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Jerry_ smith56

The man in black
Its been a fun year here on kiwi farms and I thought It might be a good for a new tradition here on this site. I presnt to you the first and hopegully not last kiwi farms awards.

The rules:
1. Below the rule list will be a list of awards where you can nominate users for whatever award you think they should win
2. Nominations will take place between now and January 5th 2019.
3. No nominating the same person for the same award multiple award I don't want this thread to be like Halloween thread where there was 50 posts nominating the zoosadism fags.
4. Each award will have 20 potential winners who will be decided based on the results of the daily poll.
5. Once the nominations are done daily polls will be done between 8th january and the 28th of january
6. You don't have to post a nomination for every award do as many or as little as you want just as long has one user nominated
7. No complaining if you get nominated for a negative award just grit your teeth and bear with it. Complaing about being nominated for a award you don't like will only increase your chances of winning it.
8. Nominations will be based off of the fairest way I can think of based on how many agrees the nominating post has.
9. This a complete solo effort on my part. Any questions pm me and I'll you as soon as I can. If may need volunteers if this turns out too much for one person pm me if you wish to volunteers.

Best kiwi farm user 2018. @yawning sneasel
Worst kiwi farm user 2018 Bryan Dunn
Least missed user 2018 @LagoonaBlue
Most missed user 2018 @Flowers For Sonichu
Worst A/H user 2018 @Ron /pol/
Best A/H user 2018 @CatParty
Sexiest user 2018 @Heinrich Himmler
Meanest user 2018 @Null
Nicest user 2018 Tie between @Heinrich Himmler and @Dynastia
Best staff member 2018 @Null
Best thread creator 2018 @Heinrich Himmler
Funniest user 2018 @AnOminous
Least funny user 2018 Bryan Dunn

Congratulations to the winners and @JSGOTI in particular for making this happen. This was a massive success which I am proud see you all next year.
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Alpha Loves You

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Best Kiwifarms user 2018: @Vrakks
Worst kiwi farms user 2018: @Ratko_Falco
Least missed user 2018: @keksz
Most missed user 2018: @Bones
Worst A/H user 2018: @PantsFreeZone
Best A/H user 2018: @Dysnomia
Sexiest user 2018: @big baby jesus
Meanest user 2018: @Rumpled Foreskin
Nicest user 2018: @MerriedxReldnahc
Best staff member 2018: @yawning sneasel
Best thread creater 2018: @emspex
Funniest user 2018: @AnOminous
Least funny user 2018: @scared sheep
Best fail 2018: @LagoonaBlue
Funniest post 2018: Anything from @Secret Asshole
Weirdest user 2018. @Y2K Baby


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Jerry_ smith56

The man in black
Best kiwifarm user: me
Worst kiwi farm user: @RadicalCentrist
Least missed user: @Derp Potato
Most missed user: @zedkissed60
Worst A/H user: @the autist of dojima
Best A/H user: @The Last Stand
Sexist user: @Dial M for Misgender
Meanest user: @Visitor
Nicest user: @Jandak
Best staff member: null
Best thread creator: @Big Bad Brat
Funniest user: @Judge Holden
Least funny: @uncleShitHeel
Biggest fail: when ever a user posts fake news in A/H
Funniest post: whenever null confronts a faggot
Weirdest user: @The man from GRIDS
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