Careercow Kirtaner / Aubrey Cottle - 420chan sysop, founder of anonymoose, 1337 hax0r, anti-goobergate and all around degenerate

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Kirtaner was formerly most well known for being the founder of 420chan, an image board that primarily focuses on recreational drugs, blackmarket HRT and wrestling. During this time he became notable for wearing dresses, inserting things into his anus and being accused of child porn possession. He would also give his girlfriend/wife Spardot administrative access to 420chan where she would could dictate moderation to the dismay of much of the userbase.

This private information is unavailable to guests due to policies enforced by third-parties.

GamerGate Era​

During GamerGate Kirtaner aligned himself with Zoe Quinn, a fellow Something Awful goon, presumably through some sort of connection developed during their time in the helldump.

Kirtaner simping for Brianna Wu:
Kirtaner simping for Zoe Quinn: | |
Kirtaner simping for Leigh Alexander:
Kirtaner simping for Anita Sarkeesian:
Ree GamerGate: |
Kirtaner sperging with Ralph:


Donald Trump Era​

During the later stages of the Donald Trump presidency Kirtaner would start associating with mainstream journalism claiming he was the founder of Anonymouse and using his great internet powers to take down Trump, Qanon, Russians, 8chan, Parler, Kiwi Farms, Joshua Conner Moon and basically anyone outside of the blue-pilled cathedral.

The Atlantic Article: (
Daily Dot Article: (
The Reddit AMA: (
Kirtaner hax0rz the Parler:
Kirtaner gonna take down KF and send Jewsh to prison:


Post-Donald Trump/Now Era​

Kirtaner was suspended by Twitter and now Spardot is accusing him of "torturing" her while she was pregnant: (

Extra Reading​

Kirtaner's Encyclopedia Dramatica article:
Kirtaner's Twitter Archive:*
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I only heard of this guy because he kept posting on Twitter (before being banned for republishing illegally obtained documents) that he was going to kill the site and had friends in Mary Jones that were going to do wet work and put out hit pieces on the forum.

I received anonymous contact from someone claiming to be in the media wanting to write a supporting article about the forum, but I told them I don't want to press.


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Il Latte Materno

This is mostly hearsay, but Kirtaner made Spardot a mod on his wrestling board /wooo/ which was insanely popular in terms of what is now called the "IWC (Internet Wrestling Community)" from the mid-2000's onwards. The community is now plagued by Reddit spergs. Spardot didn't show any interest in the board but it was his first sign of affection towards her. He has repeatedly claimed "she wasn't muh girlfriend" despite it being fucking obvious it was because he wanted in.

It even got to the point her birthday was "celebrated" on the board with colorbarf backgrounds and loud sounds.

He was investigated by the FBI, to the point he still carries the FBI contact card. I'll have to find the picture of it but I believe it was deleted when his account got yeeted. No one on /wooo/ actually likes the guy beyond playing nice to avoid a banhammer.
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