Lolcow Kevin Rudolf Hartmann / MightyKhaos - Author of godawful Khaos comics, rapper

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The dialogue in the comic comes across as a bit trollish. Maybe English isn't his first language, but some of the misspellings seem like they could be intentional.
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"Den cum as close ass u nid 2 B"

Edit: Check out his favorites on DA (some NSFW)
Even if he is trolling with his comic, this is enough to make him a cow.

That panel is traced from (or at least ripped off from) a much better comic/manga, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



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Of course, the longer this thread goes, the more chance there is of actually hitting a nerve. I guess we'll see.

Yeah, and the majority of lolcows do exactly that: show up here acting smug or faking an autistic meltdown until we dig some nasty shit about them or as you said, hit a nerve. And then the shit gets real and they bitch about us because we're meanies.


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This is just.. too similar. I think this is more of a tounge and cheek thing, there are probably people in the Sonic fandom who might know about Sonichu, I mean it's pretty much an enigma to them as it is to us.

I anit saying they are/aren't fake because pretending to be exceptional is still exceptional.


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I personally think he's faking being stupid for attention due to reasons previously noted, but for those of you that don't feel that way don't be too exceptional with talking to this guy, everyone always leaps on a lolcow visiting their own thread like a bunch of hyenas, repeating the same one-liners/insults over and over or getting angry for them not replying to your post and end up making the subject of the thread look like the better man in the process


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Please stop posting here evrybody i dont want this to get so big the khaos comic started as a joke/parody but in #3 i get really serious about it
And i also told my mama about this and she said i should do what i love and not get dragged down by people who tell me its bad


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The intentional double use of letters here indicates a troll. And the grammar is not consistent with the way a German would type.

Yeah. As I said in the Harakudoshi's thread, there's a study that shows the most common mistakes that foreigners make when writting in english. And they are nothing like this guy's errors. He is simply wanting attention.

And i also told my mama about this and she said i should do what i love and not get dragged down by people who tell me its bad

I have some questions about your work.
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Some info:

His profile pic is off of his deviant art account, titled "Germany holding up Europe"

His facebook also sheds some light on his political views, he is following quite a few conservative and alt-right groups/parties:

Uncle Kenny is trying to collect him:

@MightyKhaos be warned, Kenneth Erwin Englehardt is a pretend muslim that tries to bond with every cow on this site.

Being an alt-right autist, he should fit right in here with us.

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Maybe we might get an early cow crossover? Not that it matters, this one seems pretty much fake, but it's always nice to see Kenneth fail at human interaction.

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