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Next thing I noticed was this. I probably don't need to bring this up, but I may never get another opportunity to bring up FNV in the Kevin thread ever again. Archive
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More specifically this is the last game Kevin has played on Steam since 2020. Which for anyone who has ever played FNV or any Fallout game for that matter you know that's a staggeringly low amount of play time. Plus he only got the first achievement "Ain't that a kick in the head". Meaning Kevin probably left the game idling for 8 hours in the background while he was on twitter or something.

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I did not know that Kevin was a Brony until now, but I guess I'm past the point of being surprised.
Since he hasn't played anything on Steam since Dec of last year. I assume he's only been playing Overwatch or using other game launchers that aren't Steam.

Speak of which, this next part I found personally funny is that his most played game is Stardew Valley. A game about farming.
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I took the liberty of running Kevin's account through the Steam estimation tool
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Now this amount is nothing to write home about. Hell probably more than a few of us are guilty of splurging on a Steam sale here or there. Which brings me to the next stat.

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Edit: Here's some addtional stuff from SteamDB if you're interested

Here Kevin reviews two games. But the most interesting is the review of the second game Archive
I've never played any of these games before so I can't really speak on that front, but his review of Secret Little Haven is interesting. I'm not sure which is more noteworthy the review itself or the fact that 55 people found it helpful.

Yes yes Kevin, the fetish furry message boards and community that turned you into the beloved coomer we know today.

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Speaking of internet message boards. It appears that Kevin is still part of a /vg/ guild. So looks like he never really left 4chan after all. You can take Kevin out of 4chan, but you can't take 4chan out of Kevin. Because remember,
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Am Vault


for low effort memes
We are reaching peak humanity at this point. Gay men lick each other's pretend-vaginas (inverted penises).
What a time to be alive. Screw you science, screw you space advances, ai and all of that crap, screw you logic and reason.
This is what we as species will be remembered by those who come after us.

Glory to the humxnkind!


ask me about Kevin Gibes e-begging - $3597.60+

Donovan the Man

Best 2 silver coins I’ve ever spent.
If that's truly the case, then I guess it's just further proof that these people are completely delusional. What sane individual would walk around like that and think it looks good?
I don't think any self-respecting woman would be cool with having brows like that. I know it's been stated before, but why can't these people put in even a modicum of effort into the makeup they do? If they really think they're girls, they'd look up a youtube tutorial or something and make it look actually presentable.
Regrettable eyebrows is the most feminine thing about Wedge. It’s kinda a right of passage to have terrible eyebrows at some point in your life.


hates dogs, loves vicodin
If Wedge likes dildos based on animal anatomy, what's an over-under on him trying to abuse the Tranch's dogs? Or alpacas?

Love the commentary, but I'd be remiss to not add the the reason its become such a powerful political lobby is due to AGP being predominately a rich white guy thing.
Keep an eye on the loathsome blob known as Jennifer Pritzker, a fat, elderly, ex-National Guard, white male billionaire who throws money behind trans nonsense. Oh he's also a lifelong Republican and NRA donor. Maybe the wokies in your life would like to know about him.
They really are just the Koch brothers in maid ccostumes with cum on their hands, and the fact that they got Twitter leftists to cape so hard for them shows you how dumb Twitter leftists are.
I don't think any self-respecting woman would be cool with having brows like that.
But what about a self-respecting castrated clown?


A Leading Source of Experimental Internet Gas
Wedge is finally catching up on the thread. I love when he responds to kiwis, it's so polite.
He's responding to @Spunt:
I dunno Wedge, imagine using a fake penis with no feeling in it instead of one that lets you orgasm.

Not that you have that choice any more.

Unless you can prove otherwise? Give the thread a datestamped erect dick pick with your face visible. Extra points for clown makeup.

spider egg salad

I'm right behind you.
Hrm. So, if they get a fauxgina, they'd have a cavity shaped like one of those paper snowcone cups?
It's probably more like a deep stab wound with little structure. Amholes don't have musculature, only the strength of scar tissue and stitching. Kevin has posted about how his depth is, so guaranteed it's just healing up to the point of being a shallow stab wound.

Mariposa Electrique

In 2021, Shit will hit the fan 4 Chris
True & Honest Fan
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Link (a)
I wonder if they ever wash those godforsaken collars.

Also, Kevin, if you're reading this, please, please invest in some moisturizer.
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Some of this is due to age, but his skin texture is absolutely abysmal. I feel like he's never even washed his face, let alone had a proper skincare routine.
With pale skin, you should always wear sunscreen, even if you stay indoors. Especially if you stare at a screen all day. A lot of his early signs of aging could've been easily avoided with regular sunscreen application.
Did you see his skin before? Anyway, trashy skin texture seems to be most common in men. Men literally do have thicker skin. No amount of horse piss can cover that up.


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Wedge REALLY wants a thread doesn’t he?
Pfft, we all saw that strap-on pic he posted. That was maybe four skinny inches of sad plastic, what's he on about talking footlong knotted whatever. For Wedge that's an upgrade yet still not much to speak of when attached to a walking turnoff. It's not like Kevvy can do anything but play "just the tip" anyhow.

Aunt Carol

four-letter word for a female
> My strap on gives me gender euphoria
> I also feel like a werewolf
I'm picturing a clown werewolf now. The moon is full, Wedge frantically tries to barricade himself inside, but it's too late--

honk honk

I do wonder how much money a clown werewolf trans prostitute brings in, especially if his earnings are under the table. If only the power.internet were better at the Tranch; Penny might have another fiscally-sound boarder, and one of the jobless indoor troons could fill out the paperwork to cash the government check as Wedge's "caregiver."


hates dogs, loves vicodin
Penny might have another fiscally-sound boarder, and one of the jobless indoor troons could fill out the paperwork to cash the government check as Wedge's "caregiver."
Don't give Troon Fagin any ideas.
Although filling out government paperwork is hard, and he's used to getting money quickly from his Twitter grifting. So I think he's too lazy for a proper welfare scam.
Also since Wedge sells his body to creepy men who use him as a masturbation prop, oops I mean engages in empowering and cool sex work under the table, he's probably not filing tax returns and has a non-existent or choppy work history. I know troons are impulsive maniacs who are incapable of planning for the future, but the work history problems are a way prostitution can wreck your life that's often overlooked.
There's no way out for them unless they start over again from the bottom.
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