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If Kent managed to channel his energy correctly, he could be his generation's Spike Lee. Primarily because he looks the part. I mean I don't particularly like Spike Lee, his politics, his chronic rage, his choice in outfits or probably a dozen other things I don't know about him...but he somehow made himself famous. Which is secretly what Kent seems to want: fame & attention & unconditional appreciation.

LOL at wearing a Kobe-suit to the Oscars in the guise of being about in memoriam (when in reality its about making Kobe's death about himself and forcing other people to pat him on the back for wearing this clownish outfit as a tribute ). Kent & Spike Lee both have that facial expression of being perpetually angry too.


also found a Ballad of Kentray, Part 2

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"Y'know...I wasn't even in a video-making mood tonight but ..." I figured I may as well get a few up before I forget. There is nothing particularly memorable about these vids but might interest a few. Sorry about the video quality as well. Really, the best Kent vids are of him sitting in his car in the dark (maybe from LiquidKent's channel? #6,777 on page 336.... For some reason I also like the videos when he tosses around a basketball while vlogging....I don't know why they amuse me.

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Kent is so boring but not in the way he used to be.

It's such an interesting case. He's got everything a man like him could want in life mommy pays his bills and feeds him. He works some menial task to keep him busy, he's got vidya and his wrestling.

He's just a greedy not very bright angry person. I can't really put my finger on what's changed with him as the rage outs ended many years ago and I still found him amusing but now it's just a slow in the mind person angry the world isn't even more on a platter for him.

Kent is just as angry as he always was, he just lets it out in his sulk/shaming. I've noticed that replaced his anger vents how much he looks down on people, we know in his high school days he was a literal bible bully. Now he's thinking since he does keep some kinda routine he's in some high class of humanity. I don't at all mean to shame him for lifting or working but this makes him, well normal not better than anyone.

Kent will never and can never be happy because he doesn't understand the world's workings. He's going spend his entire life as that guy who's a loser with a chip on his shoulder, we all know an Uncle Rico like him that the world owed him all this and had the nerve to take it away, so they half ass life, feeling that that break will come and if it doesn't, its more victimhood.

He used to keep cycles of pretending to be MTGOW then not, now it's just changing so quickly. I worry about what brain functions he has he can't keep an act up anymore or does he just not care?

I'm sure Kent isn't self-aware enough to realize this while wearing this shirt. This isn't a photoshop its from his instagram.

Kente cloth originated with the Ashanti people of Ghana. So more like I funny or what? right the way don't forget to tip your waitress!


Lol, I love how Kent... excuse me, Kentray, has the mental strength to realize that posting/saying ridiculous shit on the net could potentially come back to harm you yet isnt mortified that his rasslin school buddies found him online (and probably his treasure trove of lolcow incel content on other channels). He even doubles down by realizing what he says online could bite him later on but then goes on a full MGTOW rant.

I used to wrestle and if the boys found out one of the new guys had this hilarious "king of rejection" presence on youtube we would rib him mercilessly, but at the end of the day could realize that we all do and say dumb shit when we're young, dumb and starved for some china. However, if we found a dude that had these red pilled rants up online we would just think he was a massive douche, work him so hard he would quit and think the world was a better place for doing so.


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Kent was ribbed mercilessly before making videos because he's a mega manlet, and it would be just the same in wrestling if he didn't make his videos.

Kent's got himself a feeeeeeeeeaaaaamaaayle (allegedly) his first kiss on May 2, 2020 8:07p.m. (allegedly)...lotta inconsistencies though (unsurprisingly).
"AND she can cook - she can cook and she can clean" (24 minutes into video)

LOL the legendary saga continues 😂😂😂

Damn i've been out of touch with this whole kent saga. i've even have a kentray movie trailer that i have yet posted on Youtube because it was somewhere in my computer for almost 3 years.

Kent's got himself a feeeeeeeeeaaaaamaaayle (allegedly) his first kiss on May 2, 2020 8:07p.m. (allegedly)...lotta inconsistencies though (unsurprisingly).

if it's actually true someone should find her ig and sent her kents venting videos lol.

i've even have a kentray movie trailer that i have yet posted on Youtube because it was somewhere in my computer for almost 3 years.

Can you post the lost video please? I had a few that I posted some time ago that I also found on an old hard drive (they are posted in last few pages).

Recently, I've found out how much Youtubers can make and I've been shocked. Yeah...we all know Pewdiepie makes $30M a year but even Youtubers with tens of thousands of followers can easily make $1000 a month. That's not a lot but it isn't laughable either. Sometimes much much more if they get sponsorships (Kent coulda been hat representative for Lids).

Its crazy to think if Kentray stuck with his original channel some years ago and built on that instead of deleting his vids he would probably at least make enough to buy a new car. He used to make 2 or 3 videos a day and they were all consistently lulzy...of course they were all roughly the same but that is what also made them kind of funny (ala The Rejection Series #14).

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So of course I had to.

Just wondered what Lil' K was up to. Sad to see you aren't appreciated by him, hopefully you didn't scare him off from making another video. I wonder if he has YET ANOTHER youtube channel where he uploads. He seems compelled to post. Hopefully he tells us more about his "girlfriend" and what her OnlyFans account name is.

btw: thanks for all the great Kentent i.e. content over the years

Apparently Kinetic Kentray is coming out with Merch. HEY KENT...if you are reading this why didn't you sell me a hat with "Kent" inscripted on it???