Dramacow Kevin Allred - Professor of Beyoncé Studies (no, seriously), arrested for threats to kill Trump voters.


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A long-overdue update on Kevvie's feud with Rutgers University. He has "his lawyers" sue the police officers who handled his case.

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Kevvie said:
I've stopped commenting much publicly on my NYPD/Rutgers saga that began right after Trump's election--when I was forced to undergo an unlawful psych evaluation at Bellevue after a student's parent reported me as a threat (w/ no tangible evidence or corroboration). Well... yesterday my lawyers filed suit against the individual NYPD officers involved and the city of New York in federal court for violating my constitutional rights. It's not over. Just wanted people to know I'm still fighting and these things can take forever, but I'm not giving up!

Didn't even realize how much the experience was still weighing me down. I'd thought I'd gotten "over it" (whatever that means), but finally hearing from lawyers that the case was officially filed and had merit and support behind it, felt like flying honestly. And I don't take my ability to do this for granted. So many face much more dire consequences in their interactions with police. Many don't have time or resources to track down the necessary information/documentation to prove wrongdoing. If it's this hard for me, just imagine...

Thank you to everyone here and everywhere for believing me and believing in me with no questions, because you know my heart and believe in me as an educator and thinker and human. None of this is over, but it finally feels like it's moving. I'll remain honest and open about this whole process on here, saying what I can. And if anyone ever needs any help figuring out how to track down information and documentation about these violations in their own cases, please let me know. I'm not an expert, but I made it this far
I hope his lolsuit bankrupts him.

Kevvie has started e-begging:

Yet I doubt he'd get much handouts, given he's been bleeding followers:


"A History of Black Woman in American Music" is a much-traveled, albeit still worthy area of study, if he does the research back to the Dixieland era. But you know full well it is all Beyond-shite, Beyond-shite, and Beyond-shite.



Why do niggers give their kids such laughable names? It seems as though they want their kids to be miserable.

Kevvie is launching his book; Kevvie has been launching his book for at least 6 months.

How can he afford all this if he has been reduced to e-begging?

His book already has some celebrity endorsements:

Bar talks bruise Kevvie's fragile masculine ego:


Anyone remembers Michelle Obama's School Lunch clusterfuck? Her intention was right though.


And laziness is a political praxis.


At long last, something he says that is right.


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A long-overdue update on Kevvie's feud with Rutgers University. He has "his lawyers" sue the police officers who handled his case.
Unless he filed a Notice of Claim within 90 days, he's barred from suing and is wasting his time. New York state courts are also quite used to throwing out cases from nutjobs suing Bellevue for doing their job and evaluating raving, gibbering loonies like Kevin Allred.

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I thought his terrible Beyoncé book was already out? Certainly there's been a PDF of it linked on here.

Any NY kiwis brave enough to go to his launch and report on it?


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Hot and fresh from PACER, his very skinny 1983 complaint.
Not impressed. He might have a case, actually.

I don't see a mention of a notice of claim, but there's a reference to a Civilian Complaint Review Board hearing. Generally if you did that you also filed such a notice, so I'm going to assume one was filed in a timely fashion. However, since that's jurisdictional, they really should have put it in the filing along with more procedural history with dates.

Failing to do so opens them to an immediate motion to dismiss for failure to file a notice of claim, and New York courts have held that failure to file such a notice in a federal action under § 1983 is fatal to a federal civil rights claim. At the very best, it invites an immediate argument as to whether the notice of claim requirement of New York Civil Rights Law § 40-d is procedural (and can be disregarded) or substantive (and is binding) under an Erie doctrine analysis.

I hope this is a freshman try. If he didn't file a notice of claim, simply trying to slither under the bar by not mentioning it isn't going to elude even a greenhorn on the other side. If he did file such a notice, it's absurd not to include it in the complaint.

(I should note I haven't looked at this issue in over five years and there may be some directly on-point case since then but if it's still like it was, failure to file a notice of claim would essentially kill the case.)

(And as long as I'm wildly speculating, I wonder why not file in state court or, if filing in federal court, why not also state causes of action under New York's rather robust Civil Rights Law? I suppose it might make sense if you're aware of the notice of claim requirement and that there are issues with it. There's some thought that you can't bar § 1983 actions with a notice of claim statute, though so far as I know, no court has ruled as such in New York state or in the Second Circuit. In any event, the absence of state tort claims or the New York Civil Rights Law (which contains the notice of claim statute) is at least curious.)
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