Kevin Paffrath / Meet Kevin (Youtuber) is Running for Governor of California - Commies to my left, Trannies to my right. Tier 1 sub to your governor for a building permit

Who will you be supporting this election?

  • Gavin Newsom

    Votes: 2 6.9%
  • Generic Dem Candidate #2

    Votes: 1 3.4%
  • Meet Kevin

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Republican with a Dick

    Votes: 2 6.9%
  • Dickless Republican

    Votes: 1 3.4%
  • The Shambling Reanimated Corpse of Ronald Reagan

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • International Fugitive Joshua Conner Moon

    Votes: 10 34.5%
  • I would literally pay money to not live in California

    Votes: 10 34.5%

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Hello my Kiwi dudes and dudettes. Kevin Paffrath (29), AKA Meet Kevin, is a successful Youtuber, real estate developer, and a stocks/financial planner. He's had a few controversies and seems quite plastic. That being said, he's not really in Lolcow territory, for now. He's running for governor of California to unseat Gavin Newsom. He announced this recently and just in the last few days he's been entertaining and endorsing conspiracy theories. Also, Fox News is obviously going to parade this guy around as long as he can siphon lib votes.

I'm Officially Running for Governor at 29. Here's my Plan.​

(Youtube link)

My FIRST Prime-Time Interview for Governor!!! FOX!!!​

(Youtube link)

Currently, Kevin is ranting about how Gavin Newsom personally brought the banhammer down on his instagram post. Apparently this whole thing happened because he called Newsom a Weanie Baby. I dunno if that's really why it was removed. That being said, of the 25 current candidates challenging Newsom, I doubt he's pulling out the stops for this zoomer. He's really trying to foster the "grass roots" movement early on. We'll see how it goes. He's asking for donations, claiming he needs to money but can make it go further than any other candidate.

Governor of California Had me DELETED from Instagram​

(Youtube link)
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-29-22.png

Here are some of his issues. I could power level on some of these, so I'm just going to say a lot of them are pretty fucking dumb. Not all of them. But a lot of these policy proposals are either, A. Dumb, B. Unconstitutional (Ie: Not pass the courts), C. There's zero political will to pass a lot of these proposals

Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-26.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-28.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-34.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-36.png

Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-39.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-42.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-44.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-47.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-50.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-19 16-32-52.png

A few highlights you all might like: Deregulate online gambling, create an all-in-one college/highschool/financial center/trade school for kids starting at 14, and mobilizing the national guard via executive order to build houses for the homless - thus solving the homeless crisis in 60 days or less.

His campaign may be run on 12 yr old energy. It's a little early to tell, but this could be good. :semperfidelis:
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mobilizing the national guard via executive order to build houses for the homless - thus solving the homeless crisis in 60 days or less.
Yeah, man, it'll be that easy. Never mind that most national guard troops probably have no idea how to build a house or that supplies and most notably land will have to be acquired at great expense or that homeless people without jobs still won't be able to afford utilities or that half of the homeless people who get such a house will probably immediately flip it for drug/booze money. This is a great idea.

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Is he running Republican or Democrat?


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Of course, Kevin is currently on the front page of Fox for calling Newsom a weanie baby and having the post temporarily removed. Now both he and Fox are leaning into the conspiracy that big tech is censoring him
Here's his video about it.

Fox News JUST Exposed Governor Censoring me on Instagram!!!​

(Youtube link)

Jesus I just checked out his video description. His sponsorships and network is large.
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He's definitely going to use Youtube tactics and trolling to get screen time.

Ok so he just uploaded this video and it's really interesting.

Wikipedia is CANCELLING me​

(Youtube link)

Kevin makes a Wiki page that gets flagged for deletion. They accuse Wikipedia of being in cahoots with big tech (like his Instagram/Facebook conspiracy). Wikipedia responds, saying that Kevin has no notoriety outside of his self-published videos and his articles are too new and unknown to be worth a Wiki page. His campaign responds, saying Kevin is, "The only major Democrat candidate challenging Newsom." The conspiracy theory grows. Wikipedia said that being "flagged for deletion" means they have a few weeks before it actually gets deleted - but of course this means they're getting silenced by Newsom.

He also films a lot of his campaign strategy meeting - which is very odd. He lays out what some of his marketing tactics are going to be in the future, even how he's going to spin narratives - such as skirting the legal line of saying "Fox endorses Kevin Paffrath." He literally discusses saying that, and doesn't seem to rule it out.

Also in the end he announces Fox his writing another article about how he's "being cancelled" by big tech apparently. Fox is going to push this guys campaign just to fuck with Newsom holy shit. This is the second article this week.
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Oh he isn't gay? Hmmm.....
He seems the type to go gay if it will score him some points with the California electorate

Kevin had an interview, not very interesting. But he kept his Youtuber background, full of vidya and toys. And this is his campaign staff
Screenshot from 2021-05-21 12-02-59.png
Screenshot from 2021-05-21 12-04-38.png
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