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latest vid

apparently he has lost his v card , true or not?
Well good for Kent!! I believe him. He seems sincere and he never struck me as the type to be a pathological liar. Also showing that great birthday gift from his GF and the signatures on the back pretty much confirm everything he is saying is truthful. I mean its not like he went out and bought the belt and asked random people to sign and pretend they knew him or were dating him! LOL

While he got a lot of stick for his raging videos, his height, etc., he seems to have survived all that without pulling a mass shooting or start wearing a dress and saying he was a woman and actually has bettered his life and found a relationship. I think Kent is in reality a nice person and he seems sincere when he speaks, doesn't have a super foul mouth, soft spoken, can drive and works etc.

Whatever was happening in his head when he came to our attention all them years ago, I can't say. Obviously hormones and not being able to get laid while in your 20s would be fairly all-consuming to any guy. But in reality most males who have yet to have sex or a relationship moreso, are guys like Chris Chan, Russell Greer, and similar nerds, speds, deformed or hideous looking people. Kent is/was none of those, he was just cruelly born very short, especially for a child who was black and liked basketball as he did. So obviously that played with his development during his formative years and I can understand how the frustration must have been overwhelming for him at times. He just chose to flip his shit on YouTube which then brought the trolls and commentators out to further mess with him. (I wonder what that other site that follows him are saying about this video?)

Given all that, I can believe he found a girl who liked him because he isn't like Chris or Russell and seems like a well behaved and not depraved or disgusting dude. Not every woman wants/needs a tall man so glad that Kent found one and not only has he had sex but from sounds of it, he seems to have a pretty good relationship already on the go.

tl;dr-Happy belated birthday Kent and cheers to finding someone special man!
EDIT-See it is gone, I was going to say in my post that he kind of doxed his GF's family, but didn't want to bring attention to it. I wonder if he took it down because of that?
EDIT2-I was watching it within the post and paused it to come write this post. I just unpaused it and it is still playing. Sure its gone?
EDIT3-I went to YT incognito and it asked me to sign in to view this "private video".
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I found some dumb meme video with highlights from kents recent developments (getting a girlfriend) . It's shit but its video proof of Kent's developmets from a few months ago.
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Bootyhead finally got a girlfriend.



Their instas are private.




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I'm at a loss for words.

This could be the best or worst saga Kent has ever had, by far it'll be amazing and change his life (for the worse) I just hope he lets his real fans of Kent paradise in on this.

So many questions, I can't even begin to start asking the who what where and why.

I should just end my musings with, this can't end well.
Gees, welcome back! I had checked a few weeks ago and saw you hadn't logged in since March 20th or something so was worried you got the coof big time!

Glad that isn't the case and you now know about Kent becoming a real man at last!

Its been lasting for a fair bit man, he might do ok with it. As I said in an earlier post, good for him! He isn't a greasy scumbag like Russell and looks after himself so happy he has found someone. As you said tho, sometimes having a partner or being in a relationship can make life worse in ways! LOLOL


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TY TY, life got strange, but I don't keep a youtube log of myself and rage delete it at times. The coof could never stop my pure unadulterated cyber bullying.

I have mixed feelings for Kent, we know nothing of this girl but even Kent who's seemed to learn social skills from TV etc, should know better than broadcasting he lost his v card at his age. When you are 16 or what ever people don't know better and run around bragging esp since, you were in a smaller group at the time. I know things have shifted since my day but, Kents mid 20s and finally had sex. I mean, it's like gratz but, most have been there. Late to the party is better than not.

I'm really sad we haven't got a full blow by blow (oh that pun was shameful) on the sex. You wrap your shit up Kent try? Please do.

The lock down is hard on any relationship, Kent being in his first one, it's probably not as stressful as he legit is jumping into it that way. So really, that helps him. She mentions she smokes pot or is at least ok with the Devils Grass, something Kent has spoken about being a hard no before. I wonder if he's toked yet?

Aside lock down, we know nothing about her and first relationships are well, that. You just don't know and I'm not faulting him or anyone for their first. You are trying something new. Romantic feelings are quite overwhelming to the experienced and even then it's still tricky to get into talking about advancements. Full grown adults who have been married, had kids etc if they are back in dating game still get nervous and amped for the first kiss and fear timing it etc.

Kent very well may be happy, but at the same time, I hark back to his old videos he wanted a perfect 10 virgin fuck mommy. Has this changed? Has he grown up to see that's not real? Or is there still a flame of unhappiness in him about that. If so, that could be a hell of thing. Aside that, we all know he has/had an ego problem. Will Kent push a relationship to own the haters? We've seen it before, if she gets a ring and Kent lashes out instead of being thrilled etc sign this shit isn't healthy.

Kent's just an off dude, who has some seriously bad views but look at the Kentosphere, Baraka is dead (self immolation that's pretty fucking metal and sad) Malik got his dick wet, left the net and moved on, Savvy guy moved on and was kinda given a pass because he was victimized and Big Boss is still a 400+ pound unloveable jobless racist fuck. So what will the head of the team do?

Lastly Kent's still into this wrestle wrestle time thing, I dunno if his gym or wrestling gym is open but as I love to keep pointing out he looks the same, he's had over 1 year and with his age and frame coulda got a lot bigger (roughly in the time table and age he was at I moved from a swimmers bod to micro hulk because my routine was flat power lifting) Even in his chest up shot I see no change. Come on bro.


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Kent can say he basically wanted a fuck mommy, but at the end of the day I'd say he'd be submissive to her. She doesn't look like she's the type to get trod on.


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Kent can say he basically wanted a fuck mommy, but at the end of the day I'd say he'd be submissive to her. She doesn't look like she's the type to get trod on.
I fully agree to this, Kent is so scared of being dumped and losing social contact, having a GF means a lot to him, he thinks.

Now with again no judgement on her since we don't know much *, she doesn't seem to meet any of Kent's rules of a fuck mommy. This is well, good, because first of all said woman just wasn't real. I mean that in the near 4 billion women on earth what he wanted wasn't there, not taken, not rare she wasn't real.

Also again, we don't know her so perhaps she's more socially graced and has exp with SOs before our Kentypoo. If so easy to need to rely on her (and she could be using this as a crutch/cudgel etc) that in turn makes you submissive in a way. Not that it's wrong to rely on an SO in aspects of life, because that give and take is healthy, in fact that may very well be part of their thing.

Oh god, you made me click tiktok. I want to blow my brains out, but I did gather two things from that. Aside, well everyone on tiktok is a lol cow.

I saw one red flag, and one, lol people online trying to be cool. For the second first, she takes a shot of what looks like soda, and it's #champange, now to wine sperg (since lolcows make me drink) Champange comes from the valley to get it's name sake, (aside one vinter in california that helped save the grape in a blight mind you) most people think any bubbly white wine is Champange, it is not. It's an EU protected term , so I'd let this slide, but shit looks like mt. Dew, it's not carbonated what so ever. I don't even think it's wine tbh.

So yeah fake flex, cool bro real cool . Basso doesn't drink like he used to, but I want to put down an entire bottle of Bollinger I have in my fridge just out of spite.

Lastly the red flag, Kent is picking up her order from wing stop (remember organic foods only and she has to do this as well on fuck mommy demands) the red flag comes from the manager saying "she always does this", that's the oldest scam in the books. Get your food eat it, complain it's cold/wrong etc. Anyone who's been around a restaurant has been hit with this and seen it. Also the video is titled about how rude the assit manajerk was, I saw nothing of the sort.

Anyone who's willing to pull a scam and let their man deal with the heat..... Now I'm not 100% sure we can't be but let's call it a long time lolcow watchers gut feeling, something is up with this and then hosting said video. Why would someone do get something so shifty and parade it? The same reason they date a lolcow.

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Is that really her? If it is, I wish this thread wasn't dead because Kent ending up dating an escort is hilarious.

Edit: Not her. The tattoos don't match up.

Yes, one of the photos is from her Instagram account. Also, the tattoo that wrap around her neck from her escort ad match from her Instagram. Kent said several times on YouTube that he will never see an escort and blasted guy who is was a subscriber suggested to him. If Kent is aware of this, he will be mad and probably will break off from her. Look at the third photo with the tattoo on her neck on the escort ad and look at her other photo on Instagram.
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