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He's a bit obscure, but you guys might get some kicks. Some excerpts are adapted from the procrastipedia page.

Quick Briefing

King Critic (real name, David Clegg) is a z-list youtuber who's become infamous in certain circles for being vocal about society's supposed mistreatment of pedophiles. Originally discovered in youtuber Mumkey Jones' comment section, it's often suggested that he was drawn to him after mistaking Mumkey's satirical "Yamada's First Time" review for being a serious pro-pedophilia video.

YouTube (archive) (archive2)

While David first revealed his urges on a podcast he did discussing the merits of the Dick Show, the true nature of his pedophilia hadn't been revealed until he began discussing his 'minor-attraction' in Mumkey's fan discord. In the confession (which was recorded and is now available on Youtube), David admits to dating a 12 year old girl, only ending the relationship when her parents discovered him and hired a private investigator to intervene. A highlights reel of the conversation is embedded above. In it, he rants about 'To Catch A Predator' busting veterans attempting to solicit sex from minors.

David Clegg said:
The man bled for your country, let him have sex! Goddamn.

Clegg would go on to claim that the audio was completely fake, and had been doctored using "splices and imitation".

While many hate homosexuals for their degeneracy, David has a much more 'exceptional' problem with them. See, David is jealous of homosexual and transgender people because they are becoming more accepted in society, while "minor-attracted people" are left in the dust. In a (now-deleted) video found on his old YouTube channel "Piesniper", he argues that if those two terms were to be removed from the DSM, pedophilia should as well.

Predatory Activity
Now, here's the real shit. Clegg isn't just a pedophile, he's a full on sexual predator. Though he hasn't been convicted, he has admitted to dating a 12 year old and taking images of young girls at swimming pools (which, he would like you to know, IS NOT against the law).


More recently, he has been caught hanging out with the user "Lolipope", and once streamed himself playing minecraft with young children.

Online Presence

This section will detail his presence in other online communities.

The Dick Show

Clegg appeared in the aforementioned "The Dick Show" podcast using his real name. He appeared on Episode 17, and his goal was to call out the hosts as liars and support Maddox. Dick went on to destroy him, and call him autistic. Clegg resorts to claiming that he was 'tired' and had 'just woken up', despite spending most of his free time browsing the internet.

Before ever calling into the Dick Show, various people have claimed that King Critic had sent in images of himself self-harming in order to get attention from Maddox.


(link | archive)


King Critic was also meant to appear on episode 36 of The Dick Show, but did not as he slept through it. Much like does on his own show, Fight Night with Clegg and Kimbell, to his co-host's dismay. King Critic wakes up in time to appear on episode 37 of The Dick Show still supporting Maddox and reveals that he is suicidal. Shaun, the audio engineer for The Dick Show, advises him to "get help".

Past Aliases
After a bit of cross-referencing using his Miiverse account, some of David's past pseudonyms were found. As it turns out, he's had a history of being a notorious "m.a.p", being very open about his love for 'loli' on GameFAQs.


(link | archive)

A full list of his past pseudonyms are below.

  • GamingKing
  • Gaming King
  • PieSniper
  • Pie Sniper
  • David Clegg
  • Dizavid Clegg
  • Dizavid GK
  • DizavidtotheClizegg
  • Dizavid Clizegg
  • King Critic
  • Cheesy Chao
  • Bonzidude_10
  • Okiraku
Archived Profiles

Archived Memes

It's worth noting that after he realized his old YouTube channel had been discovered, he began deleting everything and hiding his subscriptions. Luckily, some of his videos were archived by the channel "CakeJerryVEVO". Many of his subscriptions were random children's vlog channels, usually with less than 20 subscribers each.



Concilation Attempts
In an effort to get David to seek actual professional help, his father was contacted by a troll from the Mumkey community and sent a message detailing what David had disclosed in the leaked conversation. David's reaction to this was caught live on Mumkey's channel (though the original was removed due to a privacy complaint).

This was all in vain however, as he apparently got out of it by pretending that he and King Critic were not the same person to his father.

Extra Tidbits

There are many more stories to tell (most of which involving King Critic's interactions with the Mumkey Jones community), but I think this is a good starting place for the OP. While he's not producing as much content as he used to, there is A LOT out there already. Recently he's become more paranoid about trolling attempts, but it's still possible to contact him if you're careful. Either way, he's the type that doesn't need to be baited to get caught saying really weird shit.
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He seems to have been relatively radio silent for a while now.

hey im the faggot who did that podcast with clegg. im working on collecting all the episodes we did together and ill dump them all in here.

Hey Maxwell, what's some of the more creepy things he's said in your presence?

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