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Kevin's boyfriend darted their tongue into his rancid am hole! What disease is he going to get?

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Solid plotline. Here's a more realistic one - it's 2392 and detective Bindel is investigating a series of murders where dead prostitutes are found without uteri and wearing furry suit for some reason.
Remember that police raid picture from a week or so ago when some furry house got raided? That'll be it's aesthetic.
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Bonnie has the need to open up about The Ranch leak
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Kevvies own take on what Cyberpunk should be like
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and surprise, surprise! It sucks ass

Still whining about wanting kids
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He just really wants to be pregnant, you know? Just slap that uterus transplant in and voila!
Kevin doesn't seem to understand that at best the whole "human augmentation" thing is a set piece and at worst a vehicle to push the theme of "cyberpunk" depicting dystopian nightmares of human creation. That's why, generally, cyberpunk stories have a protagonist who has no augments, is augmented against their will, or has augments which are outdated in context of the story. Ironic, considering his take on "human augmentation" is just a more advanced sexual reassignment, which makes him unintentionally conflate that with said dystopian nightmares of human creation.

Cyberpunk settings aren't wish fulfillment, they're the exact opposite to show the dangers of unrestricted technological development. In that regard, this hypothetical story Kevin suggested would most likely have the guy getting an artificial womb be the villain or antagonist; if they were a protagonist, the only way it would work is if they learned their lesson against augmentation in some horrific manner. In all three scenarios, the nasty, mean cis people trying to stop them would be a moral foil to this character and ultimately correct in preventing them from getting an artificial womb as poetic irony. Otherwise it isn't cyberpunk, it's just sci-fi, because a cyberpunk world is meant to be an unpleasant hellscape.

Remember that police raid picture from a week or so ago when some furry house got raided? That'll be it's aesthetic.
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Special note, some pedophile furry. I may be misremembering, but the other furry who was living with them responded to Kevin at some point in a tweet, I believe.
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Eid Htrad Redav Eid !

Cyberpunk in the hands of queers & troons
Of course he is dreaming about stealing something he didn't create and making an abomination out of it by making it all about troon/queer shit.
He even claims they can do it better. The autistic cumbrain who likes sitting in his own piss pretends he can do video games better than the developers & the guy who invented Cyberpunk.

He doesn't even know basic hygiene.

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"Tee hee! I'm such a girly girl! I have girl orgasams! My soul is girly pink! Tee hee!"
That's how women behave, am i rite guys fellow girls? Right?

Oh, absolutely. I myself just awoke from my Sleeping Beauty like slumber in my bedroom full of unicorns and rainbows, only to put on my frilliest frock, grab my rainbow parasol and go into town, where I received numerous comments on how feminine, delicate and precious I am. Soon, I return to my boudoir and, after scattering pink rose petals across my pink comforter, I shall use my pink glitter vibrator to achieve the most girly orgasm ever.


*dooting intensifies*
Women (I know) usually have distinct words for those colours, not "purple pink" or "red pink". Probably "fuchsia" and "salmon" or whatever. You know, evolutionary biology and all.

Nah Fuschia is much darker and purple-ish and Salmon pink is more orange toned, this is like hot pink (ow my eyes) and a rose-ish pink
And of course Kevvie picks the obnoxiously "loud" color
It suits him really

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Nah Fuschia is much darker and purple-ish and Salmon pink is more orange toned, this is like hot pink (ow my eyes) and a rose-ish pink
Both look pink to me. Different kinds of pink, sure, but I have no idea what either are called.

Like I said, evolutionary biology: men evolved to be hunters, so we see motion and speed better. Women evolved to be gatherers, so they see colours better, much better.
AFAIK there are plants and mushrooms in where the difference between "edible" and "you're going to die" is a slight difference in colour.


detrans female
This has a firm basis in reality.
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Understand it now? If the "women (I know)" part is unclear, I was referring to the women I personally know, not all women who ever lived.
The "evolutionary biology" part is in the comment above yours.

Slight sperg but commenting to add that you have a point, since women do tend to have a better color vocabulary than men, having a greater perception of "subtle gradations" (meaning being able to perceive/name a difference between sea foam and spindrift, in the meme), as well as different perceptions of wavelengths (i.e. women would perceive a certain wavelength as "orange," but men would see it as yellow). The consensus isn't clear, but it's thought that exposure to testosterone early in development might cause it. Another theory is M-cone polymorphism (the cone that "sees" green, or medium-wave light) in females (it's specifically an X-linked trait, so I do mean females) may cause better color perception. You can kinda see this in how one study found women were more meticulous in categorizing green/blue colors (i.e. distinguishing between turquoise and cyan) versus men, who used a more joint green/blue (or "grue") category.

TL;DR women are thought to have better color perception either because of a lack of exposure to testosterone in early development and/or a sex-based actual physical difference in the cones in the eye, which perceive color, and/or cultural differences.

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