Snowflake Kenzie Lee Ankrom (Luna Lee Swiizka) - Princess of Invitea


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No wait, is she regressing...? Usually it's the kids that were edgy and fringey and weepy that evolve into these pastel monsters, not the other way around...................
She's just behind the curve because :autism:. She's just getting into edgy now. She just graduated out of pink princess phase.
It's the next step after depleting all the magical girl anime on Netflix


Adding to my collection of waifus.
She should learn how to do basic makeup before doing any sort of tutorials. Every step of it is botched beyond reason.

HG 400

Ugh fam, her modeling profile says she's 17. You can't do this shit to minors you idiots. They're not legally invested with the ability to consent to publicating their own personal details, so reposting photos and shit you find in the open from their instagrams so you can make catty comments about it is an actual no-fooling crime. You idiots are gonna get your dumb asses thrown in jail.