Lolcow Kevin Rudolf Hartmann / MightyKhaos - Author of godawful Khaos comics, rapper

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Well, looks like he's not a friend to the LGBTQVHSGHD community

There goes the last shred of sympathy anyone may have had for him.


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MW 002

Can't wait for the next update of Sanic's Bizarre Adventure: Reclours are Unbreakable

Sir rants alot

White supremacist stormtrooper
The fly torturer
Kevin Rudolf Hartmann
Today I found a small but very bizarre channel, just known as Kevin Rudolf Hartmann on YouTube. This guy I found strange, due to the weird obsessive nature of his videos, one where he fucking pitchforks a fly and another where he stuffs himself with crisps then dances on his couch in his bunker looking room. Anyways the guy has seem to acknowledged the existence of kiwidarms in the video below
To my knowledge, someone has already made a thread of him, and in the video he claimed that he is "not so fat" just take a look at this beast of a stomach and think for yourself.
Now that is what I call a fat fuck. Anyways, the guy has made some absurd and rather disturbing videos, including the video where he fucking tortured a fly with a dinner fork. The guy is clearly mentally unstable, and I suggest to observe this guy like an ape. Anyways here's the video of him torturing the fly.
So yeah, this thread is based on some weird fatso who tortures flies. Below are more links on some of his weird ass videos, enjoy.
The guy als makes shitty sonic comics which is quite autistic, check out for yourself

Anyways, carry on torturing flies

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