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Kingdom Come DeliveranceOr how I stopped worrying about SJW and love Bohemia

Discussion in 'Games' started by RomanesEuntDomus, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. After an eternity of downloading, I just fired it up for the first time... looks promising. Anyway, let's talk about KCD.

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  2. Was reading about it earlier today, mainly the salt. Plan on looking more into it when I get the chance; see if I want to fit it somewhere in the backlog or just pick it up later. Still been on Monster Hunter.
  3. what are people salty about?

    is it the lack of non-whites?

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  4. And the absolute no-fucks-given approach of the owner of the studio/development head who puts Twitter SJW's on blast when they mention this lack of people of color.
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  5. As you can tell by my username and avatar I am quite excited by this game. Unfortunately I have class until 7:30 tonight. So I haven't played it yet
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  6. The game came with a 23 gig day one patch (for a game that was 23 gigs to start with). Its rough and jank as fuck. This is akin to Vampire the masquarde pre fan patch.

    Its gonna be fun watching all the people that got ass mad at New Wolfy game try to white knight this and act like its good because this time a game dev shat on people they didn't like. Ergo "its ok to release a mediocre game when someone I like does it."
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  7. is it worse than how skyrim was at launch?
    maybe times have changed, but I thought skyrim was mediocre at best, even at launch and it was full of bugs.
    that didnt stop it from getting a 96 score on metacritic...
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  8. It's not that bad, but the game is rough.

    I'm enjoying it, but it's definitely flawed. Not sure what my ultimate opinion will be yet.
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  9. What's unique about it? I can enjoy a really janky buggy mess of a game if it's interesting. I loved KOTOR 2 and it wasn't even finished.
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  10. I'm concerned that this game may not have adequate African-American and LGBTQ representation. I think I'll wait for Polygon's review before buying.
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  11. I don't know what the issue is tbh. Have played it for the past 4 or so hours and had a blast.

    The short version would be: The graphics are really good, the sound design is amazing and the combat system seems fun.

    The longer version:

    The visuals and the design for the locations, the environment and the level of detail are pretty astounding and the graphics look good even on comparatively low settings. Changes in daylight and weather are very nice to look at. There's mild issues with clipping here and there, but overall nothing too bad. The animation is sometimes a bit wonky (especially facial animations), but again, nothing too bad. Character models are pretty good, too.

    The sound design is top notch. From the sounds of an armored character moving to wildlife and the sound of wind in the trees or rain... it's very atmospheric, especially in combination with the landscapes. The VAs are decent enough overall, but Brian Blessed is in this thing, so that alone is pretty rad.

    When it comes to the controls, there's a bit of an issue with the character movement. Whenever you've got a fully rendered body in an FPS, it needs a bit of getting used to the way the character moves. At first, it somewhat feels like you're overshooting small movements. But it's not as bad as it used to be with games like Operation Flashpoint.
    As I said, the combat system is a lot of fun. I feared it might be awkward or feel kind of floaty, but it turns out that they came up with a control scheme that works pretty well.
    You lock on to an enemy and your view will automatically centre on that person, you can then use the mouse to switch through stances/wards (moving the mouse up will make you go into the upper position). There's a button to block attacks, but there's also a system to use feints (by quickly switching attack direction during the strike), parries (by pressing the block button at the right moment) or dodging (by stepping to the side at the right moment).
    It's a lot more complex than, say, the M&B combat system and is a lot of fun, but I haven't yet quite gotten the hang of it and my character's stats are lousy, so I'll see how this turns out... looks promising enough.

    The Story is... well... rather clichéd so far, tbh, but given the trailers we knew this wasn't going to be Shakespeare. The characters have good dialogue every now and then.

    I really like the system where in order to save the game between auto-saves, you have to drink booze (that you have to buy, no less) - doing it once will actually give you a little buff on your confidence and strength, but doing it over and over will make your character end up drunk off his ass - so savescumming is punished in a creative way. Though the placement of those auto-save spots might be a bit annoying or even outright frustrating, when you end up doing some menial thing over and over again in order to get to the point where you screw up.

    Now, there's a few things that I am still not so sure about. As I said, the combat system looks nice, but I don't know how it'll fare in the long run. Most notably, I fear that fighting several enemies at once will be even more frustrating than in the Gothic series.
    And, of course, I hope that the game isn't too short and has a decent amount of quests and stuff to do.

    Short addendum:
    There's a journal in the game where you can look up a lot of information about the political situation, important people from all over Europe and background information on medieval society. Haven't yet dug through that, but it's certainly a neat thing.
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  12. I feel like in a year or so this game will be awesome with all the bugs smoothed out and a bunch of mods running.
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  13. I have to admit I'm biased towards this on a creative level because I'm a fierce advocate of creators being free to pursue their own vision and I love accuracy in regards to history since I'm a history sperg.

    However, I have yet to get it because it's rough around the edges and I'm sure it'll be awhile before it's all smoothed out, but once people report it's generally stable I'm adding it to the bucket list.

    I must admit that savescumming being punished by making your character a staggering mess who you can't control worth a crap is rather innovative, and I do like the idea of combat that requires actual swordplay strategy instead of "hit it till it dies" like in Elder Scrolls, but having gnashed my teeth at how wooden combat is in Gothic even after getting your sword skills maxed, I hope it winds up being less frustrating than that.
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  14. People keep talking about bugs, but I don't think I've seen one, yet... guess I've been lucky so far.

    The most frustrating part about combat in Gothic was how 2 or 3 of the weakest mobs can kill even a high-level character, since they can just take turns stunlocking you to death... I don't think that's going to happen here, but the way how combat works, fighting mutliple opponents at once will be hard, I assume, since you'll get flanked all the time. Then again, trying to fight against 2 people at once irl isn't easy, either.

    Also, in terms of the autosave feature, I think that will turn out to be a bit annoying in the long run if it keeps up the way it is now.
    I've been in a couple situations where after the game saves, I had to talk to a couple people and then do something but when you fuck up whatever it is you have to do, you'll end up going through these dialogues again and again... and the only way to save the game yourself is to sleep in a bed or drink the Schnapps.
    Then again, if it would drop you off at the most convenient spot to retry something, it might as well become pointless to have that booze-related quicksave mechanic, so there has to be a bit of a tradeoff between convenience and not making it too easy to endlessly retry.

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  15. I never had that problem in Gothic, maybe you guys should just git gud
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  16. I've been following this game for a while. Pretty much ever since that dev drop-kicked that SJW into orbit. (See the spoiler for details if you don't about that).

    Now that it's out, I'm pretty keen to give to give a go. If I wasn't facing imminent unemployment, I'd be a bit more willing to drop the cash on it, but hey, at least when I'm unemployed I'll have the time to play it, maybe.

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  17. I’ve seen some people compare it to Stalker, in that some percentage of the jank is actually kind of endearing.
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  18. All you have to do is open up Steam and flip to the Store tab to see how much Gay Ben cares about this bullshit.

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  19. I have the game in my steam libeary (backed on kickstarter) but I haven't had acess to my gaming computer. So it just sit there, mocking me.
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  20. New Vegas is STILL buggy, but is revered by pretty much everyone these days.

    Personally, it's going to be at least six months before I dive into KC. Open world RPG'S are a blast, but the first year after their release is essentially marathon bug testing.
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