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Kevin's boyfriend darted their tongue into his rancid am hole! What disease is he going to get?

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Kevin Gibes, also known by their trans persona as "Kathryn," or their online handle of "TransSalamander," is a Colorado autogynephilic, sex-obsessed post-op transsexual in their mid-30's who checks nearly every box to an almost parodic degree. His hobbies and interests include countless paraphilias like diaper fetishism and watersports, discussing his neovagina (including encounters with doctors and physical therapists he has described as erotic), pornography, the furry fandom, baby/toddler sexual roleplay, anarchy, and dilation (as in he actively enjoys dilation). Most worrying is he also resides in a bizarre trans-only ranch commune. The ranch itself is prone to regular begging campaigns and accidentally killing their own stock, but also of concern is Kevin's interactions with their animals given his list of sexual interests.

Click here to see Kevin's fetid neovagina!

Special thanks to @stupid fuck for the thread in general, the assistance of @heathercho, @Gizmoduck, @Dustlord, @Crunchy Leaf, and @remiem, and @meinhausinneuberlin for the original dox. Additional thanks/unthanks to @mirrorcrayon2 for the discovery of Kevin's NSFW accounts.

kiwi 3.png

By @Puddleduck

Kevin Gibes said:
  • Autogynephilia
  • "Trans lesbians"
  • Crossdressing
  • "Headmates"
  • "Plurality"
  • Polyamorinity
  • Furries
  • Catgirls
  • "Gay stubble" facial hair
  • Anime/Hentai
  • Gaming
  • Steven Universe
  • My Little Pony
  • Pokemon
  • Harry Potter (yes, really)
  • Lilo and Stich
  • Transformers (yes, really)
  • Dinosaurs
  • Star Wars
  • Centaurs/Horses
  • Inflation
  • Giantism
  • Expansion
  • Lactation
  • Feet
  • Daddy/little fetish
  • Cubfurs
  • Urine
  • Diapers (and soiling)
  • BDSM
  • "Breeding"
  • HIV/AIDs "pozzing"
  • Dilation (yes, really)
  • "Girldick"
  • Exhibitionism
  • Cloacae
  • Rape
  • Pregnancy
  • Animal genitals
  • Oviposition (DO NOT LOOK THIS UP)
  • Pony play
  • Urine drinking
  • Squashing/stomping
  • Unbirthing
  • Findom (not a typo)
  • Armpits
  • Sweat
  • Mind control
  • Hypnosis
  • Humiliation
  • Fisting
  • Necks
  • Piercings
  • "Muskslut" (?)
  • Cuckoldry
  • Transformation
  • Castration
  • Eating his neovagina's discharge
  • Mouthnipples (???)
  • Forced feminization
  • Forced feminization on a woman (???)
  • Bimbofication
  • Roller Coasters
  • Cremation
  • Coronavirus
  • Prolapsed anuses
  • Pool toys
  • Jar Jar Binks
  • Plants
  • Star Trek

Drawing by @Bani

What sets Kevin apart from other degenerates is his propensity towards oversharing. As of writing, Kevin's Twitter totals at a staggering 124,000 Tweets after joining April in 2009, or roughly 1.3 Tweets every hour, uninterrupted, for a decade, rounding down. Even more shocking than the number of his posts is the content within them, as Kevin's list of known sexual fetishes shows.


Beyond "constantly amorous," "trans," and "hordes toys," Kevin doesn't have much of a personality. This is not hyperbole. Kevin's decisions and messages are never influenced by anything more than those three traits. For instance, here Kevin blocks a person complimenting him on one of his images solely because they shared the same name as his old identity. Kevin then proceeds to brag about this supposed power play.

1579131713098.png 1579131717596.png

In another example, Kevin tasks his followers to report each and every person involved in a Twitter chain due to its mocking nature, celebrating his transgenderism as a (verbatim) "protected category."


The most egregious instance of Kevin's limited personality is his cruel nature, such as him going out of his way to explain why he finds domestic violence funny, but only if heterosexual individuals are the victims. This serves as a demonstration of the bizarre "us versus them" mentality Kevin has regarding sexuality, finding some sort of rivalry between heterosexual people and homosexual people. Kevin only barely realizes he sounds like a sociopathic monster and follows up with an attempt at justifying this, nonsensically explaining that he's only laughing at the concept of heterosexuality through the medium of domestic violence rather than the people who are suffering from it.


Beyond these examples, even Kevin's Twitter bio lacks any notable sense of individual personality as he fails to describe himself in any way other than an endless list of fetishes coupled with "Anarchist" and "plural", as shown below.


But through continued observation, Kevin's selfish and uncompromising nature of emotional manipulation became apparent. Whenever he encounters any form of dissent, he will attempt to guilt his followers into submitting to him through deleting their own posts or immediately apologizing, sometimes both. As a demonstration of the subserviency of his "fans," they all invariably beg for Kevin's forgiveness shamelessly and cave to his demands unconditionally. Those who fail to submit are immediately blocked by Kevin while he naturally always tries to get the last laugh before doing so when the recipient is unable to further respond. This all goes to show that Kevin treats individuals despicably and culls those who do not take his abuse in stride while praising individuals who submit to him.

1584726654816.png 1584726681690.png 1584726728536.png 1584728387785.png

This also ties into his tendency to groom individuals to become transgender. The most prominent example of this is the following exchange, where Kevin insists a male user "needs" to transition and will regret not doing so "sooner." Most unpleasantly, Kevin proceeds to refer to them as "she" despite his suggestion being turned down. This behavior is extremely common for Kevin, and shows how blindly he romanticizes transitioning. He also does so maliciously, as demonstrated in another exchange below where a person he helped convince undergo gender reassignment surgery regrets it, and Kevin only uses them as a pedestal to lecture against making transitioning seem simplistic and universally positive, statements which are precisely what Kevin say regularly.

1585530359417.png 1585530612092.png 1585530631473.png



By his own admission (shown above), Kevin has an addiction to pornography. The aforementioned list of Kevin's sexual interests, fetishes, or topics he has fetishized, while non-exhaustive, are all by Kevin's admission (either verbally or through images) via Twitter, demonstrating his lack of tact when it comes to posting online.

His interest in pornography (and the furry fandom) can further be explored by his alternate username, "RageTreb" (which was confirmed by this blog with the username, matching his location and interests) which can used to find his FurAffinity (NSFW) and various other porn accounts (very NSFW).

On his FurAffinity, one can observe his fascination with inflation, My Little Pony, Pokemon, and the (somehow) even more bizarre fetish of characters literally made of latex.

1579132340860.png 1579132347278.png 1579132352489.png

On his "Rule 34" art page, a few other fetishes and interests can be discovered, including giantism, breast expansion, and Transformers (yes, the robots that turn into cars).


An apt summary of his drawing skills, for those unwilling to open his pornographic content, is the word "abysmal." For instance, in this (somewhat SFW) image of a Pokemon, he couldn't be bothered to draw anything more than giant breasts, leaving the character armless and legless.


Hilariously, Kevin's art skills are so poor that they fail to meet even the standards of the users on the "Rule 34" website he frequented, with his comments rife with criticism of his skills. Kevin is so catastrophically bad that not only did the poster of his image distance themself from his drawing (claiming to not be the creator), they were still criticized for sharing it to begin with.


Furthermore, Kevin has an account on a website called "Hentai Foundry." It requires a login, but the account is allegedly rife with erotic fanfiction Kevin wrote involving Star Wars and "Lilo and Stitch," and a favorites section further demonstrating his fetishes (including urine, rape, pregnancy, and, bafflingly, Harry Potter).

1579133045107.png 1579133069700.png

Ironically, Kevin also attempted an uninteresting career of artistry under "The Artwork of Kevin Gibes," which further confirms the link between his name and the "RageTreb" account as the two share identical interests, being My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Transformers.



Unsurprisingly, Kevin's perception of women is negative and rife with (genuine) misogyny despite his transition. For instance, Kevin regularly shares his belief that it is natural for women to be difficult to pleasure and is typical of them to struggle to orgasm, which he uses to excuse the expected loss of sensitivity as a result of his surgery.

1584728604589.png 1584728680799.png

He also blames his inability to do basic math on his transition, implying women are naturally bad at mathematics.


The worst example is his pregnancy fetish, where he expresses the idea of women being "domesticated" through pregnancy being enthralling. Kevin has bemoaned that he'll never be a biological mother (to the relief of many). Kevin likewise enjoys menstruation, where he expressed pleasure in pretending the bleeding from his neovagina (which was dripping blood entire months after his surgery) was like his "period."

1584728748452.png 1584730191537.png 1584729644884.png

Yet Kevin's perception of women goes beyond disturbing and into insulting when he describes activities such as buying children's bandages (brandishing Disney princesses) as distinctly feminine instead of childish. Most telling of all is that Kevin notes acting feminine triggers his humiliation fetish, meaning he quite literally finds being a woman (or at least his warped idea of one) humiliating.


Taking a step even further beyond degenerate and into the insane, Kevin has managed to fetishize topics involving women which aren't even overtly sexual or conventionally feminine, demonstrated by how he expresses sexual excitement from imagining the genuine danger lesbian women born centuries ago faced.


Yet despite his best efforts, Kevin humorously displays stereotypically male characteristics as a trans woman. For example, Kevin doesn't understand how to hook or unhook a bra, took entire weeks to find his own makeshift clitoris, believes it's common for women to orgasm from penetration alone, describes himself as a "bottom" (which is exclusively homosexual male terminology), and expresses his interest in "frotting" with his neovagina (a sexual act done between two homosexual males).

1584729343575.png 1584728129316.png 1584728545403.png 1584728075235.png 1584728230716.png

These all serve as examples as to how Kevin has an overwhelmingly negative perception of women which is only defined by the ways he can sexualize them. It is unquestionable that Kevin's idea of what it means to be a woman is derived exclusively from pornography, linked to his aforementioned pornography addiction. This coupled with the fact that Kevin has yet to be observed meaningfully interacting with a biological woman (online or offline) causes speculation that he genuinely dislikes women as a whole.



Although "autogynephilia" is a term often used haphazardly, Kevin serves as a textbook example of the condition. Many early tweets after the beginning of his hormone replacement therapy focused on the sexual pleasure he derived from his "feminization," such as the growth of breast tissue which is generally agreed to just be the same moobs he's always had.


The advent of his sexual reassignment surgery further demonstrated his rampant autogynephilia, Kevin was excited for being penetrated in his soon-to-be neovagina rather than the relief of any sexual dysmorphia/gender dysphoria or the celebration of his desired sex being achieved. This set the theme not only for the self-focused, sexual nature which is regular to his posts, but also his frequent and unfiltered discussion of his sexual drive and neovagina. He, of course, shared that he mainly went through the surgery to satisfy a castration fetish.

1579135526483.png 1584727496420.png

After this point, it is difficult to call Kevin's oversharing "shameless." Rather, Kevin's took pride in discussing every detail of his sexuality, as he regularly begun to brag about his sexual deviancy. Immediately after his surgery, he couldn't even help but dive into a multi-tweet diatribe about his sexual reassignment, still in the hospital stretcher.

1579135557633.png 1579135566295.png 1579135572306.png 1579135580896.png

Even when his recovery went awry, Kevin continued sharing every waking detail as his crotch begin to fall apart like paper mache in water.

1579135630115.png 1579135637269.png 1579135641885.png 1579135646495.png 1579135677516.png 1579135684314.png 1579135690953.png 1579135697083.png 1579135702418.png 1579135707818.png

Not satisfied with his oversharing of complications, Kevin predictably took it a step further and begun to discuss his dilations, with revolting results. Dilation is a typically painful and unpleasant necessity to prevent the neovagina from healing in on itself. However, Kevin's autogynephilia knows no bounds as he expresses feeling sexual pleasure from a process every other post-op has describe as absolute misery. As an extra unnerving layer of disgusting, Kevin even compares the sizes of the instruments he forces into his genital wound to a named plush toy of his.

1579135813203.png 1579135820604.png 1579135853031.png 1579135856873.png 1579135861259.png



As his Twitter would lead you believe, Kevin's life off of the website is equally strange. As many have most likely loathed to wonder, there are a select group of individuals supposedly lined up to "christen" Kevin's neovagina. Unsurprisingly, his "partners" are universally male (and trans). They're each also hilariously non-passing, and their personalities are equally as shallow as Kevin's himself, as they can only express themselves by their gender identities or sexual interests.

1579136203573.png 1579136208247.png 1579136214878.png 1579136219573.png 1579136224255.png

From left-to-right, these individuals (with their Twitter profiles) are "Steampunk Penny" "Norintha," "The Fintau System," "Ripley Storm" (who Kevin has now "broken up" with and is subject to the Photoshop above by yours truly), and "Devourer Rose."

The second, "Steampunk Penny," is of important note as he not only is Kevin's "dom" in their BDSM relationship and owns a ranch called "Tenacious Unicorn Ranch." This ranch is a constant clown show with their regular accidental killing of animals through neglect and general incompetence. They're also horrible at graphic design.

1579136293234.png 1579136298080.png

However, these individuals are only "supposedly" lined up to penetrate Kevin's neovagina, as Kevin's almost never shares any encounters or interactions he's had with his fellow roommates on the ranch. Supporting the idea that he doesn't even speak to the individuals he lives with, Kevin giving sexual remarks to any random individual online but his fellow ranchers is a reoccurring theme in his posts and a running joke among his observers.


Regardless, these individuals serve as not just Kevin's only means of in-person social interaction, but also his effective social safety net. By Kevin's own admission, his father has long since died and he has gone out of his way to estrange himself from his family (his mother, his sister, and his brother) due to their apparent lack of acceptance for his transitioning.

1584730286583.png 1584730454825.png

But it is predictably Kevin's own fault for his estrangement, as outlined here. In short, Kevin's first (and only) ex told him to kick his brother out of their shared living arrangement, and Kevin obliged without a second thought. Soon after, the pair broke up, sacrificing the bond with his brother in favor of what was an observably volatile relationship which dissolved immediately. Still, Kevin regularly talks about his estrangement with his brother as if his brother is the one at fault for no longer speaking to him.

1585508408148.png 1585508750904.png 1585508755062.png

Kevin's additionally negative relationship with his mother is likewise his own fault. He regularly blames her for not accepting his transition, but his only evidence of this is her referring to him as "Kevie" in a few exchanges (and apparently on her personalized answering machine, a function which is not known for any phone). Given that Kevin can only think in terms of himself, he fails to even pretend to care that his mother is expressing her hardships and opts to lecture her for calling him the nickname she presumably used throughout his childhood. After happily sharing this exchange, he immediately badmouths his mother with a random stranger, further proving that Kevin can only see the world through a selfish lens, uncaring of the difficulties his family faces (some of which are because of him).

1585508502265.png 1585508510304.png 1585508518271.png 1585508826953.png

Ironically, support from his family is what allows Kevin to remain on the ranch. Kevin does absolutely nothing on his ranch given his non-stop Twitter habits and how he never shares any activities he's helped with. In addition to this, Kevin's GRS complications assure that he cannot engage in any physically demanding activities. However, Kevin doesn't do as little as support his ranch online, this being reserved for his roommates' Twitter accounts instead. As a matter of fact, Kevin is totally reliant on his roommates' effort, as he chooses not to drive despite being past the age of 30. All Kevin seems to do is play on Twitter and buy excessive amount of children's toys (such as plastic dinosaurs, plushes, and Transformer action figures). Even when he begs for money to help with "bills," predictably it is a lie and he instead spends it on toys.

1584730666370.png 1584730721521.png

This causes the question of why Kevin is even allowed on the ranch to arise, but is quickly answered by Kevin himself. Further demonstrating his lack of job skills and complete reliance on others, Kevin has shared that he receives monthly inheritance checks from a deceased aunt. This not only explains why Kevin's roommates tolerate his presence despite him being completely useless to the ranch's well-being, but also that Kevin has not and will not work a single day in his entire life.


The ranch which houses these individuals is the cause of much speculation beyond Kevin's presence there, however, as their main focus is selling alpaca yarn. However, dealing with alpacas and their yarn is often described as a highly competitive business which is also not particularly lucrative. Allegedly, many businesses involving alpaca yarn are often pyramid schemes. Given the expensive monetary investment of running the ranch and housing over five individuals excluding Kevin himself (on top of a recent and major move to a new location), it is questionable where the money for this ranch originates. If it is not mostly funded by Kevin's inheritance, which would suggest Kevin is receiving an exorbitant amount of money for doing nothing, many suspect foul play at work.

kiwi 1.gif

Even amidst Kevin's groin literally falling apart at the seams, he couldn't help but to announce his excitement towards having his neovagina penetrated.


So began Kevin's anticipation towards becoming sexually active with his neovagina, from masturbation to actual penetration. Naturally, he posted a literal countdown each day leading up to his first masturbation, excitedly documenting each waking moment leading up to his first foray into playing with his clinical wound.

1579136093789.png 1579136097880.png 1579136102570.png

When the day had finally come, Kevin struggled to do so himself, taking nearly an hour to orgasm. The timing of his announcement also served as evidence showing he masturbated the literal moment his clock struck midnight and the calendar hit his doctor-approved first masturbation date, as he shared he had done so just a few minutes past 1 A.M. that day (one hour after midnight, the length of his masturbation session that day).


But going beyond his inability to derive any pleasure from his surgery, Kevin shares needless (yet telling) details about the struggles of maintaining his neovagina, such as gleefully sharing his neovagina had a flap of skin which was rotting and ready to fall off (which he says his doctor claimed was "normal and safe"), he's depressed (inexplicably, according to him), he's been struggling to orgasm constantly (which he continues blames on being a woman), he still has sutures months after the surgery (exceeding ten times the length most wounds require stitches for), he's suffering from an extreme dehiscence (a clinical term for the seams of a wound ripping apart), his neovagina is itchy yet he can't scratch it (a tell-tale sign of extreme nerve damage), he's been bleeding "extra" during each dilation (well past the date most surgeries at least heal shut), and that his neovagina has been discharging an unknown fluid (which he has been eating).

1584727140562.png 1584727272071.png 1584727345198.png 1584727708464.png 1584727782736.png 1584729133762.png 1584729211030.png 1584727400785.png 1584727518805.png

One can only wonder what Kevin's surgeon thinks about this situation, but the simple answer is that they do not. In actuality, the sheer apathy of Kevin's doctor is yet another running joke for Kevin's observers. An often used and cuttingly apt description of Kevin's doctor is that of a "used car salesman." Although Kevin stays woefully naive in his optimism, his doctor (who Kevin had revealed was Dr. Jennifer Hyer, a student of Jazz Jennings' surgeon, and is responsible for 15% of all sexual reassignment surgeries in the United States) only contacts Kevin through email and often refuses to do simple checkups on their patient despite said patient's extreme and concerning issues unless repeatedly pushed by Kevin. The fact that Dr. Hyer only delayed Kevin's approved date for penetration when Kevin described his dehiscence via repeated emails is most telling of all.


Still, Kevin remains blindly hopeful for the future, and excitedly waits for his first experience with penetrating his neovagina despite his doctor pushing the date for this back further and further while becoming all the more apathetic, telling Kevin not to contact them for six entire months while Kevin has a dehiscence, an extremely urgent emergency which requires immediate attention and often corrective surgery. Obliviously, Kevin readies himself for the day of his first penetration by regularly dilating and plans to "practice" with a dildo styled after an anatomically correct dog penis, beginning the latest (and potentially last) saga of Kevin's journey through life.

1584729283771.png 1584728977201.png


Click here.


Kevin Gibes
Tenacious Unicorn Ranch: 2615 Country Road 220, Westcliffe, CO, 81252 (new location)
Tenacious Unicorn Ranch: 920 Deer Meadow Way, Livermore, CO, USA (old location)
May also have residence in Westminster, CO
Discord: TransSalamander#4439
Twitter (archive)
NSFW Baby/Diaper Twitter (archive)
NSFW NSFL Nude Twitter (archive)


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gonna get fucked in my new vag
I had to get this in text for copypaste reasons, figured I'd share.


thank you Dr. Purr, very cool
I have a theory that Kevin's sex drive is no longer what it was and deep down he's panicking about the state of his hellhole, but degeneracy is his comfort zone so he pulls all this "hell yeah! Totally can't wait to get fucked in the vag! Totally just excited for sex and not freaking out about this separating wound!" as a way of whistling past the graveyard. I don't think "fake it til you make it" works for a crotch one describes as a ratty sock that's coming apart.

Something about the way he looks makes me imagine he smells like hot cabbagey garbage.


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For completed-ness, even though they're boring :


May 22 matches his Deviant Art birthday, but 32? Nigga... you're WRECKED.

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01/17: @mirrorcrayon2 found the Twitter Kevin uses to post his nudes, including his moobs, dirtied anus, and uncircumcised micropenis. The pictures and links are added to his dox below.

01/19: Fellow lolcow Sockness was discovered commenting among Kevin's followers.

01/21: Despite having protected their Twitter literal hours after the thread was posted, Kevin and co. unprotected their Twitter because they couldn't stand not having the attention.

01/22: Chris Chan was discovered to be a follower of Kevin.

01/24: Footage of Steampunk Penny, Kevin's dom, popped up. They sound exactly as imagined.

01/25: Kevin's surgeon was discovered to be Dr. Jennifer Hyer, a student of the doctor who did Jazz Jenning's surgery.

01/26: I'm really regretting putting Kevin's nudes underneath this "Updates" section because it isn't spoilered when I'm editing this post.

01/27: Kevin masturbated with his neovagina for the first time. According to Kevin himself, it took an hour and he instantly stopped afterward. Given the timing of the post (just an hour and a half past the time when his doctor approved masturbation), it is clear that Kevin immediately posted to Twitter after doing so, most likely in an uninterrupted sequence. He also states he believes the vulva is the primary spot women use to masturbate.

01/27: Kevin shares that a piece of flesh from his neovagina is rotting and ready to fall off. He of course claims this is safe and natural.

01/29: Kevin was discovered being directly involved in a literal meme image among the "Neovagina Disasters" Reddit community.

02/04: The countdown for Kevin's first penetrative use of his neovagina is slated for 02/24.

02/05: Doing a clean Google search of Kevin's full name (for both of his personas) now gives this thread as the first result.

02/09: Proving how painfully male he is, Kevin claims to only have recently found his own "clitoris." He also celebrates needing to dilate less, despite claiming to find the experience enjoyable.

02/12: Kevin proudly confirms he's been eating the discharge from his neovagina.

02/13: Kevin proudly confirms he's aroused by roller coasters and the genuine danger late 1800's/early 1900's lesbians faced.

02/20: Kevin proudly confirms where his father is. He's dead. He then gleefully goes into intricate detail how he sees the internet as a surrogate parent. He then bemoans not being able to be a mother.

02/22: Kevin begins to complain that he is struggling to achieve an orgasm. He naturally blames women as a whole since, according to him, women naturally struggle to orgasm as well.

02/24: Leaving no fetish unclaimed, Kevin shares that he is aroused by his own neck. He also further reveals that he is still struggling to achieve orgasm, and attempts to excuse it by continuing to blame women by claiming it takes significantly longer for them to achieve orgasm. Again.

02/25: It is revealed that Kevin's neovagina has still not even healed, still requiring sutures, making his decision to masturbate with his neovagina on a near-daily basis questionable.

02/26: Further demonstrating his rampant misogyny, Kevin describes women as needing to be "domesticated;" he then posts a picture of himself dilating nude.

02/26: Removing all doubt, Kevin explains that a major reason he received sexual reassignment was because he has a castration fetish.

02/27: After sharing troubles involving ordering an animal dildo online (yes, really), Kevin decides to reveal where his money comes from: inheritance, assuring he doesn't need to work a day in his life.

02/28: Mysteriously, Kevin pushes his penetration date back another month, the reason as to why may perhaps be never known.

02/28: Another cow crossover as fellow lolcow October Evans has been reported harassing Kevin's ranch for some reason.

02/29: Happy leap day! Kevin claims to be bleeding "extra" from the apparent usual while dilating. He also states his neovagina is itchy but he is unable to scratch it, a sign of heavy nerve damage, and follows up by announcing he doesn't drive himself despite being the ripe age of over 30. To finish, he happily shares that he bought a dog dildo many times larger than his dilators and intends to use it next month.

03/01: Kevin, in analogy, basically says the skin of his neovagina is splitting and separating. He claims this is perfectly normal.

03/03: Bemoaning that he lacks the creativity to write erotic roleplays with his friends (yes, really), Kevin decides to take a one week break from Twitter...some time in the next two weeks. He also reveals he usually is high on weed when he posts, surprising nobody.

03/03: Kevin complains he doesn't know how to put on a bra. He then states he feels like a woman for buying children's bandages with Disney princesses and Hello Kitty designs and that acting like a woman (as far as he understands) is humiliating (gleefully, due to his humiliation fetish), which further demonstrates his blatant infantilization of femininity and open animosity thereof.

03/04: Having lost his animal dildo in the mail, Kevin bothers a postal worker by asking where it went. Then, when musing on his break from the internet, one of his followers offers gentle advice, causing Kevin to immediately snap at them to shut up as a further demonstration of Kevin's detestable personality.

03/05: In the very first response to saying he's trying to stop getting angry at somebody for disagreeing with him, Kevin gets angry at somebody for disagreeing with him. Soon after, he shares that he projects his healing will be complete in six months. He follows up by saying the excessive bleeding from his neovagina (over three months after his surgery) is like a woman's menstrual cycle, claiming that its continuous hemorrhaging is just "making up for lost time" and that he no longer feels like he "missed out" on wearing menstrual pads.

03/07: Kevin shows off just the very top of his neovagina, and the tiniest bit he reveals already looks incorrect compared to a genuine product.

03/09: Kevin whines that he can't afford a proper burial when he dies for no reason. He then manages to sexualize his own death by becoming excited when somebody suggested having his ashes used for the creation of a buttplug. He then shares that his doctor literally doesn't care about his neovagina's stiches not holding, telling Kevin to come back in half a year. Rather than being bothered by this major complication, Kevin can only frame this as a problem because he can't masturbate.

03/11: Because they're intelligent, Kevin's friends openly share photos of their new ranch, and its location has already been discovered because of it.

03/14: After engaging in his insane balloon fetish, Kevin snaps at one of his followers for telling an obvious joke, culminating in said follower practically groveling at Kevin's feet and literally begging for forgiveness before Kevin expresses amusement at his apology, demonstrating the pathetic nature of Kevin's orbiters and the sheer callousness he treats them with. He then voices his support of a follower getting bottom surgery despite Kevin himself saying people need to be more reluctant to get bottom surgery not two days before. Fellow lolcow Gutian also interacted with one of Kevin's polyamorous genderblob roommates.

03/17: Somehow, Kevin finds a way to derive sexual fetishism from the coronavirus.

03/20: Demonstrating the extent of his empathy, Kevin explains that he thinks domestic abuse is funny but only if it's between heterosexual couples, and tries to justify that he's laughing at "heterosexuality" and not just domestic violence.

03/20: Thread rewrite to include new information regarding Kevin.

03/21: 100 pages! Kevin demonstrates that he can only differentiate men and women by the presence of facial hair, highly suggesting that he has severe face blindness.

03/22: After claiming and reaffirming men and women look the same with the only difference being facial hair, Kevin gets angry at his followers for disagreeing with him and demands they shut up.

03/25: Kevin sexually roleplays with a random user on Twitter before randomly telling them to respect his "sexual boundaries" when the user repeats the same thing Kevin responded positively to just a second earlier. Both blame each others' autism.

03/26: Kevin tells a person to transition unsolicited, insisting they "need" to do so and that it's urgent for them to start or they'll "regret" it before referring to them using female pronouns despite them being stringently male, further proving Kevin's grooming habits.

03/27: The ranch is having extreme issues with the electrical and propane systems turning it into a death trap, causing some of Kevin's cohorts to announce that it is making them feel suicidal and that they're ready to sue. Kevin, in the meantime, buys plush and Lego dinosaurs while sharing inflation porn.

03/28: Kevin reveals he isn't even at the new ranch, content to just sit at the old one playing on Twitter all day. After complaining that no conservative politicians have died from coronavirus, he expresses his sexual satisfaction from dressing like a baby in Animal Crossing and dubiously states he was engaged before becoming trans.

03/29: A little digging reveals the horrible way Kevin has treated his own family, kicking his brother out of his home because Kevin's (alleged) ex wanted him gone, and yelling at his mother for calling him "Kevie" in the middle of a conversation where she shares how difficult her life has been.

03/30: Kevin celebrates a person he disagreed with politically dying. He then brags that he pays for porn.

04/01: Happy April Fool's! Prank yourself by listening to Kevin's creepy voice.

04/04: Kevin reveals he has an associate who works for Bad Dragon, a company that creates animal-based dildos. He then gets furious because people are laughing at an innocuous joke about the "Row Row Row Your Boat" song because he doesn't understand it.

04/08: Kevin gets a single account strike on Twitter, spurring him into an absolute meltdown. Kevin also appears to be getting increasingly agitated when discussing his neovagina, especially when discussing its healing progress. His mood does a 180 the second his animal dildo arrives in the mail.

04/09: Another lolcow crossover with fellow trans trainwreck Mallorie Jessica as Kevin voices his support of their comic celebrating shoplifting. Kevin then explains why he approves of shoplifting (including that he's engaged in it) and complains about Gamergate. He then posts a video sharing his excessively creepy voice.

04/10: Kevin's buyer's remorse begins to seep through, and gets agitated as he yells at his followers over the shoplifting comic from earlier. Soon after, he lusts over a statue.

04/16: Kevin fails at basic math, and claims this is because he is becoming a woman.

04/17: One of Kevin's followers blocks Kevin before he gets a chance to do the same to them, and Kevin becomes confused by the human emotion of guilt he feels. Kevin blocks them anyway.

04/20: After bragging that he's groomed all of his friends, Kevin proceeds to groom another user that he's been noticeably grooming for months.

04/23: Kevin happily talks about the hypergranulation on his neovagina. He then continues to try to groom Ryan to transition, a person he's been demonstrably grooming for months.

04/25: Kevin attempts to groom lolcow Erin Hodges. Soon after, he talks about how he's terrified of people sending him messages and states that he's a "nice, caring person."

04/27: Kevin argues and presents hypotheticals as to why arguing and hypotheticals are bad. Afterwords, he shares that he gets off to sweaty video game characters.

04/28: Kevin brags about grooming again. His ranch has also been labeled as "delinquent."

04/30: Kevin grooms some more, promising the target will "be happier" despite complaining about people using this romantic idolizing of transitioning before.

05/01: Kevin laments that he wishes he could go back in time to when he posted on 4chan and try grooming people to transition earlier. He then grooms more people, including his current target, Ryan. Later, he complains that Twitter won't recommend him porn before returning to pestering Ryan to transition yet again and making another creepy video with his voice in it while surrounded by a wall of stuffed animals as he breathes heavily.

05/08: More information on Steampunk Penny and their frankly unnerving history is found.

05/09: Kevin breaks up with Ripley. He still talks to Ripley as if nothing happened. Kevin then goes on to share his neovagina is still separating yet he is still sticking his hand into it regardless. Soon after, Kevin privates his account because a user with 5,000 followers cracked a joke in response to one of Kevin's dumb diatribes.

05/11: The user who made Kevin private his account for a day returns fire.

05/14: Kevin lusts after Jar Jar Binks and a plant before flashing his neovagina. He also shares he thinks he has PMS because he feels like crying.

05/21: Kevin brags about feeling aroused from going on a "date" in Animal Crossing.

05/22: Kevin reveals that he's never actually spoken to one of his "girlfriends" verbally. They both describe their brief exchange over voice chat as intensely erotic. Kevin immediately picks up a new "girlfriend," some random other person, along the way.

05/28: Happy 200 pages! Kevin celebrates the Minneapolis riots and shares his genuine for the destruction of his country and mocks a user because he thinks they don't want the same, stating violence is fine if it's done politically. For no reason, he shares that he's never had his anus penetrated, including by his own fingers.

05/31: Kevin's neovagina smells. Kevin describes it as "unmistakeably vag-scented."

06/01: Kevin needs $30K to expand the ranch, in between celebrating the 2020 riots. A poll on the color of his neovagina discharge ends, concluding that it is yellow/tan colored.

06/11: Kevin goes in to get the rotting piece of flesh on his neovagina (that he claims would've fallen off on its own) snipped off.

More updates here.
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Speaking of the unicorn ranch, I saw these floating around tumblr
View attachment 1098672View attachment 1098673View attachment 1098674

I'm still genuinely perplexed as to where this troonharem is getting funding from.

82 Alpaca needing constant care, the land, the utilities, a home, feeding all of them, meds and a half dozen troons. As much as I dislike them and think they're nuts I really hope one of them isn't carrying most of the financial weight in this suitation.

Also, riddle me this. If sloughing off salamander lives with a bunch of people in unholy troon matrimony, as in the same home, what was up with the begging for sex or to give oral a few days ago on twitter. Logically you could just walk down the hall and get it, unless all y'all are full of shit and actually consider one another repulsive. 🤔


Homoerotic fascist
There's two answers to this, and they're "no" and "no but in bold."

No: The inversion is one of two things, the shaft of the penis literally being inverted or a skin graft, both of which irreversibly damages the nerve endings to the point that if you're not completely numb, any sense of feeling you do have is minimal.

No: The makeshift "clitoris" is the head of the penis. A real clitoris has the same number of nerve endings as the head of the penis but in a high density given the smaller surface area. However, you can't shrink a penis to the size of the clitoris, so the penis is literally shaved down to the size of one to form the neovagina's, well, "neoclitoris," I guess. The result is the actual loss of nerve endings , irreversibly again, and the damage to whatever nerve endings were left. Thus your sexual function is severely limited, if not non-existent.

With the removal of the testicles, your libido would also be adversely affected but not removed entirely. Much like the castrated eunuchs and slaves of history past, you'll be left with a sexual drive but an unfeasible or extremely limited means of relieving it.
So basically all of this "can't wait to get fucked in the neovag!!" stuff is either hype that will be inevitably crushed the moment he tries to have sex, or his way of coping with the fact that he permanently damaged himself and will probably never get off again.

stupid fuck

*neighs softly*
I'm still genuinely perplexed as to where this troonharem is getting funding from.

82 Alpaca needing constant care, the land, the utilities, a home, feeding all of them, meds and a half dozen troons. As much as I dislike them and think they're nuts I really hope one of them isn't carrying most of the financial weight in this suitation.

Also, riddle me this. If sloughing off salamander lives with a bunch of people in unholy troon matrimony, as in the same home, what was up with the begging for sex or to give oral a few days ago on twitter. Logically you could just walk down the hall and get it, unless all y'all are full of shit and actually consider one another repulsive. 🤔

no idea about funding, but it may be the case that Penny is the tugboat. they're also moving soon, and they've got that GoFundMe up begging for $40,000


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So basically all of this "can't wait to get fucked in the neovag!!" stuff is either hype that will be inevitably crushed the moment he tries to have sex, or his way of coping with the fact that he permanently damaged himself and will probably never get off again.

And from what I've read in various troon threads, HRT causes the prostate to atrophy, so not even anal would be pleasurable post-trooning.

Excellent thread by the way, been hoping he'd get one.

Mariposa Electrique

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This might not be the best place to ask, but since Kevin talks about his neovag daily, can troons actually feel anything from penetration? It seems like the procedure of inverting a penis would do considerable nerve damage but I'm not a doctor.
It's probably less pleasurable than surprise buttsex, but troons won't admit it.

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