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This is an hour long I listened to parts as I worked, but it's so boring.

Kent changed his name to Kinetic Kentray it's fucking the high point. He sounds messed up, not like high but on meds again or in a depressive swing. It's clear he's till the same loser living with mommy and entry level job with the WWE dreams that are beyond comical to happen.

Kent do something funny man, you will never make it so just amuse us.


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So much for Kent not thinking about feeahmayles...

He's also proved he hasn't done a thing towards a wrestling gig. You need all that gear before you start working anywhere. And he's always talking about choosing from AEW, TNA... whatever, Kent.

Disappointing. I'm out since he's boring too.

I'm watching now. Ironically, "Kinetic" Kentray is much more subdued and low-energy compared to the old Kent. I don't understand why people who proclaim that they aren't interested in pursuing women don't realize they are actually expressing how they really feel..."OH MY how I long for the touch of a twenty-[insert current year here] feeeamayle!!" Seems very obvious and Freudian.

However, it would be interesting if he ever posts one of his wrestling matches. That would be pretty entertaining. Short of wrestling a handicapped toddler, I have a feeling that Kinetic Kentray would go to mat pretty quickly and have to tap out.

A sidenote, I wonder if Kentray drinks out of large glasses & bottles as a way to make himself feel/come across as bigger? Holding unusually large drinks is almost an annoyance tbh. I have a feeling that the viral-Kent or years past is gone for good though.
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There's been some updates but frankly Kent is so far gone and boring now, I just can't be assed to play by play them anymore.


Kent tries talking about the Raiders moving around (it's true many states sell their trash) and how he's mad more people are upset than just die hard fans. This spins into a rambling about how good he is because he's an introvert and better than anyone else.

Kent is not smart and doesn't understand shit as normal so this I want to bridge out a bit. Eh we all get fair weather fans can be a hassle when you're a die hard. I will not debate Kent is big into NFL and raiders. He's been a fan most if not whole life, so this sucks I feel for my autistic little buddy here.

He doesn't grasp why people who aren't fans are upset, look at the economic boom that a team is, all those tickets sold, food, parties, even bar nights out to watch the game. You don't have to be a die hard and the numbers prove, a winning team helps even more. (it's why championships make teams/cities so damn much money the fair weather fans) .

But even if he could see a bigger picture he wouldn't care because end of the day he's a selfish little man. He needs people who casually follow or fair weather to look up to and respect him the die hard. No matter what even in his passions in life it boils down to one thing, his ego.

He's just become such a double narc little fuck anymore with his incredibly boring life, double down stupid lies and lack of chimping.. his content is dry sadly. Anyone watching knows Kent is deeply unhappy, with no plans to change it just invent his new persona as a winner. Fake it till you make it, can work for some people but you have to keep trying to make it.

Going to a touching boys in spandex school living with mommy and working a dead end entry level job is not how to become the hero Kent thinks he is.

There's been some updates but frankly Kent is so far gone and boring now, I just can't be assed to play by play them anymore.

What came across as even weirder is that some guy Kentray works with obviously was just trying to connect/be friends with Kent via sportstalk. I love talking about sports to people and even with the issue of "fair weather" fans, I'm sympathetic. I watch a lotta MLB baseball and seeing teams have bad seasons sucks the life out of you. Its like talking about illnesses & disease if you aren't a doctor, ain't no fun in that!

However, instead of trash-talking or bringing up sports statistics (i.e. having a neurotypical response), our boy reacts angrily & with hostility. I think if Kent ever did have a feeeeaaamayle, he would be the most possessive, manipulative, "stalkative", etc. boyfriend possible, so I guess that's a good thing and saves some woman a lotta grief.

Another funny thing is when Kinetic Kentray says he is trying to build his youtube channel. If he stuck with his original content from years ago he would have so many followers, he could probably live off of it like that Daily Report autistic fast-food reviewer dude.


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I'm with Kent on extroverted fake sports fan guy. They suck. But, just be friendly and get him to go away and don't let it bother you.


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I'm with Kent on extroverted fake sports fan guy. They suck. But, just be friendly and get him to go away and don't let it bother you.
It's part of sports, like any hobby or fan base.

Kent on the other hand, is so ego filled, he takes this personally, like a lesser fan dares talk to league master Kent try. He's been a die hard for years and you DARE want to see the home town win when they are on a hot streak?

Kent can not see, social cues or anything, sports is a topic, more so when it's going well people get into it. Frankly no one can debate, it's easier to follow when a team is doing well. It's why the most famous teams have one hell of a history and streaks, NE pats, NYY, Man U. Like em or not they have insanely good programs, insanely rich histories and that draws fans, aside people who like them for their local status or even enjoying a player/coach etc.

He uses extrovert as a cover for people he doesn't like, and that's well everyone because he's a little selfish shit. Extroverted people, tend to have better social skills since, like any skill the more you use it the better you become at it. They can read when someone is shy and uncomfortable. It's not a super power nor does this make them better or worse. Tons of introverted people can do this as well. Kent is just salty about well everything, so he tries to put his own autism into a super power of introverted people are better. Kent isn't introverted he's just weird, a real introvert wouldn't run a YT channel, just saying. Kent is a lonely weirdo. He can't connect to people and somewhere in his brain he knows that, so this whole war of the intro/extros is dreamed up to cover his own flaws.

Kent will never have a female and he's back to blaming them while claiming he doesn't care. So it doesn't matter, really. Yes he's gone on record before his plans of how to date and frankly, it's abusive. That simple. He could never accept, understand and respect the give and take another human has let alone the emotional trade off as well as accepting different push pulls. He's never been in a relationship and never had friends so he just doesn't understand them in the slightest, plus his views of women as lesser.

Review Brah, oh man.. takes me back, I miss Kents food reviews, he'd eat something say it's good I like it 35 times, and that was that.

Kent at wrestle wrestle time is a treat. I'm wondering if he's yet to figure out WWE is fake. I know he's new to it and all but the pulls look like a fucking middle school sword fight in a play. lol. I wouldn't rule out him thinking he's ready to tackle Joe Rogan in some MMA.


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Kent knows wrestling is fake. He knows most of the insider terms and talks about putting guys over.

I don't think he realizes what he would be if he actually became a wrestler, though. In WWE, some minor league, or a high school gym in front of 5 people... his little midget ass would be comedy fodder. I don't think he'd take that well.

I give Kent credit for actually training to be a wrestler since it seems to make him happy. However, at his microscopic size, to succeed in wrestling he'd have to either be an incredibly athletic acrobatic guy (like a Rey Mysterio), which he's not, or an incredibly charismatic talker (and while his repetitious ramblings used to have a certain watchability before he got boring, he's the opposite of "charismatic"). Without those skills, no wrestling company is rushing to sign a 5 foot 4, 140-pound autist.


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I will give him kudos for actually doing something more than reeeing and raging about being a virgin. Going to a strip club (3 times!), finally touching a woman and now actually is doing something physical and productive with this wrestling gig. He has come a long way, in some respects. Maybe he will start getting some real confidence in himself and start getting his shit more fully together.

But, I don't think we are going to see Kent as a new addition to DSP's WWE phone game roster anytime soon. I do give him an A for effort and enthusiasm, but sadly he will get an F if he thinks he is going to graduate and be a WWE superstar! Hey, I'd be happy for him if he actually did somehow manage to get somewhat famous as a wrestler, but it'd be in the midget division if ever the universes aligned and Kent did actually get hired by Vince. He'd have to work on the mike skills (no repetition would be useful as well) and become a Jushin Liger or other acrobatic type wrestler. Cause he ain't going to be doing any bodyslamming or power shit! His opponent would just have to blow hard and Kent would go down from the force.

He'd be better of in a manager gimmick, given his small stature. Or maybe a valet type, kinda like Virgil! HAHAHA

What would be good ring names for him do you think? Maybe we can find a good one for him to use! I am going to choose The Raging Manlet! Or how about the Infinite Virgin (say it the way Gene would introduce the Ullllllllllllltimate Warrrrrrrrriorrrrrrrrrrr). I think some good vignettes and storylines could be made from that schtick! I mean Vince had that guy who could puke on cue use it as his character! Nothing is out of bounds in professional wrasslin'!

Classic Kent with the rages in a dark car parked on the street will always be fantastic memories and are hard to top! But seeing him in this video, actually interacting with other people, and doing something that requires him to put some actual effort in by getting off his ass and going and doing something that really would be somewhat physically exhausting is interesting and I hope he continues to keep us apprised. In his mind, he is making an effort to reach a goal of being in the WWE. Of course it would take some serious work, luck and good fortune for it to happen, but weirder shit has happened (Mass Transit anyone??), and I want to see the extent of his efforts as this plays out. Will he continue on this quest?

Whatever occurs in the end, I am cheering him on and hope some good things come out of it. Perhaps his thinking/attitude will change along with this and he becomes a better Kent. Like I said, A for effort from me, long way from slurping smoothies while raging about women at night sitting in his car. While wearing matching NBA clothes!

Good on the l'il bro. Stick to it Kent! I hope he keeps us all informed on his progress!


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I've never seen Kent so into anything really, it's a refreshing change.

But, we also know it's a life long passion of his so he's more motivated. Granted so is/was football but he played a tiny bit to impress a girl got butt mad he wasn't the hero and gave up on it. So what will wrestle wrestle time bring as he's doing this not to get girls? But it seems doing this because he wants to.

Also, if you look at his comments it's Kentray now, he gets chimpy if you call him Kent. Glad to see, while he's not getting bigger his ego is. Now in his defense, it's kinda rude to address someone in a different way of how they introduce themselves, but he just makes it look petty how he deals with it.

Just when we all thought he's jumped the shark, he's got a new season to draw us back in.

I'm pretty sure he said something similar to what I wrote below. I took this from his video where he was bragging about his cooking skills.



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Brief Update February 5 2020

Kent greets us with folded arms to cover his bird chest. I must admit his forearms show a little growth, but remember he's been lifting for like 6 months and just a little showing is starting? More proof he's an idiot in the gym.

He reminds us he's Kent-tray now. He wants to give an update and update, how he's been and feeling and what's going on. Things have been good for him, he's been training. Working, uh going to the gym, uh been focused on himself, this makes him happier.

He's said before and will again, do what you love, do what you love what ever it is. Don't let anyone not talk you into your dreams. Go for it. I love it I love it, everyone who's a sub if you haven't seen my videos training uh, it's on my channel click on it check it out. But um, those are my favorite drills in training. They do the school I do go do. It's called the gaunlet drill.

You call someone in the ring and tell them the move you are gonna do it's fun I like this drill. I love it, having fun enjoying myself. I love it I take bumps. I love it I shoulda done it a long time ago. But I'm still young (he's over 25 and just starting a sport that he expects to go pro in, Tiger woods for example was a pretty decent golfer for a child, at 4. just for perspective how unrealistic Kent is).

Other than that, life is what you make, it is what you make it. I have my days I'm down and everything but I focus and cheer me up what cheers me up is going to the gym. Going to the gym has helped me out. Going to the gym, be it card, or weights or any time of exercise it helps me really helps me.

You know clear my mind a lot and um um um that's what matters getting that blood flowing. You know exercise is important, health is important, I want to be healthy more healthy you are the longer you live (irony for someone who's tried to an hero twice at least). That's been I'm doing. Exercise stay in shape best shape of my life (say so little).

I I I I I can so consider myself in pro wrestling shape. (JFC) But I can want to be in much better better better shape but but I'm much better in all areas in me exercising card and I mostly do cardio. It takes a lot I know this it takes a lot of card.

Life is good life is good I stay out of trouble not surround myself black people. I keep to myself I keep to myself when not training or working I keep to my self.

I mind myself thats what I do work out nothing wrong keeping to yourself to being introverted. (he chugs water). Nothing wrong with it at all. Even tho when not wrestling or working or training I'm quiet very quiet, I like peace and quiet it helps me as well. There's still in my life other areas I want to improve best think that. You know but but proud to say, I'm improving I'm proud of me.

If no one can motivate you you gotta motive yourself, I'm introverted I keep away from extroverts.

This is something I want to bring up at my job this happened at my job I documented it, I told you I document I document people do and what people said I keep my records. ( I seriously put my beer down and had a huge belly laugh Kent is fucking keeping an autism death note of the haters Jesus christ someone put this kid down like a retarded puppy.) In case someone want to lie on me, I have it documented time and who said it.

You know? Something I do I document people doing and saying that date and time. I do that. I do that. And this and this is why I don't like most introverted people extroverts need to mind them selves. I was at work at work a few days ago. Someone else I work with I work with you know you know? I talk to her during break I won't say a name of respect I don't name.

You know someone I work with I talk to her on break I strike up a convo. I I I she went on vacation to mexico she has family in mexican she has family she's mexcican she's nice to me very nice (call ICE) I had a good convo I asked her you know how was mexico and everything I asked if she had family a norm convo. I see this as a sign of people when extroverts do this no introverts do this : when your person has the audacity to to to interrupt your convo with her and that person talks to the extrovert I hate when people do that man people butt into my convo. A lot of extroverts do that (this isn't true extroverts can read people Kent is creepy and this girl needed a rescue someone dipped in to get pervert Kent away).

You know? This is the #1 reason extroverts cause problems for people always do. Shout out to introverts. shout out to inverted people in there man. Most people are extroverted from my research. I want to say that. I work the night shift, that happened at 5:32 AM 1/22/2020. I documented I named him and everything people don't think I do this I document people good and bad keep for records. AS aS AS another decade goes by can see how people can treated me. Do it for good too and bad things both good and bad and see and see who who people who were nice and not nice to me. You know? I keep records man. I suggest other people uh do that man document that man. Write it down on paper on phone or weather you you on ipad. I I I do on my ipad I document things on my ipad man the time and date said it.

My extroverted coworker butted in my convo to have her on 1/22/2022 0532. I didn't like it. I wish people would mind themselves and just wait and till I'm done you don't just jump into my convo you know? What I have to say Isn't important. That's how extroverts do. Put nose in others convos causing problems.

Why I don't like extroverts. I don't I don't. They like running they mouth too. Everything I say nothing but truth about most extroverts. Aoubt that. I wanted to get it off my chest. I don't like that I don't.

Other than that, everything is going good for me, my training, huh and just learning to wresting and people who like wrestling like me makes me happy so happy so happy. PRo wrestling has taught me to be mentally tough. It taught me to uh um not take shit from no one. It taught me that. Only, I only been wrestling for 2 months uh 2.5 months now. Uh. But um a lot I need to learn. Going into this.

I want to say this before I close this out, since huh huh since I been training last 2.5 months. uh uh uh uh. Every person who signed up to the school I'm in the school, we have to take chops, you know if you know chops chops to the chest. You know? I went to training a few days ago. I had to take chops to from everyone like a lot of people.

So far a lot of people I had to take chops from everyone. Taking chops hurt. They hurt, they seriously hurt they really hurt (fake hitting causing injuries to our little kenty poo. I find it ironic someone who played football on a very hands on position finds fake hitting worse than running shoves etc)I taken em from every person in the class. Every student has to do it I haven't done it yet.

They said go into this for the chops you need to do it so I did it. So um, one of my trainers said welcome to it man, how it's like in a match. If you want to do a chop gotta take a chop. So like uh I had to do my shift off and take chops. Those serious hurt. Someone slapping your chest, it hurts. I had to lean on turnbuckle and like this chin up. chops from everyone man. Everyone goes WOOOO like ric flair. If you see WWE with lots of chops it makes your chest hurt.

At least like had to take like uh at least 20 people I think not 20 people more at least 15 people at least at least 15 chops and it hurts. My trainer and other students to be pros. Everyone man they hurt. (aww Kenty got wounded from his the rock themed 50 shades of GAY school)

My chest was hurting and sore and and when you go home put ice on it the ice will burn. But they hurt taking chops hurt seriously. They hurt. I'm speaking from experice. I told my trainer they said welcome to it man. It was a good warm welcome. it hurt. That's what is like. I said that's kinetic energy. I got in the wrong and tackling people, people will feel my energy bigger or not.

And and and learn to do new moves I want to learn to do. Who to put in my move set. I want to learn a standing drop kick. I need to learn that. That's what happened I had to take chops. Yes I did that. I had to do it chops, chops hurt. (pussy) they seriously hurt. I had fun doing it.

Those chops hurt. But um, I said everything that need to be said life is good training learning to wrestling, I know how to do a shoulder tap a clothes line, I want to and learn I know how to suplex. So many move, I learn new moves. Me personally I'm a visual learner, I have to see to learn it you know?

I'm learning new moves learning how to wrestle, how to wrestle and live my life. You know doing what makes me happy, all makes me happy my health and fiances. Nothing else is important not important. when you are around people whole like what you like in an organic way a healthy way. I like being around people who like what I like and introverted. I like people like me( little man big ego)

I can't relate to people who aren't like me. People I can relate to introverted and pro wrestling and people who want to learn and want to be up and coming WWE like me just like me. You know just doing what makes me happy and around people who um,, umm,, um,, likes what I like. Those chops hurt, no it's not fake they hurt. I'm over 20 mins didn't want to make this too long. Kenetic Kentray, see you guys in next video take care.

Kent likes his wrestle wrestle time
He's doing better in life
He was creeping on a co worker and someone cut in
He keeps an autism book of being slighted incase he needs it
His fake wrestling hurts a lot
He's gonna be a pro wrestler.

Holy shit man I seriously wasn't joking I stopped the video to burst out laughing at this insane note taking of being slighted. This man holds grudges like this and claims he's happy? Again he has no idea what intro or extrovert is, he's just a fucking nutter.

He's liking his wrestle wrestle time and tells a story how being slapped hurts. (laughs in plays rugby and years of boxing) Seriously Kent, most of us fuck our girls harder than your play fights go and they LOVE it. You are acting like a trip to the ER is needed after a lil swat to the torso. FGT.

I seriously can't get over this book man, it shows how loopy this kid still is. I think I need another beer.

I play and run an alum rugby team. Ever bounce on mud? Yeah it takes a comical amount of force for that I had someone spike me like a touch down ball hard enough I did it. I did what a man does, I didn't drop the rock and after the play I chugged a beer, then when back for a nice leg down tackle on the guy the next play.

WWE and shit needs agility and strength and sometimes you do get bumped , but compared to even a spar in a boxing gym it aint shit. I like to dunk on Kent hyping shit up and all but pro style wrestling, takes pretty impressive psychical feats. How he explained taking your chops is not at all a proper toughening practice but a mental thing. Fact Kent is focused on the pain shows he's soft. You can toughen your body to impact blows and movements, it's part of any serious training and sports. This was to get mind tougher and induct you into a thing, but Kent is a brainlet as well as a manlet so things this is the same as letting George Foreman use you as a speed bag.

Taking a hit even in error like WWE stuff is something I'm sure they train and it's seriously important. You ever see how a quarter back gets hit by a man the size of a small pick up and not drop the ball? There's training in that.