Kill one lolcow to bring someone else back to life -

I Love Beef

Bell peppers and bee- HEY WAIT A SEC WHERE'S THE B
Hope Chapman/Jesuotaku for Satoshi Kon

Zac Bertschy for Kaneto Shiozawa

Because if weaboo elitists want anime to be great again, they ought to pay up and give back sometime. And appropriately, this is the only way how.


Wholesome Anna
Kill Ron "Remote Ronin" Soye to bring back Satanic Panic (I still believe religious fundies REEEEEEEEEEEing is more tolerable than dangerhairs/soy boys REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing)

Kill OAG and to bring back YTMND. (I dunno why, but at least YTMND is less annoying irrelevance.)
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Ki ki ki ma ma ma
Kill Chris Chan go bring back Andy Kaufman.

In many ways Andy was like Chris done right. A very successful and funny comedian who had a nack for being funny just by doing the most mundane things. (his eating ice cream act on stage) that and he was genuinely charming In the geeky way chris thought he was back in his late teens early 20s.

Kill Lucas Werner for any of my dogs. I have people I care about living but they've been gone too long at this point. We'd have to build a 35 year old's life back from scratch.
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