#Killstream March 4th, 2019 (&/or Stream.me's death) -

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Salty Kiwis trying to turn their giant L today into a W by bringing up the fact that Nick is outdoing Ralph even though it's been this way for weeks now.:story:
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He's at 7.9k as of this moment, also people are missing one important thing. I didn't see Ralph get many large superchats, he did get a lot of small dollar donations, but lets see what Nick is doing, this is what he had when I tuned it and these were just the ones still up on the screen:

To quote Wu-Tang Clan "cash rules everything around me".


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I hate how this fat piece of shit assumed all those viewers that tuned into the stream were genuine killstream fans and not active memeology subs or just there for other reasons, but numbers are numbers I guess! high numbers = big ego boost, and the gunt will continue to grow.


Shitting on annoying bluehairs for being delusional maniacs got boring years ago, sure.
But defending a guy who lost his job because of unfounded #metoo shit hasn't, as shown by Nick's climbing audience.
This Vic stuff is basically the weeb version of the Kavanaugh hearings.
He is heading to 9k.


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gotta say the killstream wasent half bad. then again it lived and died on its guests and Ralph was avoiding shit like mad but eh... if he keeps this up at least he's got something entertaing, hell maybe he'll even get guests like Bronx Blogger on to embarrass themselves again.
either way it was a great ad for nicks stream which might get 10k views soon thank god.


Jesus christ did alot of you faggots come fromt he dsp forum. Who cares gunt's views and streamchat when the stream was boring as sin.
I don't think it's that we care so much as Ralph cares and its rubbing salt in the wound.
If he hadn't made a big deal about his "comeback" stream getting so many views we wouldn't be ragging on him and comparing these to prove a point.


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That in itself makes me wonder why some of the LeftyTube channels like Hbomberguy or ContraPoints aren’t touching this shit.
They might be smarter than we think lol. It's hard to say for certain, but it's clear they're avoiding covering it for a reason.
It might be a side-effect of community isolation, but I also think that it's because of all the shady shit (faking evidence against Vic, faking swattings, etc) his accusers/critics have been caught doing along with a lack of actual evidence and questionable motives (as Vic is an outspoken Christian).
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