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Trainwreck Kiki Kannibal / Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga / mmmkikikannibal / Lilou VosHistorical MySpace / stickam figure, insufferable vegan, the notorious sperg-chan of PULL and lolcow

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by multiverse, Nov 10, 2016.

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  1. Current social media accounts (or as Kiki anachronistically calls them, SNS):

    EDIT 12/14/16: She's using a new name for her new adult themed b horror movie acting career! Lilou Vos, lol

    Pretty good write ups:

    White knighting Rolling Stone article from 2011:

    Kiki Kannibal aka Kirsten Leigh Ostrenga aka Kiki Lei is career cow with a decade long lolcow history under her belt at age 24. Her online career stretches back to the early days of social media, when she became a MySpace scene queen by posting lolibait photos taken by her father, and accepting friend requests from literally anyone.

    PRESENT DAY TL;DR (see end of this OP for details on recent events):
    Kiki is Sperg-Chan, the insane lolcow.farms poster
    kiki luvs kiki.gif

    13 year old Kirsten Ostrenga's family moves to Orlando, FL to get back to their roots as purebred white trash. Little Kiki claimed she was viciously bullied by colored girls in middle school, and so her loving parents, Cathy and Scott Ostrenga, pulled their snowflake out of school in 7th grade, never to return.

    Kirsten got bored, staying at home all day with her unemployed parents, her 11 year old sister Dakota, and her severely autistic older brother while being "homeschooled" with nothing. So she put on her best whore makeup, got her washed up 80s rocker father to jack up some wigs and extensions for his little angel (plus ms paint shoop to make stripes), and take extremely provocative and inappropriate photos of her so she could post them on the internet. Thus was the persona of Kiki Kannibal born.
    Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.56.15 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.56.42 PM.png
    *note: these are some of the most clothed photos from this era - she's only 13 here and I'd rather not get the farms in trouble, but trust me, most of them are very bad touch uncle. All are taken by her father.

    In September 2007, on her 14th birthday, she began IRL dating 18 year old Danny Cespedes (aka Mr. Myspace) after talking to him for months online. By the following month, the Ostrengas happily let Danny stay overnight whenever to fuck their little famous scene princess.
    Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 6.29.02 PM.png
    * Danny, Kristen and Dakota (Kiki's 11 year old sister). Again, these photos are taken by Kiki's father Scott.

    In December 2007, Kiki and her parents decided they didn't like Danny and his weird Mexican ways any more, reported him for statutory rape, and Cathy (Kiki's mom) decided the mature thing to do was tell the cops Danny was at the mall trying to sex a new 12 year old girl, and oh also he has cocaine in his pocket. While being harassed by Cathy and Kiki on the phone, Danny ran from the cops... right off the roof of a parking garage. He died of his injuries 2 months later. Kiki and Cathy start their decade long fight with the "haters", because of course they dindu nuffin.

    By this time Kiki had hundreds of thousands of MySpace friends and followers. Her parents helped her start the Kiki Kannibal Korporation (geddit? KKK?), a "business" selling plastic products that Kiki glued swarovski crystals onto. They then proceeded to send "legal" threats to anyone who said Kiki's plastic necklaces were cheap pieces of shit and wanted refunds. The business was never actually incorporated, but that didn't stop Scott and Cathy from harassing 13 year old girls with imaginary lawsuits for not liking Kiki's plastic crap.
    Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.58.17 PM.png

    This was also the year Kiki started her YouTube channel. The inaugural self titled video, posted in July, features Kiki dancing and jumping on her bed to music as she does a strip tease. She was still 14 years old at the time . Here is the caption Kiki wrote for this video, so we can all get a sense of the mature, intellectual kind of person she's shaping up to be:
    Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.19.32 PM.png

    After discovering that her whorish MySpace ways translated to an equal amount of attention on YT, Kiki continued to seek out any new avenue to attention. She found it in Stickam, a social media video site for live broadcasts. She and her younger sister starred in live broadcasts where they swore, screamed, danced in skimpy clothing, got into screaming fights with other screechy teen girls, and dressed up as a number of memorable racist characters. Some stickam shows:
    Racism (insulting the glorious asian culture she now lusts after)
    Anti gay
    Her voice. Fucking kill me.

    The year that the Ostrenga's truly let their white trash shine. Kiki's parents filed for bankruptcy (who knew people were expected to work? Or pay mortgages?), the entire family moved in with Scott's unsuspecting mother rather than get jobs (grandma eventually died after the Ostrengas tok her for everything she was worth, including her house), Kiki and Kota called in a domestic dispute against their mother when all three were in a screaming fight.
    kiki police report.jpg kiki police report details.png

    Desperate for cash and attention, Kiki's parents whore out her "story of harrowing abuse at the hand of ebil men" to Rolling Stone, and to David Brooks at the New York Times; both outlets obediently wrote hand wringing articles. At age 17, Kiki's star was fading fast. Regardless of whether any one wanted to see her, she doubled down on her online life by bringing her usual screeching tard behavior to any medium available (formspring, twitter, tumblr, etc).
    Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 5.57.35 PM.png
    * published in Rolling Stone. Taken by her father. Still. Under. Age

    As kiki's star faded, her younger sister Dakota perfected the art of crazy "living Barbie" shoops and became e-famous in her own right. After many fails wherein Dakota would appear on a show in China or Korea looking absolutely nothing like her photos, Kotakoti managed to actually get signed by Bravo agency in Tokyo. Dakota moved to Japan in the fall of 2015 and has never looked back.

    Kiki moved through a few different style changes, from scene to glam to harajuku to an aesthetic she calls "Environmentally conscious moogle of mother Earth". Yeah.
    Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.55.24 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.55.40 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.56.56 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 7.35.55 PM.png

    In this time period, she failed at: starting a GoFundMe account (not enough interest), becoming a musician, becoming a "dubstep audio engineer", getting a modeling contract, moving to LA, moving to Japan, getting a Japanese entertainment visa, and finding literally anyone to date her.

    Kiki has spent the past 18 months trying to force herself to become e-famous again in Japan like her little sister, with absolutely no success. She has never held a job, and has never graduated from high school. Her parents have sent her to Japan for trips 3 times, having convinced themselves that Kiki could get scouted as a model, or meet a man, if she just appeared in Japan and stood there. This plan did not work. Using a number of "penpal" services, she has been unsuccessfully attempting to find herself a Japanese husbando to take her away from Orlando to Glorious Nippon.

    Because she's spent the past six months outdoing herself in spastic spergery. Since 2015, not only has Kiki been stalking her own and her sister's (Dakota Rose Ostrenga, aka kotakoti, aka Dako-chan) lolcow and PULL threads - she's been one of the most avid posters on lolcow, including a massive month-long meltdown where she mass posted gore pr0n as some kind of autistic protest against moving a thread about Taylor R. (a canadian j-vlogger and model living in Japan) to a less active board because she's just not that lulzy.

    Kiki is apparently insanely jealous of Taylor, and was almost single handedly running her lolcow.farm thread out of sheer fury that some other white girl is successful in Glorious Nippon - just like Kiki's younger sister Dakota - while Kiki couldn't get anything going for her there, not even a relationship with a desperate, snaggle-toothed gaijain hunter.

    On June 16, 2016, Taylor R. announced that she had a boyfriend in Japan. Immediately after this announcement was made, Kiki began to go haywire: after having her own boyfriendo break up with her and failing at moving to Japan, she just, lost. her. shit. That June 16 announcement broke Kiki in a way we have never before seen. Her subsequent repetitive, autistic, obsessive, and scatological spam attack led to an intensive investigation into the identity of "Sperg-Chan", the anon who was obsessed wth Taylor R. . The admins of PULL and lolcow have worked together to reveal Kiki's magnum opus of spergery, which can be seen here.
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    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  2. Kiki's fine work is now labeled for the ages, as seen here, where she tells her "fellow anons" that clearly Kiki is a changed woman and no longer a lolcow (fyi, lolcow's layout has been changed to match kiki's own eyesore webpage for the week)
    Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 6.31.19 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 6.31.42 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 6.32.02 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 6.32.47 PM.png

    A collage of her work:
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  3. Nice to see a new /pt/ lolcow for a change.

    Why and how does her parents enable her cowish tendencies from such a young age? Do they know of Kiki's online shenanigans?
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    hood LOLCOW

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  4. An explanation in visual form, for those of us who learn better than way (actual quotes!) spergchan.jpg
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  5. Her parents are just as awful as she is, and they encouraged every bit of obnoxious, attention seeking, drama-tarded behavior from an early age. As I said above, her father has been her photographer the entire time, taking the provocative photos of his 13-14 year old daughter so she could post them online to get MySpace famous. I'll try to dig up some of the phone calls, too - both Cathy and Scott have actually called peoples houses / left nasty VMs to start drama in the form of threatened lolsuits, just because the other teenagers didn't like their precious Kiki.

    EDIT: couldn't find the VMs themselves, but here's an archive post where the blogger StickyDrama published an email Cathy Ostrenga sent to a producer, begging to get Kiki on Dr. Phil, in addition to leaving nasty VMs for other vloggers on the Stickcam network.
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  6. multiverse

    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  7. She's legit fucked in the head...
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  8. I look at this thread and I see Cecily Kellogg's daughter Tori in a few years time.
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  9. Japan isn't the glorious animu and mango land like many weebs believe.
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    Sinners Sandwich

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  10. Christ, I remember all her drama. I stumbled across her when reading about his equally lolcow younger sister.
    What is more incredible is her parents role in all this mess... This family is entirely made of lolcows.

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  11. Jesus christ. So her dad wanted (I hope it was only a want) to fuck her. Her dad. When she was like 12. And his daughter. And a kid.

    She looks like she is somewhat pretty, but she has no chance at anything with the way her family fucked her up.
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  12. Here is mine

    How glamorous she thinks she is.

    The horrible truth gradually rubbing in

    They legit thought that this business move would skyrocket? How??

    So, it was her own doing, not parents'?
    Since I am aware it exists, I have been cringing at the thought of these parents who trick out their daughters, applying makeup like they're some kinda reverse street walkers, to have them wag their underage butt in these mini-miss contests held across the country. Long ago, I watched an excerpt of such a contest at the TV by curiosity, as it was promoted. The shit was as unnerving as I thought. The broadcaster was aware of the equivocal nature of the show, so it was swept a hour slot when only insomniac as me, alcoholics, sick fucks and edgy kids are still up. I assume Kiki was part of the latter group, as she was an unschooled airhead with way too much time in hands. Instead of being vaguely disgusted as any normal channel surfer, she was awestruck while watching this junk, I guess.

    I am 90% positive she was taken in all senses this verb covers. At least, It had to have crossed the father's mind while she had been striking the pose

    It's the country of where you gotta bust off your motherfucking ass with all this extra work time (Otsukaresama mindset, in Weeabus Maximus) or you're simply booted out, yap. So an ignorant womanchildren not having the "loli factor" is pretty much doomed to return to the Homeland. I wonder what the sister Dakota had more than she? What is that L-factor which guaranteed her success?
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    Atrahasis Avenging shark fin soup victims

  13. She learned to keep her mouth shut; she lost some weight to look more like her super faked photos; and she is expert level in makeup / shoop which keeps her popular on social media. Her agency continues to book her periodically, but it's long been suspected that she's gotten married as her entertainment visa should have needed renewal long ago, and she's never left Japan since she moved there almost two years ago. Dako-chan, as she's fondly known, has never posted anything about a boyfriend or husband, but videos have shown that she has a huge 2 bed apartment in Tokyo that includes her own bedroom just for filming videos, and she rarely does jobs anymore.

    In light of this, Kiki's failure to snag her own nippon husbando becomes even more sorry ass.

    Kiki has had many accounts on these "world penpal" sites, trying to interest an asian man, and it's believed this is how she met the closest thing to a boyfriend she's had since age 14, Taku;
    taku.png image (5).jpeg image.jpg

    On one of her trips to Japan, Kiki began bragging that she was in some great romance with a man who owned a restaurant, and that he loved his Kira Kira so much he made his chefs use completely new utensils to cook off menu vegan bullshit for his princessu, as she demanded. Also, she apparently makes it a practice to lie about having food allergies so no animal product reaches her. Surely popular with restaurant staff the world over.
    Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.09.20 PM.png Capture.PNG Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 10.19.28 AM.png

    Also, she kept making claims that she was being stalked, scouted, and asked for photos all over Tokyo because of her pure vegan beauty. No photos or j-model jobs ever manifested from these claimed events.
    sure jan.png

    Also, hilariously, Dakota refused to appear on any social media with Kiki, nor would she allow Kiki to post anything of her, during any of Kiki's 2-3 Japan trips. Kiki thirstily made it clear they're related, though. Oh, and claimed to have gotten an engagement ring from the dude who paid for her last Japan trip to fuck her for a week before never calling her again.

    She never posted photos of him, but he briefly appeared in an instagram vid for a few seconds, which is all anons need to track down his facebook profile and ask him if he was actually with Kiki (rather than being another of her one night stands that she then thinks is her boyfriend.) He responded by shutting down all communication; guess their love wasn't a story for the ages after all. Kiki took to the boards to bewail the behavior of her fellow anons:
    Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.55.04 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.55.22 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.55.41 AM.png Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 9.55.59 AM.png

    Sadly, Kiki spent time faking an entire "Taku is visiting me in Orlando, before he takes me to japan to get married!" trip just before Taku's identity was revealed. She got herself a hotel room at Disneyland, bought two park pass bracelets with their names on them, and photographed herself in a nightie, "calling room service for special VEGAN service! You should always demand this, guys!" It was proved through a conclusive timeline that it would be totally impossible for Taku to have been in Japan, gone to Orlando, and then appear in Japan again, in the timeframe claimed by Kiki.
    vacay.png image (2).jpg

    After the fake "Taku came to disney!" act didn't pan out or get her married / to Japan, Kiki deleted everything about him and went on a 10 month long social media hiatus - but started posting on PULL and lolcow in her copious spare time.
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  14. Very informative, thanks!

    I guess ED nailed it.

    At least, Dakota's bad experience made her see sense! Unless her husbando advised her to steer clear from any shameful interaction. Some media empires have sunken for less than a plague like Kiki causing spergamania.
    At any rate, Dakota's success compensate the failure of the whole cuckoo family. Having a large appartment in Tokyo is quite a feat, even though it's acquired through slimy blowjobs.

    I'd safely bet that the only ring she has ever had was likely made from deep fried onion. Not that big of an engagement, but we can bargain with the truth at an extent =)

    Of course, Taku's so hit by Cupid's arrow he's gonna travel all the way to Orlando, even though Tokyo Disneyland already exists and weeabs are more than eager to travel if lured with amazing promise. Totally credible

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    Atrahasis Avenging shark fin soup victims

  15. Oh wow, I think I remember this chick's pictures being reposted on Gaia Online a LOT as being the over-stereotypical scene girl, back in her early teen years. I always wondered what the hell her deal was and why she seemed so... unsettling. I'm not all that surprised she's fucked in the head but it's interesting to know she's still an active person instead of falling back into mediocrity after all these years. You'd think she would grow out of being an attention whore.
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    patchwork Have a donut.

  16. I remember these two vaguely. Scene kids were my favorite to ridicule while I was growing up and she was their myspace queen. I have to hand it to her and her sister for being waaay ahead of the curve on bringing back nazi chic/memes.
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  17. Ive seen her on pull, but i mostly lurked dakota's thread.
    I really dont understand how dakota even has a job she shoops herself into oblivion.

    Did kiki and dakota have a fight? or is dakota ignoring kiki cause she wants the spotlight for herself?
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    smallmilk good for you

  18. It looked like they had at one point. Dakota unfollowed Kiki on twitter (and Dako only follows like 7 people so it's easy to see when it happens) at some point around / right after Kiki's last Japan trip.

    I think Dakota just knows well enough not to fuck with the good things she's managed to grab hold of. Kiki threw Dakota to the side of her spotlight for years, and even their parents wrote Dakota off as not as pretty or talented as their precious Kiki (and the Ostrenga parents don't even seem to remember their son, the oldest kid.) Kiki got all of their support, and Dakota was left on her own. She was the one who was into anime / weeb shit, and her career kicked off when she posted the crazy "living doll" shoops she did on tumblr:
    Kotakoti-barbie doll-picpile (3).jpg tumblr_lvpn6f5wSM1qljbqro1_500.png

    Once Kota's tumblr took off and people were into her look, Kiki tried to pivot and make Japan and weeb shit HER thing, but the genie was out of the bottle and Kota managed to snag a couple TV spots in Chia and Korea before getting sign by Bravo in the summer of 2014. In September 2014 Kota moved to Japan, and after that, all of her crazy stopped. Without the meddling oh Kiki or her parents, she just kept her head down. That's not to say she's still not annyoing and nasty as all get out just like Kiki - on the contrary, when she and Kiki would @ each other, they'd still be as crude / annoying as ever. But Kota didn't share that side of her publicly any more, and so aide from her ever more dysmorphic shoops, she's really not a cow any more.

    As for Kota wanting to keep Kiki out of the spotlight... she really doesn't need to worry about it. She's doing exactly what she needs to do to achieve that, but it doesn't seem malicious, it looks like relief.
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  19. Anyone know if/how she reacted to being identified by the mods on that site?

    keksz Verified nobody

  20. Nothing overt yet, but there has been a few suspect posts in the announcement thread shitting on the work, calling it dumb and inconclusive. I don't think she's be stupid enough to use her previous VPN but we'll see where they came from. No public response on her accounts yet.
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