Snowflake Kenzie Lee Ankrom (Luna Lee Swiizka) - Princess of Invitea

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Adding to my collection of waifus.
The old thread on PULL 3.0 was locked because admins believed her to be a troll desperate for attention. Myself (and many others) just think she's an exceptional individual, but if the KF farms locks this one for the same reason PULL did then so be it.

-stolen from ED- Meet Princess Doll of Invitea, aka Luna Lee Swiizka (Kenzie Lee Ankrom), an incredibly boring, untalented and wannabe weeaboo|aidoru from the magical nation of Invitea, which sources show to be located somewhere in Chesapeake, Virginia. There is absolutely nothing special about Kenzie, despite what she may think. Despite a brief attempt at faking anorexia, Kenzie does not currently suffer from any mental disorders, aside from her raging :autism: that she refuses to acknowledge. Her current age is unknown as she claims to be "forever 12" while saying she's 17 and claiming to be in college.​

Kenzie claims to be a princess from the makebelieve European micronation of Invitea, which is a feminist country and HATES Russia. Her blog (since deleted) had lots of good information about her magical man-hating lolita society.
It's all out of order but you get the picture.
When asked specific questions about Invitea she will not respond.

Despite being afraid of men and being sexualized, she is engaged to one of the Invitean knights.

In addition to being the Princess of Invitea, she claims she is a living doll, model, mafia boss, fashion designer, makeup artist, therapist, mangaka, and idoru. She has since deleted the video where she claimed her massive list of careers so you'll just have to take my word for it. Evidence of her amazing fashion sense can be found on her Instagram.
Makeover video where she demonstrates her makeup skills.
One of her hit singles.
Her idoru logo.

Her movie... or whatever the fuck this is.
A folder where she keeps her careers organized. Very professional.

General Sperging + PULL-tan
After she saw her friend's rise to infamy by being a complete exceptional individual, she self-posted herself (Luna in pink) on lolcow. Shortly after, a thread was made on PULL about her. Kenzie quickly found out about this and the chimpout began. She began posting on Instagram talking about how ebil lolcow/PULL is as well as edge posting.

PULL even got our own mascot - PULL-tan a sexy, big-titty Chinese demon. Later PULL-tan got changed into a chubby big-titty Chinese demon with acne.

"Watashi wa, Pull tomodachi to :) Princess-chan~"

Even PULL users Satanic and Uchi got their own pictures!

The End of the Princess

She threatened PULL with legal action. 'Nuff said.

Then john doe locked her thread right as it was getting interesting.
She has been lurking PULL ever since and has attempted a couple of times to sneak back in. She's been caught every time though.

She has rebranded herself as Lunaria L. Moon and says she doesn't want to talk about Invitea because it makes her depressed. (:_(

Her New Blog (beware terrible font)

She tends to lurk threads, make passive aggressive posts on her Instagram, make a youtube video about how much she's bullied then deletes it. Make sure to archive anything juicy you find because she LOVES to delete (hence the absence of many of her videos about Invitea).
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Nihilism For Babies
Haha thank christ. I stopped checking up on her after one of her October chimpouts in the Lolcow chat, but I'm glad she's still out there ruling over Invitea or whatever.
Bitch never translated ICP's Miracles into Invitean though.

HG 400

Did you save them..?
I've already been privately sent copies on PULL by like 3 different people because I am a great community ambassador and you should have never have threadbanned me from the PULL thread because you doubted my ability to fit in with all manner of diverse communities and make friends from all walks of life, you gigantic fat cuckold.

I don't feel sorry for double posting anymore.


krebbu - PULLer
Her nervous wiggling in that video was driving me crazy :pickle:



weeaboo cringe make me panties wet
Let me shove this right here all snugged up into the spoilers butt. So kawaii made up duso.
This was located at her blog before she deleted it.















invitean flag.jpg

People have stated that she was trolling, I think she lied about it one 100% because fuck how can a person dedicate their lives to this shitty sugoeee weeaboo shit and making this a life style lol
She pushed this other weeaboo under the pull moving bus just to save her kawaii ass.
P.s. How do I upload kawaii videos it seems it's taking forever


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