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The thought of Kevin getting caught stealing a children's toy and having an extremely public meltdown when they inevitably get misgendered by loss prevention makes me smile.
>implying they'd deal with him without a full NBC squad
IMO the "IT'S MA'AM" fiasco taught every retailer to just give troons a wide berth and let them get away with minor shit like shoplifting fucking transformers.
I don't think any poor employee should have to touch the walking den of filth and grease and AM HOLE juices that is Kevin Gibes, especially if Kev would waddle out of the store, clutching his prize to his "tiddies FASGDSJDSDSGHADSJJ 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦" wearing his best "creepy retard rape face" grin.

That one. Where he's embracing grabbing on to Wedge from behind.


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I'm hoping the hardy shopkeepers of Westcliffe are too ruggedly rural to know or care about the fabled Gamestop Ma'am-trum. Rate me optimistic, but can you imagine security cam footage of Mr. Gibes waddling away with a Transformer stuffed under his shirt, then getting tackled by loss prevention?
It won't happen, but a Kiwi can dream.

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Stop trying to figure out Kevin's sexuality in terms you'd use for rational normal people, his doesn't work that way.

Kevin may of been straight, bi, or gay in the past but he is now pure autogynephile. His attraction is to a concept of himself he sees in his head we do not have access to, and his misery is that reality will never meet the fantasy. He constantly tries to get to that point and the more reality encroaches the further he retreats into the arms of the trans cult.

He considers himself T4T but he doesn't care about his partner, he cares that they alone support the delusion without question. He is a cute slutty breeding bitch when he talks to them and can leave the cold truth behind for a moment when he is on Twitter. He is closer to someone being sexually attracted to being high and chasing that high constantly than any normal sexuality as most people understand it.

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I'm happy to see that out of the carnage of amhole, a discussion about how gross onlyfans is, and in depth dissections about reasons for transitioning has emerged. Kevryn is useful for once in a roundabout way

Slainte Mhath kiwis , it's been a hell of a past 24 hours :drink:

absolutely not

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well to be fair, I don't often see dead bodies, whole atleast, only bits of them. Also currently in the hospital recupirating after a surgery and when I was in the er last night, literally a troon came in leaking a trail of foul smelling puss, no the mask didn't help and the whole er stunk of it, cyst bust last night on ovary, I still cant forget the smell.
That doesn’t work like that, ever.

Halal thread when?


Actually the toy stealing cope has me thinking: what if a Trancher gets caught stealing and that's what brings them down?
We all know troons think they're above the law and Tweeting about pronouns entitles them to whatever they want. Are they dumb enough to try a five-finger discount at a store in town?
I was an edgy dumbass in my teens (but who isn't?) and I can say first hand you'd have to be beyond retarded to get caught stealing at walmart. so basically kevin is gonna get caught


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:story: :story:
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when Slaanesh makes you into an intersexed abomination with a variety of genitals hanging out everywhere, s/he at least does a good job on the aesthetics and ability to feel sexual pleasure

this is how we know Kathy Rumer is a Dark Eldar Haemonculus, altering bodies only to impose suffering


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I thought the Masons started out as a union of stonemasons that eventually became what it is today?
The founders were indeed Masons and did intend to keep a tradition of Cathedral Masonry going, but their get togethers and rituals were ironic mockery of court life in Europe at the time. Not surprising from a predominantly working class movement at its founding.
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"Irony" always becomes unironic in the end.

A lot of people are unaware of the fact that movements like the Freemasons and Shriners started out as social groups that parodied medieval and Islamic court life during the periods those were at their height.

When you see a forum/community start joking about any of that kind of shit it will become unironic. Notable other examples include: Nazbol gang, that mommy fetish shit that has become unironic on Twitter, those diaper threads, the traps aren't gay shit getting people to eventually turn into trannies, etc. This applies especially hard to any fetishes because of how they worm their way into the psyche over time.

Irony is cancer and should be burned out of any community if you want any chance of being honest and not falling into these rabbit holes of depravity.
Yeah, the reason 4chan is such a den of autism is cause it's 50% full blown retards and degenerates, and 50% people hiding behind five layers of irony and posting the most retarded shit they can think of for their own enertainment. as a result you can never tell if a post is from an earnest retard, or a shitposter and after a certain point it doesn't even matter. some of the smaller hobby boards are better, but any big board like /pol/, /r9k/, and whatnot are cesspools of retardation

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Again, keeping it vague to avoid powerlevelling too hard, but depression / dysmorphia / anorexia / autism / being around a lot of troons who are either fetishing or demonising your body is one hell of a mindfuck. I have minimal pity for people like Kevin, who've sunk so deep into their degeneracy that there's no hope. But, if you're going to call transgenderism a cult - which, imho, isn't a perfect description but is pretty damn close - then you have to acknowledge that there are younger, vulnerable people at the bottom of the shitheap, looking up at either a) a seemingly impossible climb out of homophobia, misogyny, depression, anxiety, autism, social isolation, etc., or b) taking a bunch of pills which will get them loved and applauded by the only people who've ever been "supportive" of them (the twitter/tumblr echo chamber). Many of those people pick option B, not because they're lazy, but because option A just looks and sounds fucking impossible from where they're standing, and they've got no one standing with them to help them through it, and no one promoting resilience (rather than vulnerabilty/weakness/victimhood) as valorous.

I do have empathy for those people - though I acknowledge many of them go on to then recruit more vulnerable young people, which is fucked up and awful, no matter how they themselves are suffering. But describing it as a pyramid scheme isn't far off; if you get deep enough, the only way to prop up your own desperately failing sense of identity is by suckering more people in to stand on top of. It takes an exceptionally strong individual to choose complete identity anihilation (and the associated rebuilding of the self from ground up) over the easier way out. That doesn't make any of this shit okay, of course - but many of the people involved in this are, at heart, extremely unhappy and hurt and unwell, and I do have some empathy for that, even while I deplore the actions they take because of it.
Oh I totally have empathy for those people too, especially ftms (I relate to them) and the ones who were groomed as kids, but they're not troons to me.

I've been in that situation where everything was really dark and hopeless, and I've never really understood why people will chose option B. Like it only feels good in the short term... you're not fixing the root of the problem so your anxieties are still gonna be there haunting you. Don't get me wrong, I still empathize with them, but I'll never understand choosing to live in a fantasy full of lies and constantly having to avoid reminders of reality instead of attempting to make you reality better. It clearly is the worst position.


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I hope the few gems of insight in this pile of alpaca shit and autism can be used in productive discussions about why OnlyFans and autogynephilia are not to be encouraged.

We live in an age where there are supposedly more kinks and fetishes out there than you can possibly imagine. You got grown men fucking My Little Pony plushies in a diaper, but somehow the idea that a man would be turned on by being a woman is framed as so wildly and patently absurd that any and all discussion of AGP is SHUTDOWN, HARD. They shutdown people who talk about AGP, they shutdown study of AGP, they shutdown people who claim to have AGP. They SHUT IT DOWN, FAST.

This is for a very good reason.

You see, the concept of AGP is so powerful that, if true, it would not only undermine the narrative of a political cult, it would (more importantly) overturn the medical field's general recommendation for those who claim to be transgender: Surgery and HRT, rather than psychotherapy.

The reason for this is because it is generally put forward that transgenderism is caused by crippling body and gender dysphoria that puts such an extreme amount of duress on a person that it cannot be treated in any other way other than SRS and HRT. We are talking about full-blown panic attacks, suicidal behavior, and psychotic breakdowns not being the sex that person identifies as. The general recommendation of SRS with HRT (ignoring the fact that we don't give anorexia people liposuction, we put them in therapy for their anxiety) is meant to be for "the greater good" of that person. The SRS/HRT strategy was never really meant to recreate the sex organs or body chemistry of the gender, it was suppose to be "close-ish" so as to treat that person's dysphoria.

Now, someone like Kevin, he doesn't fit the traditional transgender/dysphoria model from the medical perspective. He wants to do SRS and HRT because it is his sexual fetish. We don't turn someone's dick inside out if it is their fetish because it is medically unnecessary, and doing something medically unnecessary that could cause great harm to that person is so wildly unethical that any doctor or therapist who knowingly performs or recommends SRS/HRT to someone because it is their fetish rather than because of dysphoria would have their license taken.

That is why AGP is such a taboo topic, because they don't want their SRS/HRT pipeline threatened by uncomfortable questions about their fetishes that might make a competent therapist recommend psychotherapy rather than transition.


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You're so full of shit.

Burst ovarian cysts don't leak puss out your pussy, not would it be physically possible.
no I didnt say the puss leaked out of my own pussy, I said I was in the er due to a burst ovarian cyst, and there was a troon leaking puss ever where he went. like the smell was so bad I smelled him from across the room as I was writhing in pain.

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I should check it for some perspective, but a lot of stories i've heard (yeah, anecdotal, so it's not really that reliable) state that most women that go into OF go with dreams and aspirations of taking nude pics and raking money hand over fist, usually more than 500 a month. The reality is that they get a couple of simpbux and they either feel horribly defeated/enraged and quit or they go further in hopes to get more money.

And on the matter of simps, there was a small debate about it on the Porncows thread. We cannot pinpoint what's the main drive of the common simp since there are a lot of theories: coomers without standards, guys that want to exert some lesser form of control over a woman, potential sex pests, guys too ashamed to hire a whore... But with Kev it might be all combined after all we have seen in this thread.

Damn, that's really fuckign pathetic. But when you have the media constantly putting out stories about "young woman quits her prestigeous job to become an e-whore and making more money than before" it's easy to see that some people lose their perspective and common sense and try to follow that golden dream when only a select few can make a fortune through simpbux.
My experience with simps is that it's sex pests alllllll the way down. It's like male feminists: The question isn't if they're a sex pest, it's how they are one.

But that pretty much covers all the theories, too: Coomers without standards? Sex pests, because 'without standards' usually means the whole 'must be willing' is iffy on its best days. Guys that want to exert some lesser form of control over a woman? Sex pests, because that's either a way for them to express their control over her or the end game or both. Guys too ashamed to just hire a whore? Very much sex pests.

The only ones I've had much sympathy for is the ones who somehow are just unaware that they're sex pests. There's something just very off about somebody who is definitely not aware that shit is getting a bit rapey. (Don't let 4chan teach your kids how to interact with people they wanna fuck.)
You're so full of shit.

Burst ovarian cysts don't leak puss out your pussy, not would it be physically possible.
...um...it was the troon who was leaking puss out of neovag. The poster was there because of a burst ovarian cyst. I thought that much was obvious.

And the scent I suspect is being described is...ah...memorable. Basically, think along the lines of if somebody made a past-date-yogurt-and-rotting-meat soup. Then heated it up some.

This is why I don't work in the ER. Really don't wanna be in there when some idiot decides to come in with a seriously necrotic wound and go "Does this look infected to you?" We knew it was before we even saw you.

And...well. Amholes are wounds.

They can go necrotic, especially if you don't clean them.

So I'd already know what to expect of my day if I smelled that stench and heard there's a troon leaking puss from the amhole...

Meanwhile: Cleaning up death scenes is usually going to happen after the corpse has been removed and the place aired out some, or with serious hazmat gear that'll keep you from smelling anything because some of the fumes from a rotting corpse are not good for you. It's actually pretty educational to listen to professional cleaners explain why the hazmat gear is needed. (Short version is, anything liquid that leaves a body that isn't yours=biohazard. You get it all over the place? It's a hazmat site, with all that implies for cleaning it up.)

Not saying they're not lying, but...I don't think a troon is gonna have a burst ovarian cyst. (But I would expect a troon who has a necrotic amhole leaking puss to have done something like shove a tampon there & be there for something else, like the fever.)
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Just to make sure the thread gets bumped I'll go ahead and put it in a separate post. If I had to endure this so should everyone else. Jesus christ. We got a vague shot of amhole bois
I waited a while after purchasing to put up the notice here, to help obscure my identity, but I think it's been long enough that I can post them. Try not to vomit so hard you burst a blood vessel - it's not pretty.

we need this hero again when the tape is available to buy

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