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"Bro you gotta help, the weebs are at it again"
I have an important announcement! Owo

just testing out clip studio paint but I have no idea how to use it. Where are those crisp lines I was promised?? That aside, the reference models are good, but it's very obvious I had to use them for the hand haha. I'll have to redraw/reline this when I figure out the nice lines


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Catch me out here being the weeb trash I am and making a Danganronpa style sprite edit of her that literally nobody asked for using Komaru from Ultra Despair Girls as the base sprite. Click for full size because holy shit I forgot how big these sprites are. Added freckles and a KF necklace for aesthetic. Feel free to poke fun at me for the stray bits of green.
kiwi-tan sprite edit.png
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