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The man has a vacuum cleaner, he just can't be motivated to use it. Does anyone have a screencap where you can see the "clean" patch of carpet where the vacuum usually sits?
I don't want to be a staunch Cobra defender, but you're giving him too little credit, honestly. He is almost neurotic about throwing stuff away, even though there is crap on his floor (laundry detergent) it all "has it's place." And of course the carpet is stained, he constantly smokes, the whole carpet is going to be like that, even if he vacuumed daily. If he could sweep and mop his entire floors, he might. Who knows, he's autism might kick in like it does when he finishes a soda and has to immediately can crush it and throw it away.


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Not Cobra but part of the Casperverse, Cooltaste finally went on record the other night saying that he takes seroquel for Schizophrenia, and he also went on quite the tangent about how his auditory hallucinations would always tell him to murder everyone in his complex with his mother's gun (the complex is a renovated strip motel). He says it so nonchalantly and his mom doesn't even make a noise.
He made a big fuss about not telling us that the pink safe on his shelf was full of coins for the laundromat (you could hear the coins) but will gladly go on a tangent about how he might just wanna murk em all.

-Oh and he says that because Katie isn't watching the stream, yes, they did "do stuff" and "break his dry spell" before saying "sorry Katie for when you watch this later I know you didn't want me to say anything" and yes, Momma Taste is in the room still.
Link and archive, schitzo comments are 30 minutes in. Katie comments 38 minutes in and 41:55.

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-Oh and he says that because Katie isn't watching the stream, yes, they did "do stuff" and "break his dry spell" before saying "sorry Katie for when you watch this later I know you didn't want me to say anything" and yes, Momma Taste is in the room still.
I am going to assume he is talking about Katie Carmichael who is making a documentary on him? I guess we definitely need a doc on every weirdo out of Casper :lol:

Wow these teasers are absolutely riveting 😴

New video, its short and just Josh saying the same shit about how him and homedad are going to be cleaning up the place and how he is grateful to his landlord as he smokes in his apartment he is definitely not getting evicted from

night video • Nov 10, 2020​



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All the documentaries past 2012 have been shit. The 'Now it's A Party' one has the same problems the Hampow one does where they'll spend minutes on end on the subject doddering about doing mundane shit that should be B-roll rolling on and on and on. Cobes eating hotwings? As a distraction while someone else talks. Not a near 15 minute, near uninterrupted segment of the feature.

I expect this Cooltaste one to be just as bad. The initial Trapped one was a masterclass in lolcow docs, but every one attempted since has been garbage.


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Bloodborne's PS5 port is coming in quite nicely toobz.
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Ah-hah, you must be the new moocher. Welcome to Casper, Wyoming. This will be your home, for now. I am... King Cobra, friend to you junkies. You're sure to be coming down about now, but don't think too hard about all of this. Just go out and score some cig butts. It's for your own good. You know, it's just what junkies do! You'll get used to it...

This apartment was once a safe haven for my friends. A workshop where we used spray paint and tactical soap to enhance wands and our smell. We don't have as many tools as we once did, but... You're welcome to use whatever you find. (Whispers) ...Even the blowup doll, should it please you..."
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$600 a month for a 1BR would be fucking insane where I live. Never thought I'd be jealous of Cobes but of course the real price is having to live in Wyoming
If you think 600 a month is cheap, just wait to see what happens to the rental price of the neighboring units on his floor - and the ones directly above and below....

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Some vintage Josh looking like your dad in the 80s

The guy who does the Bitesize Videos was in the subreddit and I didn't realize he gave Josh money to use his content


Press S

Tribute Video

Transparent Jorsh for all your memes to come true


Here is Cooltaste telling his dozens of followers that Cobes does coke, no meth though
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