Kingdom Hearts III Update to Change Olaf's Japanese Voice - AKA - Olaf snorts cocaine

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KINGDOM HEARTS III has done well since its release at the start of the year. However, publisher Square Enix has felt the need to taken action to remove the voice of one of the actors from the Japanese dubbing after the actor was arrested for drug use, to prevent the image of the game from being tarnished.

Pierre Taki, whose real name is Masanori Taki, is the actor who voices Olaf in the Frozen world of Arendelle. According to The Mainichi, the 51-year-old actor was arrested for use of cocaine on Tuesday. Following a tip off, the police searched the actor's car and failed to find any evidence of the drug, but then a resulting a urine sample tested positive leading to his arrest. Police are now trying to ascertain how often the actor may use the drug and from where he obtained it. Japan has a strong stance on drug use and the crime can come with a sentence of up to seven years.

Following the arrest of the actor, Square Enix has issued a statement that they will be releasing a patch to replace the Japanese voice of Olaf in the game. Further details of the patch, including its release window, will be released at a later date.

The decision follows SEGA's removal of Judgment from sale and distribution in Japan while they decide what's best for replacing the actor in that title, where he plays the role of yakuza Kyohei Hamura. The western version of that game was due to be released in June, although the publisher was still making a decision whether that version of the title would be affected.

I always thought abusing hard drugs was a requirement to come up with something like the KH series.


like a foof bomb exploding in your face
There are Pokemon shorts that were pulled from circulation for something similar on an actress's part. Japan does not fuck with actor drug use.

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They should have just removed Olaf entirely.
They could've removed Arendelle entirely and it wouldn't have decreased the game quality at all (aside from that I personally really like the keyblade you get from it and the boss fight is fun). Arendelle was definitely the weakest world, at least to me.


Wish they'd get their priorties straight where two pedo manga artists (kenshin and toriko guys) got a slap on the wrist for lusting after children.
I'm sure to the Japanese government the fact that any of it's citizens had lusts beyond 2D granted them special circumstances.
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