Horrorcow Kevin Gibes / Kathryn Gibes / TransSalamander / RageTreb / The Green Salamander - Page 1649: Kevin shares his nuanced opinion on loli and feral pornographic drawings.

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Kevin protects pedophiles and rapists just because they're trans! Who else will he blindly defend?

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Aunt Carol

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What happens if a Frankendick tries to fuck a Neovagina?
I'll never be able to find it again, but there was a heterosexual-with-extra-steps couple linked to in the SRS thread doing just that. The FTM was the one writing and I remember she approached it so clinically, basically explaining the amount of dwell time her phallus had to spend in her husband's neovagina to adequately complete the dilation for the day.

a-ha! Here it is. [archive]
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"I'm not into whatever that is" :story:

I mean, this is actually just a really good summary of the whole "debate" regarding genital preference. Troons always bring out these hypothetical scenarios of trans men/women that look, sound, act and feel like the real deal, but had such a person existed there would never have been a discussion in the first place since he/she could just go about life as the gender they please and never be questioned about it. In reality though the "trans" part is almost all of their identity AND personality, and it's incredibly unattractive to most people irregardless of what the actual genitals look like. Add to that a frankendong/-vag and you have someone that's barely recognizable as being of the human species when the pants come off... No one's into that.


I was like - whuuuuut???
Bruh this fucking haircut I can't even. I swear it is like every time he puts on makeup, clothing, accessories, hairstyle etc it is an attempt to make himself look even more hideous and unfuckable. At least his hair somewhat obscured the cro-magnon brow ridge but this one seems tailored to show it off. It's like a midget asking a doctor to remove his shins because he's too tall and somebody might mistake him for a normal person. Wedge disgusts me as much or more than Kevin on a physical level, the only advantage he has is that his skin doesn't look like beat-up leather quite as much as Kevin yet.
Not only that, idk if it's the angle or what but my first thought was 'damn, he looks like he's recently had brain surgery for a catastrophic injury'

Got to agree, he's equally as physically unsettling as Kevin - the few photos of them together are absolute nightmare fuel

LOL found an image that is very similar and explains my point



Remember all those jokes we made about trannys pretending to be coof-conscious so people can't tell they're men? Well, we've gotten confirmation on that front from Kev himself!
View attachment 2277310

His posture and gait are almost indecipherable from a silverback gorilla. There’s literally no one on Earth who doesn’t instantly clock him as a male, mask or not.

Sinner's Sandwich

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I'll never be able to find it again, but there was a heterosexual-with-extra-steps couple linked to in the SRS thread doing just that. The FTM was the one writing and I remember she approached it so clinically, basically explaining the amount of dwell time her phallus had to spend in her husband's neovagina to adequately complete the dilation for the day.

a-ha! Here it is. [archive]
Post-op vaginoplasty, when she cums there is a large gush of seminal fluid from her prostate from her vagina. It spilled out warm like the depths of her, clear, slightly salty, thick, and mild to the taste, like anyone’s vaginal arousal wetness. It gushed over the base of my penis from front to back.
Eeeew! The troon husband jizzed all over his troon wife's fake dick. 🤢

Particle Bored

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Holy shit lol, there's a lot to unpack here. I don't know what's funnier the fact that these two troons drove all the way to the Tranch in middle of nowhere, just to avoid Kevin the entire time or the awkward twitter exchange that happened afterward. Penny didn't even bother to tell Kevin that his internet friends came to visit. That level of snub is actually pretty brutal, where Kevin thought they were actually close acquaintances, but they would rather hang out with Penny and the others over him. Also "bad eyesight" my ass. I bet Kevin was holed up in his room because he thought it was too awkward to confront them.

It actually makes me rethink Kevin's position in the greater scheme of things. I always saw him as a sort of D list celebrity in troon world, where it is an honor to meet him in person. But now I find he might actually be "that guy" even other troons try to avoid because even they don't enjoy his company. And according to Kevin this has happened twice now.
Perhaps one, if not both, of them thought back to one of their uwu so gay deviant Twitter RP sessions, and thought "oh shit, they might actually want to do that," and noped the fuck out.


It is absolutely hilarious that Kevin was close enough to one of his Twitter mututals that they actually saw each other, but they are both such fucking weirdos that no one could take the initiative to say hi. "I have anxiety!" "my eyesight is bad!"

Ffs you are two grown ass adults. And it's even better that no one else at the tranch informed Kevin who the visitors were?? Mxtress doesn't seem to be very away of Kev's existence most of the time. The visitors even spent the night and Kev didn't know who it was! Wtf? He can't even like, text one of the other tranchlings to ask?

And how do you have such bad anxiety but you're bold enough to drop in on the tranch without reaching out to any of them first?

Whatever, puzzling out troon thought processes is clearly a waste of time.
Even by "normal" troon standards (i.e, cringeworthy and nauseating), this whole interaction must surely be exceptional.

So much for the Tranch's "safe space, inclusive, family atmosphere" narrative, when one of them is kept out of sight like some Victorian-era "shameful family secret", and any visitors know to ignore the tard howls coming from the attic.

I imagine a behind-the-scenes conversation that day that went something like this:

Kev (voice message to Phil): Mxtress, where are you? I wanted snacks but they're all finished again so I wanted pizza but the microwave made a scary noise and smoke came out then the cat ate some frozen pizza and he puked on the bed and it was funny! And some naughty Transformers got broken all by themselves when I just wanted to play with them so I ordered some new ones! And poo came out of my diaper and went on my new hot girl shorts so I took them off! And I looked at my Twitter girlfriends and cuddled with my plushies! I'm so bored now! When are you coming home so we can go buy snacks and new hot girl shorts and plushies? Wuv you!

Phil (calls Kev, no reply) (calls Kev, no reply) (calls Kev, no reply) (voice message): [angry male voice] Listen, you fucking...[clears throat, troon voice] Errr, I mean you silly girl, teehee! We have some GUESTS visiting and we're giving them the tour so I'm super busy, mm'kay? Just stay right there and don't move until I can come and spank you better! Don't touch Bonnie's stuff and DON'T come outside without your pants on, or you won't get ANY cookies!

In the background of the message, we hear the weak bleatings of dying lambs, squealing troon voices, then sudden gunfire and a man shouting.

Kev (voice message to Phil): Mxtress, where are you? There was scary gun noise, are the bad CisNazis here? Or did Bonnie drink lots of wine and get sad again? I wanted to look but I didn't go outside with no pants on, I just stood by the door like a good girl! Do I get cookies?

ETA: "bad eyesight" = he was fucking around with his Furry Kult LED goggles.
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An Sionnach Seang

when reading this thread, there's one thing often at the back of my mind
homosexuality is illegal in Iran, and men who are convicted of it have a choice: be hanged, or be castrated and legally live as a woman
if they choose the latter option, the cock and balls are cleanly removed, and they don't have their crotches butchered afterwards

to put it into perspective: amholes and frankencocks would be considered inhumane in fucking Iran
the ethics of western surgeons have gone so far down the shitter that even a theocratic dictatorship can hold the moral high ground in comparison

Cnaiur urs Skiotha

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Damn somehow Wedge's Sharpie eyebrows are worse looking than his ruined asshole. I really don't get why you would draw on eyebrows, to me it just looks like you got pranked, like someone shaved them off while you were sleeping and drew stupid looking black lines in their place. I know that some actual women and drag queens will draw on eyebrows, pretty sure they use some kind of makeup pencil and some actual skill though, and even then it frequently looks strange. Is Wedge just too pussy to pluck/wax his brows and thinks shaving and drawing them is easier? Or does he know it looks fucked and this is just another desperate Cluster B way to draw more attention? It's not quite as fucked as ADF's eyebrows during his attempt to look like a goth latina while being a white male sped potato, but it definitely reminds me of that shit

A Dumb Demon

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Kevvy may be a gross and pathetic loser, but Wedge is actually repulsive to the point of causing irrational anger, what a disgusting freakshow. Learn how to wash your shotgun wound ass god damn it. (i'll take hats now)

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