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Kieran Shiach is a freelance writer for multiple geek news websites like: : CBR, Polygon, Guardian and ComicsAlliance. He's more commonly known as one of the leaders in the harassment campaign against DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver. Sandwich Boy suffers from work allergy brought about by his slob lifestyle, and regularly e-begs for help with basic necessities.








He posted those last two tweets on the same day, right after each other too!! But Sandwich Boy is no stranger to White Guilt:

Outside of sleeping and wishing people liked him, Kieran likes to harass and try to get people he doesnt like fired.



One of these cases centered around DC artist Ethan Van Sciver, EVS is regularly portrayed as a Nazi by people who disagree with his politics. Kieran made it his goal for months to get EVS fired for the crime of making a 2007 sketchbook titled 'My Struggle' with Sinestro (a Hitler-like DC villain) on the cover.
Kieran wanted to write about how EVS was a nazi for one of the news sites he freelances for, but didn't because it would be "unethical". So he asked his friend Asher Elbein to do it and he was equally as scummy as Kieran is.


If you want to know more about this event please check Nick Monroe's article about it:
See also Kiwi's Comicsgate Thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/comicsgate.38138

And THEN, even though he spends all his time trying to get people fired and faced with real world consequences over bullshit, he has the balls to cry about how HE'S the one facing constant harassment, aka people telling him he's a piece of shit on YouTube and twitter:

"What do we do when we don't want to get a job?" (:_(




Considering how much he e-begs, how he can afford to keep this many pets?:


Hamilton Tickets: $500, Bus Ride Home: $25, More E-Begging for a Sandwich: Priceless

"help me youtube!!"

"i've been defaming this guy, calling him a nazi, and trying to get him fired for months, but i'm the victim!! please comfort me :("

The friend being Michelle Perez, who at this point not only actively tried to defame D&C but also threathen to "snap his cracker neck" and is currently stalking D&C's son online.
See related thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/matt-...oman-thatwronglove.27407/page-11#post-3174119

Sandwich boy then attempted to shame D&C by misrepresenting a past arrest, which ended up being dismissed.

Kieran James Shiach
DOB: February 24, 1990 (28 years old)
3 Doveleys Road, Irlams o’ th’ Height, Salford, UK M6 8QW
Emails: kieranjimshiach@gmail.com, kingimpulse@gmail.com
Originally doxxed by @emspex:

Big thanks to @emspex
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In a truly stunning turn of events, Kieran has announced today that he's actually found a real job.


I'm sure whatever twitter he's been hired to run will be absolutely fantastic, and he will stop e-begging.:optimistic:


My :optimistic: is gone.
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For fuck's sake, Sarah Silverman's own delusion of swastikas on the road has (slightly) more merit than this guy's claim. Then again, he thinks "star wars" is a palindrome and he can't budget, I'd be really surprised if he doesn't see swastikas everywhere, or even takes to heart Jaden Smith's nonsensical ramblings.

Also someone needs to rescue those pets, even if it's only to give them better names. I bet that cat doesn't even have its shots and never will with his crummy budget.


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Oh I remember this guy. Geez, what a tool.

Edit to add actual content: as pointed out in the OP, this guy has a major boner for the Comicsgate stuff. He can't go a week without bringing this shit up, and he really, really wants everyone to know that he is a Very Important Figure in it all despite exactly nobody giving a shit.

Also, this.



Only listen to views you agree with, guys. Because we all know the best position to argue from is complete ignorance of the opposing platform.
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That whole Chaykin thing is hysterical. Apparently the tranny was murdered BY THE VILLAIN, doing, ya know, what villains in stories have done since time immemorial. And doing it in an anti-Drumpf spergfest made manifest in comic form to boot. Chaykin was trying to paint the whole thing as a tragedy, not himself as a transphobe.

I can't tell if Shiach is virtue signalling, trolling or truly that stupid. I'd say Shiach is incapable of noticing nuance but there, well, simply isn't any here.


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I think this guy is pretty much millenial SJWs in a nutshell: Constant begging for money to buy useless shit instead of budgeting properly like an adult, constant attempts to lead the call-out culture on Twitter and other platforms, and producing nothing of actual worth to normal people while he's at it.


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I can't tell if Shiach is virtue signalling, trolling or truly that stupid.
Virtue signaling: Yes.
Trolling: No.
That Stupid: Absolutely.
How long do you think he'll last at his job before crying discrimination for some miniscule thing?
He’s fucking a cis straight white male, he will blame Comicsgate somehow because he doesn’t have any other cards to play victim to.


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So bets on how long his new job lasts? I can’t help but suspect that he signed on as digital media director to the Titanic without ever realizing it. If anybody gave this clown a title it’s so they can set up a fall guy while they loot the place and flee to the Caymans.