Skitzocow Kevin Perelman - Photographer and schizophrenic victim of worldwide targeting to remove him from society



Who is Kevin Perelman?
Kevin Michael Perelman is a 46 year old self-described "nerdist" in Woodland Hills, California, with typical skills of someone with that description - IT, photography, graphics design, and 3D computer animation. What is not typical about Kevin Perelman are his claims that his family, social workers, worldwide governments, actors, celebrities, and even porn stars are in a massive conspiracy to have him removed from society.

I come from a very demented family. A family that has no communication skills. They will never ask any questions of you. If they feel you have lied to them, they will not ask you about it because they believe that you will not tell the truth anyways. My family also suffers from severe paranoia. So whatever you say or do, they read into it in literal terms. If you make a joke they don't like, they get enraged, if you date someone they don't like, they get enraged. And when they get mad, they go after you and can't seem to let go, even after 30 years.

When I turned 30 years old I started to get paranoid as if something was wrong with my life. I became very sick. And when I became sick, the people who were stalking me didn't want me knowing what was going on, so teams of people all around the world decided to terrorize me to the point to remove me from society. When I asked what this was about, they refused to tell me hinting that I was a liar, a monster, and people were afraid of me. When I asked them to stop, they refused to stop making up lies that I committed a horrible act, yet would not tell me what I did so I can know or defend myself or know what I had possibly done.

As things progressed and I started looking at my life and finding out more and more, and started to figure some things out, I went to the police, They refused to help me. They knew exactly what was going on and would not stop a crime and would give me disinformation to try to send me in circles and hinting that it was my fault rather then protecting and serving. I went to several private investigators as well, not one would help me and the ones that pretended they would were just getting close to try to get more dirt, or make up lies to give to the world, and all of them knew what was going on. I have the same problem with most lawyers as well, even though they know this is wrong, they won't help me.

I finally realized what was going on. From a young age, my family, friends, and everyone around me decided they wanted me gone. Why? I do not know. At first, I thought maybe they were concerned about me, but then I realized, that the people I accepted and trusted despised me more then anything and would rid me of the world. What they would do is try to bait me into any situation possible and then tell the largest circles possible of my reactions to smear my name. If they could not get a reaction, they would just make up blatant lies and say I did what they wanted me to do to prove to the world that I was a horrible person. People were told to intentionally create drama, except it was systematic and blatant lies from things that did not exist. these lies would they be disseminated around the world for the sole purpose to rile up people against me and terrorize me until the end of time until my nervous system fails, or they can get me to react to remove me from society.

Almost every single person that has been in my life for over 30 years have had ulterior motives and were told to try to end me and way possible. I was very shy, so most people would befriend me, But I had no clue most of them were befriending me to try to make me mentally ill to remove me from society. For my entire life, people would come in my life, befriend me, try to troll me into any type of reaction or set me up any way possible, and then give it to the world to destroy my credibility in every place, industry, hobby, businesses all around the world to create hate groups to work on me all day and night in passive aggressive attacks. I can go through each and every friend in my life who I've done nothing to, and every single one has tried to manipulate me into situations to use against me (setting me up) or make up lie after lie and given it to the world.

The intent is simple, continually do everything possible to make me aggravated. And mentally ill in a covert method, until I am gone. When I approach people, they pretend they don't know me. I can talk to anyone in the world, they will know who I am, and will tell me I'm imagining it while they send me hinting messages from my private life from almost every person I've had any contact with. I even had one psychiatrist tell me it was because I could not protect myself instead of putting a stop to it, and trying to put me in a situation to make me do something to remove me from society.

I can't imagine why anyone would do something like this yet alone a mass conspiracy, But I will do everything in my power to put these people away for life.
This is documents every time I am harassed. I've asked for these people to stop, I've asked what this is about, all they want is one thing me removed from society.

The damages are so severs, I cannot have any friends, I cannot work with any people, I cannot have relationships, I cannot have hobbies, I cannot even walk out of my house in public without be terrorized by almost every person I am in contact with as well as cars parked in patterns to try to make me mentally ill at my house and places I go. Tons of corporations are involved in collecting and disseminating everything I do and this information is put on the internet to the world to have to use to create mental illness or a terror campaign. Every where I go, people will collect every detail of my life, whatever it is put it on the internet, and have stranger follow me from place to place mimicking me or trying to create ideas of references over and over (a tactic to create schizophrenia) to create mental illness.

Also, every illegal violation of privacy has been used against me. I have people hacking my computers, putting things on them, taking things off them and posting them online. Businesses will give out my purchases or conversations and post them on the internet for people to use to create mental illness. I believe Time Warner cable is most likely involved in disseminating my internet activity since I have some of the best firewalls out there and people still know where I surf too.

He has several websites dedicated to the “stalking” that he undergoes on a daily basis. Kevin actually has a very organized directory of all these incidents on one of the websites which includes over 2,500 separate incidents, which are sortable by location, tactics used, and many other criteria. Apparently Kevin is somewhat of a public nuisance and person that everyone in the area has heard of. He is known for mass distributing (and littering) with a enormous amount of business cards that simply link to



His license plate is literally "TARGETED":

... on both of his cars:





Kevin claims to have attended Southern Oregon State College and then transferred to the University of Colorado for Computer Science/Electronic Media. Unlike most cows, he actually seems to have some self-awareness about art, stating on his website that "as great as art is, it is very difficult to actually make money with it, hindering me from putting in the time and energy to really do what I want with it." However, Kevin has 2 newer cars and lives in Woodland Hills, a wealthy part of California right near Malibu, so he must be making or otherwise acquiring a decent amount of money.

Starbucks Discrimination
Coffee Shops have been notified WORLDWIDE that if anyone see's me walk into one, to work on me continually with these terror tactics from WORLDWIDE strangers. From employee's told to endlessly whistle at me and never stop to large groups notified within 15 minutes where I am tracked and followed from illegal Phone GPS tracking, or Strangers who see me notifying mass groups on their Internet based systems to follow me to the locations I am at. These never ending attacks can range from 10 to 1000 people per hour coming in with these mental illness, and terror operations now escalating since a very young age.

It usually starts as subtle provoking behaviors and if they can get the slightest reaction or perception they had a reaction the notify mass groups worldwide to ramp up their attacks trying to make it look justified. Of course when is stalking and provoking, or trying to kill someone justified? Never! If they get me to the point I do something in defense to stay breathing. Of course, Ir's taken and collected out of context with everything else. That Kevin did this or that. But yet in a roomful of people who are observing these mass mental batterings that never end, and are not concerned about anything that is done to Kevin Perelman on any level. Only concerned about collecting reactions to give to the world.

An example would be, if you were sitting on a bench sipping a cup of coffee minding your own business. And 1000 people a day come up with base ball bats, bashing your skull in. And after 10 years of that you muster up enough energy while bleeding to death to take a swing at the 1000's of people. And the only thing anyone in the room or on the news, or worldwide are concerned about is that you picked up a bat in self defense for your life to try to stay alive. Them damn well knowing the situation and that their are worldwide murder operations going on. They will they say you are a violent paranoid schizophrenic because you picked up a bat and swung it at someone. Leaving out the 1000's of blows to the head to bludgeon you to death.
Kevin blames Starbucks for contacting every single coffee shop IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to tell them not to serve him. The reason they are doing this? He kissed a black girl when he was 12 years old and I guess Starbucks are just racist pieces of shit. They have also claimed he has masturbated publicly in their stores. I don't know if this is true or not as Los Angeles charges a $1 fee to look at their court records and I'm not spending that at this time.


Here is a Google Groups local discussion from 2013 about Kevin's antics, including posts from his former best friend:!topic/themetwoodlandhills/2PJ79pIaFvc

Someone posted about Kevin on r/creepyencounters a month ago:

It's probably blasphemy to say this but he sort of reminds me of Terry Davis a little? He's clearly intelligent, very detailed, and has talent in photography but is just out of his fucking mind. Unfortunately also like Terry, his mental illnesses seem to have driven him away from his family, if this post, purportedly from his sister can be believed.


The level to which he describes and records every single event that happens to him is wild. There's a ton more to get to here and I will continue to edit the OP and archive as I dig deeper.

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You know, when reading a thread about a gang-stalking/targeted individual lunatic, I don't really expect a picture of a black lady Doctor Octopus. I would love to read an interview with one of his models for his photography, presuming he doesn't just steal images off google and photoshop them. It must be terrifying when you're in a bikini and angel wings for some reason and then you realize the guy photographing you is a fucking lunatic.

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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Well, to my untrained eye, it looks like he's got a good eye for photography at least. It's a pity his mind had to go off the deep end like that; he could make a living with his photos.
Speaking of his photos, he seems to favor black women as his models. What's up with that? Fetish? Or are blacks the only people not out to get him?


Standing in the school hallway.
For the Starbucks section, you should really link to what may be his most infamous video where he got kicked out of one particular Starbucks for telling a woman that he had just masturbated in the bathroom.

His defense is, "It was one comment, I said I masturbate, and that's it."

The Google Groups link in the OP consists of posts from 2013, and the main website mentioned here is now inactive.

For some reason the link inside that Google Groups post doesn't work but the website itself works fine if you add www. to the start or use the link at the bottom of the OP. And yeah, it is pretty old but I figured the posts from his former friend made it worth mentioning.
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Yesterday Kevin decided to take us on a walk, sperging out about people parking gray cars in certain directions to fuck with him. I now understand why locals seem to hate him so much, he just walks around with his camera recording them, their dogs, their cars, etc while just talking shit the whole time.

At 21:00 a concerned woman seems to think he's some kind of pervert because there's another woman in a bathroom and the door won't close, I believe in some sort of recreation center/service area because he was walking to the park. He seems pretty far away from the building and I doubt the toilet is directly across from the door so this lady is freaking out about basically nothing, giving him more of a reason to think he's being targeted by these random people.

He reveals in his commentary that he has also been accused of hitting women/being a wife beater. He also believes everyone knows or should know who he is. And if you don't you "must never leave your house, never watch the news, TV, or go on the internet"

Of possibly more interest, he mentions in another video that his (estranged) father is a doctor, Ronald Perelman. Doing a quick google search, I found that he doesn't exactly have the best reviews and one reviewer states that Dr. Perelman was convicted of fraud along with other doctors who were sent to jail for their crimes, and this patient is "shocked that he is licensed and still practicing with a felony conviction".

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Standing in the school hallway.
He used to work at a sports medicine facility that I believe is/was run by his father and he frequently mentioned a certain female co-worker by name in being complicit in the "conspiracy" against him in his blogs.

I'm not surprised he's not working at his father's office anymore but I'm surprised they let him work there so long with his blog being one of the first pages that showed up when you did a Google search for that facility.

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