Trashfire #Killstream / Dick Show Crossover: Las Vegas, September 2nd - September 5th

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Nov 14, 2012

Ralph and Dick team up to visit Las Vegas and throw a bachelor party in Sin City before settling down and making an honest mare out of May.

Will Ralph bring home an STD? Will he lose the rights to the #Killstream on a Roulette table? Will Ralph get literally felted? Will Ralph get into a fight with a transsexual prostitute? Will it be recorded?

CECA Loather
Jan 29, 2021
What ever happened to Randbot? That guy was the last redeemable part of KS.
Seeing how we at the great motherland single handledly crashed his economy, him earning peanuts, even less than Ralph, by streaming full time on the Internet, can he even afford a trip to Vegas?

He is no Catboy Lolisocks and has no Fed money or faggots financing him. Imagine losing out to a catboy who speaks as if he is mentally retarded.

PS: I loathe them both. Aussies are almost down there with the Pajeets and almost every Aussie I met online have a habit of intoxicating themselves with alcohol or drugs.

Disrespected Pronouns
Aug 7, 2017
A wedding is a big deal for a man and I don't begrudge a guy having some fun with his friends as a send off. That's why I'm sure that not only has Ralph invited Gator, a man who has stuck with him even it would have been convenient for him to jump, but that if second-time student Gator is having trouble defraying the costs that Ralph will be happy to help him out.
So yeah, I'm confident that on this bonding of manly friendship that Gator will be there to celebrate with his pal. We will absolutely see Gator partying it up and living large with his true friends, surrounded by booze and fine ladies, on stream.

It won't be like that IRL shit in Florida where by accounts they did everything to convince him to keep his gourd shaped ass at home.