Kill one lolcow to bring someone else back to life -


when you 1988 Jaguar XJS V12 Coupe
Kill Chris Chan to bring back Steve Irwin, Kill BlueCatRiolu to bring Back The 2nd Captain Jack.


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Kill Nick Bate for Idi Amin, so someone can contribute more good to the world.

Billy LaBelle for Stan Lee too. Stan's true believers were cool.
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Can I kill Lola to bring back Claire?

Just kidding, please kill Lola and bring back Cal's parents.
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I don't care who we bring back, but I'd definitely sacrifice Susan Schofield and her husband. Yaniv if it turned out that he molested someone in real life. But Susan and Cory are cows I despise. So I say kill them and bring back childhoods of their kids that they took.
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