Kill one lolcow to bring someone else back to life -

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UE 558

Kill Sargon to bring back Terry “CIA NIGGERS” A Davis

Kill Assanti to bring back Etika

Kill Renfamous to bring back Stan Lee

Kill Billy D to bring back Hugh Hefner

Kill MarzGurl to bring back Robin Williams

Kill Blob Shitman to bring back my dead friend
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Syaoran Li

The Fresh Prince of Mayberry
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Kill Dobson to bring back Tim Wilson

Kill Renfamous to bring back Joe Pilato

Kill MovieBob to bring back George Romero


Got my "PoC Card" Revoked
Kill Shadman and John Kricfalusi to bring back Bob Ross

Kill Becky Gerber and Zoe Quinn to bring back Carrie Fisher

And then just start systematically sacrificing cows till the soul-ransom-exchange or what the fuck ever is high enough to bring back Mr. Rogers.
EDIT: there may not be enough cows on the farms to bring back our lord and savior Mr. Rogers but it would at least be worth a shot.

Syaoran Li

The Fresh Prince of Mayberry
True & Honest Fan
Kill Sarah Nyberg, bring back the Marquis De Sade

A 21st Century version of De Sade would be the kind of guy who joins Kiwi Farms, gets Halal'd and he's still one of the more entertaining shitposters on the forum.

And since we're on the topic of bringing back sex pests who were skilled writers....

Kill Zinnia Jones, bring back Marion Zimmer-Bradley