Crime Killer Who Murdered Girlfriend’s Parents with Sledgehammer ‘has too low an IQ to be executed’ - Defense attorneys think he the black guy from Green Mile or some shit.


Goin' Grink
Im sure this is going to be as effective as trying to claim insanity. Just the last ditch attempt from a lawyer who knows he has to submit a defense of some kind.
If anything a low iq and a double murder conviction should be an express ticket to the chair. Itll wheedle out the true irredeemables.

Iron Hamster

Calculated chaos
Ford busts in and yells "stop!" "hammer time!"

Now my nigga, I don't think that's what this nigga was meaning my nigga.

It's also great to hear that I'm too dumb for the death penalty!
It's almost like the courts can't touch this
Seeing her parents tried to suburbanize him, he may have been more of a Peter Gabriel fan

See this incels?

Literal legally declared tards can get laid/find a gf.

Bet that has to hurt.
Tough call really. They're not going to jail.

break these cuffs

Why was this “good boy” walking the streets if he beat and stabbed his girlfriend?
That was my first question too. You can check my earlier post for a full run down, but both her and the bf falsely fingered the same guy. The article says it was coincidental. I think they both a predetermined fall guy for talking to the police given how they're both complete degenerate fuck ups.

Tasty Tatty
Mental health is the new "get out of jail card" nowadays for dumb shit.
"New"? It's always been, sadly. Or at least, it's been a thing for the past 20 years. The reason we see so many people munching or simply creating new medical denomination for common occurrences is because they know this is a victim card they can use to get away with a lot of things.

Think of this, victims of violence have always been treated as a vulnerable class. Fair enough: victims of abuse, either sexual, domestic, or whatever, can't often act properly or as it's expected because they're carrying the burden of mental and even physical stress. Not saying that they shouldn't be punished for their bad deeds, but the justice system tends to be more considered.

Now, neo-marxists are pushing hard for "economical violence", which practically means you're just poor.

"No, your honor, you don't understand: little Tyrone here didn't just loot a business: he was raised in an environment of political violence... society made him like this, it's not his fault".

Zero Day Defense

"Is that you, John Wayne? Is this me?"


Becky’s Drawings
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Hey Bernie you know what else is cruel and unusual? Being murdered with a sledgehammer.

Make this savage animal #FeeltheBern in the electric chair
Pffft. I don’t give a shit if it deters crime or not. People like this deserve to die. Bring back public hangings...put it on some website and charge a fee to watch for all I care.

Kurosaki Ichigo

an approaching murder
God damn. In the end it’s the parent’s fault they got their heads flattened. Any well adjusted couple would’ve laid down the law if they figured out their underaged kid was dating someone legal. And the treated this kid out??

Underestimated Nutria
Intellectual disability used to be defined (pre 1973) as 1 SD below average until it became obvious that it wouldn't be politically palatable to define 50% of African American population as exceptional. Now only 12 percent of (American) blacks are exceptional! A few million people were cured of exceptionalism in a day, you'd think that would've been headline news.

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