the future, things I want to do.

One life to live, why not do it and you don't want to be old you don't want to be in your 50s and 60s, looking back at your life and wishing you did this and that my life would be different if I did things in my 60s I wish I did this and did that back then so I can have good memories I want todo that create memories for myself not no one else. Make great memories for myself.

When I get to my 60s if I live that long most likely I'll live that long (so I guess suicide clock is off) But um, my 60s and 50s. I take it back, if I make it to my 60s, you know you know don't know when gonna die leave this earth.

Right now moving forward making the best doing best I can for me, for me. Other than that. I'm a loner. You know, I prefer to do things alone, you know? I'm type of guy who like people trying to help me. I felt shame when someone helped me. When people tried to help me. I want to do things on my own I always felt that way (because fragile ego) I want to do things on my own. I do things on my own by myself. With out no body trying to tell me to do this and that.

When I don't ask for their advice to begin with, people run at the mouth always. That's just me. That's just me extroverted people are like, never liked that. I mean just how I feel about that how I feel, about that and just like I said before and everything is a form of manipulation people like to control others for a reason (says man who hand picks his comments)

Always like everyone wants to be in charge the boss, lets say that. For me I'm no ones boss no one's boss of me I'm my own freaking boss my own boss real talk. I'm my own boss. You know I just really really grown used to grown at first I didn't like being alone at first, now like I got so used to it, being alone so long being single and so long and being alone, you know never dated never had sex (LOL faggot) pretty much a virgin (literally )

um.. you know just going to, just accept things what it is, doing things and stop caring, another things another word for me to put it stop caring. But um, lets, so far so good. I have been doing much better for myself. Much better.

Much better for myself. I feel stronger I am lifting things I haven't been able to lift (says the pussy who hides his weights at the gym) you know, first at first I couldn't even lift 90 lbs, I couldn't say 90s lbs now lifts 130 140. (he doesn't say what lift even for his size that's SHIT on the big guys and we know it's not anything compound aka Kent is WEAK) lifting over 100 lbs all together man.

I'm gonna keep going to move at my own pace what really really gonna keep doing doing, keep doing at my own pace doing what I'm doing man. (he loses the shades) doing at my own pace be the lone wolf lone wolf introvert. Who I am, naturally (he just said he wasn't) my whole life.

um, naturally um naturally be the lone wolf, just do me man. Just do me, just do me man. Um, when I was younger, I was younger, I always wanted to, get married, I wanted to get married and have a family one day. Now I'm almost 25 years old I don't want to get married. I want to be free, I want to be free. (then move out of mommys you faggot)

I don't want to get married. Not now, but most likely I will change my mind, but I might change my mind. I don't what to get married, I don't want no kids, it's gonna damage me money wise, right now. Maybe, but maybe, maybe, 15 20 years down the line. I might just change my mind if things get better over all if this world got better I might just change my mind.

But for now I want to be free, I want to be be free (lives with mom grows) I am free. I am free. Feels good to be free and a lone wolf, feels good people not telling what to do people calling you I like to say pyscho dolling, reason I say pyscho dolling, is people be,my phone like a pyscho, people be pyscho dolling my phone, I used to have extroverteed friends so called friends who did that did that to me and uh. I never liked it.

It really annoyed me really annoyed me, and umm. people like just like um um um people like call me when I don't want to be bothered don't want to talk to no one want alone time. I don't like people bothering me. Sometimes, I turn my phone off, I turn my phone off and no can call me. No one can. Yeah. Sometimes I do that. I don't leave my phone on, like most people I turn it off, cause, I don't want to be bother.

I don't even go to silent I turn it off, you save battery life too. If you turn off your cell phone. If you turn off your android, or iphone it saves battery life. People don't think about that. (wat) I just just just, I just, want peace and quiet, I want it peace and quiet.

I have peace and quiet. But um, I'm going to keep doing my dream. Going to do my thing it's going pretty well. I'm going to um, keep staying quiet. just keep my mouth shut and watch you just keep watching. I'm going to do this watch how see people are and act. And, just pay attention, pay attention to things and be woke. I'm woke right now. I am woke right now.

I really think that, if that it intimates people people are scared of it. People who is quiet and watching, and um mysterious. Scares people. And, what I'm doing I'm the ego destroyer, I destroy people's egos before they get started. (cool, I'm the Hymen destroyer I have a cool nick name too)

Like the Rock always said "Know your roll and shut your mouth" And, a lot of truth into that catch phrase. A lot of people need to know their role. Need to shut their mouth, including me, including myself. Yes. I need to know my role and shut my role. Keeping my mouth shut, staying out of drama and trouble.

When I had friends, they would just, you said something one thing they took offense to it and tell other friends what you I don't want to do all that people talk about you behind your back, how weird you are this and that. (it's almost like… Kent is weird) that is what it's like having so called friends man.

All they do talk bad behind your back, I was always told when people talk behind their back get away get away from them, talk behind their back when they get mad you did something or say something gotta please friends and everything. I'm doing please people (aside himself) you can't please everyone so don't please anyone. Let things happen organically. I'm not type of guy who who be given advice.

I give advice organically I speak for myself you know? You know? You live and learn as you get older and and and uh, as you get older and live life what ever trials and tribulation happen you live and learn, you live and learn, and live and learn gotta learn to think to learn to think. And try and to stay safe and calm.

i'm more calm, much more calmer, (thanks prozac) much more calmer. Much more chill want to say. (stress sigh) but um, uh. What I'm doing. What I'm doing. If a girl likes me she likes me, if she doesn't like me, move on just move on. If a girl likes me, then she likes me cool. If she doesn't like me, then just move on. You know? You know, I don't even girls out anymore, I don't do it, I don't ask women out I do me and live my life.

Cause I don't like being rejected, I don't like being rejected, turned down. how it turned out, if I don't like something I'm not gonna do it at all (college, socializing, lifting, football, vlogs… almost like Kent doesn't like EZ mode handed to him, so he quits when effort is required)

If I don't like something I won't do it with that thing or person. So, I don't like rejection. I don't like being turned down, But, what I won't ask girls out, I don't like rejection, period. So I won't ask them out at all, it's fine with me.

Oh Kent try you won't get no pussy man, that's fine with me (LOL no it's not). It's fine with me. Like like older I am getting I less and less less and less, I am not gonna care (manlet weakling Kent is down to soy boy test levels) if I get it I do if I don't i don't if I get sex I do If I don't i don't.

No matter if I'm in my 30s if I don't I don't. Shoot. If it doesn't happen it doesn't. I am not gonna do starting I just won't care. Won't feed an ego esp a woman's ego. I won't feed her ego. I used to be a simp. Every many has has put a woman on pedestal, anyman who says hasn't is a god damn liar a god damn liar. (sounds like projecting but go on). So I'm not going to put woman on a pedestal, I'm not a simp. I am done being a simp. It doesn't work as a man really doesn't. (tranny saga when)

Sooner or later, I'm going to be an alpha male (LOL No.) Best believe that, I will be an alpha male. I can see it happen. I don't care anymore, I don't care. I really don't care man. I'm going to be successful I am. Have my dream car dream house, out in middle of nowhere. Away from people. Peace and quiet. That's my dream now.

It's my dream now. To live out in middle of nowhere. Out in the forest. I like forest over desert I don't do well in heat I don't like summer, I don't like weather. I like forest. Picture living out in the forest, living in a big house, dream car, dream job. You're healthy, eating but GMO food, corn syrup free organic food. And you are working out, working out days going to the gym.

Life is good. And you may get a soul mate if you do you do if you don't you do and you meet your soul mate who especially is someone, who a woman who knows how to cook and clean and take care of her health and body (Again this is not Freud sperging Kent wants a fuck mommy) A woman who's in shape (mrs bass out lifts kent lol)

I want a girl in shape. I do. I want a girl in shape. I really do. It's attractive to me a woman who's always in shape some guys like fat women I don't like obese women a woman who takes care of her health cooks cleans respects a man. Real talk.

Women like that aren't out there, women don't cook or clean or most girls don't, uh uh most girls have poor hygine. I see it. I really see it. I pay attention to that stuff. Most girls don't have a good personality, now a days I don't like girls now (homo saga when? ) I just don't.

Anyone who tells me go for this turn gay, you should, should try men anyone who says that blocked and banned blocked and banned from my channel (Kent gays have standards so you are hopeless) Anyone who wants to be ignorant and say shit like that. Ignorant man ignorant man ignorant people are.

And, some HEATHENS some. This world is full of em. You guys get what I mean. I just learned to have standards, most men don't have. I do have them. Nothing wrong with them having standards. It's ok for women to have them but men can't it's a double standard, yeah Imma have standards. IF you have a standard when it comes with women stick to them.

I like my girls in shape not over weight just just jus no man. I want a girl ins hape. Gotta have a gym member ship. It's a realistic standard. Most guys like fat girls BBWs not me, not me. I'm sorry. I like my girls to be in shape, like type of girls im into in shape. Gotta be in shape. But um, I'm just also gonna keep to myself.

Keep to myself like that dream house, middle of no where soul mate got car of dreams and everything house is nice and clean, you are in great shape eating organic food GMO free no corn syrup, growing it and taking vacations and enjoying life and and and some money decent money in the bank. Say that. Having your own house in nowhere a good stack of money in the bank a good stack.

I'm trying to get there, get there, I want to get there. Don't hurt to try something new, I'm open to try something I haven't done yet. Stay invested you could say, be more invested.

Never know, you never know who are going to meet, in this world, or who you will be with. Never know man. I just try to expect the unexpected. I try to live in the present, live in it. Can't live in the uh in the past. At all, gotta live in the present heading to the future, focus on future.

What ever in past happened, but just gotta learn from it and just move on what I'm gonna do. Yeah what I'm gonna do learn and past mistakes and uh yea just move on.

All you can do. All you can do. All you can do man. (kent gets his book bag out) all you can do man and SEE this ? (LOL HE PULLS HIS AUTISM WWE BELT OUT OF HIS BAG THIS exceptional individual CARRIES IT AROUND LIKE CHRIS AND POKEBALLS) you see this man? this tells myself I'm a winner. (remember he thinks he won WWE in his head) this WWE championship, always, tells myself, i'm a winner man.

This belt always tells me like fuck other people what do they say, excuse my language I don't like to curse. Not worrying about worrying about other people think about you, that goes for anyone. That goes for any body.

But like I said before, like gonna do youtube part time, uh uh uh just do my vlogs monthly vlgos monthly to pay per views and sept is hell in a cell if I'm wrong correct me. That's it man. Because man, because had enough I just had enough of people just, trolling me. Don't know when to leave me alone annoying (thought you don't care sempai ?)

Not even trolling on YT on forums too, uh won't name the name. I really … I not won't go into that. I just am gonna live my life move on from a lot of stuff, you know? Just do videos once a month twice a month. That's pretty much it.

Pretty much it. People can, come up with views like I said before assumptions about me make fun of me I'v been made fun of. So you can go ahead and make fun of me (thanks) make fun of me. Go right ahead. End of the day I'll take high road (lol no manlet) Even in person, people trying to make fun of men or disrespect me in a way. You know I'm just going to you know, going to walk away.

If a person is stupid walk away take high road. It takes the highroad pisses people off more, walk away ignore it. So, A lot of bullies in this world a lot of bullies in this world. I hate is bullies. A bully a cyber bully at that a bunch of cyber bullies. One thing to say I hate, because this shit people be talking about about me. About me behind a computer screen or an anime or picture cartoon.

Knowing if you saw me in person damn well you wouldn't say the things you said online (lol Kenty poo you stalk me and saw my pics I bench press more than you lol this nigga donga 2.0 ) On the net to my face. They wouldn't dare do it at a all. Because keyboard warriors.

And on top of that, like I said before, in my earlier vid that's gone now. I said vlogs no cologne reviews just WWE and these monthly that's it. Nothing else now on. I'm just not. I'm just not. I'm just gonna do me. Because on top of that a lot of people a lot of people on YT who just uh make good money.

Because they have uh a lot of subs. Have subs views and uh everything. I really like no money in this, if someone doesn't have subs or views no money in this. Why I wont' do this. I just am not. I am not gonna close this channel keeping it for good, I'm keeping for good. People will follow me where I go. They follow me.

But um, but um um also and not just YT social media period. I'm not going to as be as active on IG or twitter more on twitter since I like to tweet a like and rewet I tweet what I want to tweet.

For IG not going to be on it like that i'm just not. I really feel on IG it's really but nothing but but a population contests man people see what someone else is doing on social media and try to compare. What's goin in this life to another life, that's what it is on on on IG it's a contest a copulatory contetst.

I'll post better pictures, how people are on social media men and women. Always it, so I probably I might post and IG picture or story once a month once a month or when I get a hair cut, that's about it man. I don't care about followers or views and subs anymore. I don't really care about that materialistic stuff, I don't care about that stuff, only thing matters in this world me being healthy and food, and just food water shelter and clean clothes to wear.

Only things I care about in this life man, and well main things I care about #1 thing is everyone one should care about now is food water, shelter and clean clothes that's it keeping it real everything real, food water shelter clean clothes to wear point blank period.

Yeah we all want things but it's not important, not important. So So learned to not care about things anymore man (as he wears a fake WWE belt) you have to have a lot of money in this pocket, well your pocket in your pocket to make it in this world and survive. Other stuff doesn't matter. Broke spending on other things. You'll be broke. Broke.

But um, like I said before trolls haters come up with theories and assumptions go right ahead go a head come up with it. (cool) just because you are just assholes, I'll keep being me loner lone wolf introvert I am this a loner man. I keep to myself, I do things by myself I enjoy being by myself another thing that that um on on 27th I'm going to an A's game and go enjoy my life since I want to enjoy it I want to enjoy it.

Not because, not because um um. Someone else told me. Not just not doing well telling me just telling me what do. That's one thing, um um that I didn't enjoy people telling me what to do man. But anyways, think pretty much all I wanted to say in the vlog, see you when I see you guys probably during my after my extreme rules pay per view. It's WWE raw go home show. After that I see you guys next month. Take care of yourself I'm out of here.


cliffs: holy fuck get coffee
Kent rambles telling the same new flavors of lies.
He's gonna be rich with a fit with (fuck mommy) who cooks and cleans and respects him
Dream car dream house dream wife
No gmo diet
Trolls don't matter but he won't post because them

Kent goes on a 45+ ramble, where he constantly contradicts himself, lives in his larp and tries to hold this persona he built while leading on he's really an unhappy dude who's failed at everything. My brain is pure mush so I can't really add much.

It's the same as always with Kent, lie lies lies and more lies, dream land babble keep saying he's getting better as life passes him by.

If you really want to watch a man who's about to turn a quarter of a century old and almost mentally 16 with the build of a middle schooler, just go for it.

He has this idea of moving to the country and living alone with a fuck mommy. Or alone, Kent doesn't know shit about it. I've explained before. Also I haven't added on, it's cheaper. Kent could afford to he doesn't because ..

He really thinks if you some how move into the woods alone in a small town life just falls in place, he knows nothing of bush crafting, nor tending the land and how horrid it is.

Kent is stuck on this silly lifting thing, he doesn't list his weights just "i lift over 100lbs" means shit. What lift? Post second surgery I was vomiting on pain killers and still had a 200 range squat. Nigga step up. I'm gonna be a jack ass and in work out thread post my last 3xx dead lift. (ps back injury made me wear a belt like a feg but no mixed grip ayut!)

This story goes again from I never had friends to friends are bad because I had them. The kid can't even lie right.

He's salty on farms, as normal. Eh. He claims doesn't care he won't get laid lol, no shit kid you suck.

Lastly his dreams are so loose, no idea where when what exactly this "live a peaceful live with wife in the woods with a dream car and money in bank" is so loose, it's not really realistic. Not saying it's saying Brad Pitt levels it's quite sane. It's just … open ended. Because it's not real Kent can't dream it right.

If you legit want this kinda life, godspeed I mean that. I want near that. tbh. You need to plan near what areas if you want/need schools, jobs etc. Costs, size of land, water etc etc. It's not a realistic dream till you plan it. The fucking exceptional individual can't even make up a dream car. His car is a POFS. Now I am a car geek if you said dream car… god that's hard, Kent sees cars as Status symbols (his saying not mine) he can't even see it. Now me I can throw a few quick ideas, but dropping 100k in my lap for a new car is gonna cause me to go nuts. Kent wants a …. he can't even make up a quick cover up to move topics because tism.

God damn this kid is a hot mess and only getting worse. He's not yelling mad but he's just a broken sad kid.

He's trying to hide online when it's his only outlet that's saddest, frankly I don't feel guilty following him and dunking on his stupid. But he draws on the net it's his only place he has power or control and can pushes his lies. He is such a sped and liar he needs a thread and can't accept he can't be a werido with out people watching, but now he's hiding.

Also that faggot wrestle wrestle belt he wears it around and brings it in his back pack LMFAO!!

What a fucking faggot / post.

Hello everyone I am brand new to this forum, and I have been a follower of Kent for a long time now. @Succubus I honestly think you went overboard with posting a pic of the mans car. I can honestly say that Kent is trying to better his life and make improvements. What I’m trying to figure out is what do you guys get out of constantly trolling and stalking the man? @zantx3 You definitely went overboard of posting a pic of his house.

We all may not agree on everything Kent says or does but why do you all especially @Bassomatic keep putting the guy down, and calling him a faggot etc. Do you even know the definition of the word faggot?
Faggot-contemptuous term used to refer to a male homosexual.
You are clearly calling Kent a homosexual? Last time I check he is a straight male.
The only faggot I see in this thread is you. You are the one that recap everything he said in his vlogs. Who has the time and patience to do that? Obviously you @Bassomatic

Don’t you all ever think that enough is enough with ridiculing Kent for 5 years? I just want to know everyone’s perspective on harassing this man for years, even when he is TRYING to change his life around & improve himself.

41B5E09F-B03A-407A-B832-BF47FF108B9B.gif I love the WWE too by the way. 😉

I apologize for all of my posts I’m just curious to know why?

ZB 584

We all may not agree on everything Kent says or does but why do you all especially @Bassomatic keep putting the guy down, and calling him a faggot etc. Do you even know the definition of the word faggot?
Faggot-contemptuous term used to refer to a male homosexual.
You are clearly calling Kent a homosexual? Last time I check he is a straight male.
The only faggot I see in this thread is you. You are the one that recap everything he said in his vlogs. Who has the time and patience to do that? Obviously you @Bassomatic


Hootman huge-gland hunam
Hello everyone I am brand new to this forum, and I have been a follower of Kent for a long time now. @Succubus I honestly think you went overboard with posting a pic of the mans car. I can honestly say that Kent is trying to better his life and make improvements. What I’m trying to figure out is what do you guys get out of constantly trolling and stalking the man? @zantx3 You definitely went overboard of posting a pic of his house.
That’s not Kent’s car. Kent doesn’t own anything like a car, property, or capital, because he is a child living with his mom. If Kent were forced to support himself, without help from mommy, he would be homeless in a month.