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Finally got off my ass and made an update.

Sometime in 2011: While admining the CWCki, Champthom creates a new forum, the CWCki Forums, to discuss Chris without cluttering up the talk page. PVCC was closed to new users and the 8ch /cwc/ board discourages discussion of Chris, now seen as past his prime.

Sometime between 2011 and 2013: At least one iteration of the CWCki Forums in this state later disappears.

2012: Q&As on the CWCki Forums by Alec Benson Leary and Kacey are done.

January 2013: The "new" CWCki Forums is founded by Null with champthom, the moderator of the old CWCki Forum, which were a place created to continue to talk about Chris following the closure of the PVCC to new users, despite the lull in content. Kengel and A-log, which were banned from the old forum, were declared persona non grata. Originally, the site had four other admins besides champthom, but they leave within months. []

Sometime in 2013: People begin talking about alternate "lolcows" in Off-Topic, including an on-going search to find the "next Chris".  Null attempts to create a forum to split off this discussion, it is shot down by champthom, but a permanent subforum is created. In April 2013, one of these "next Chris" threads is created, titled as "Nick Bate?" with little more than the text "Another creep similar to Chris?". Thus begins a long journey that eventually reveals that Nick molested a child, with the minor eventually coming forward. []

September 2013: Hosting moves from Dreamhost to Linode. []

October 2013: 100,000th post made on the system. []

January 2014: Chris' house is involved in a large house fire, Null organizes drive to send Chris a care package. Null releases tracking number publicly, trolls attempt to cause chaos.

Early 2014: A lolcow, Jace Connors, comes into CWCki Forum's radar as a lolcow, of this, a user trying to create a "Liquid Jace saga", PvtRichardCranium, is banned. A new user, DeagleDad420, essentially runs the thread. Gamerfood, a small griefing group trying to troll Jace, runs ops on the site to try to compromise Jace but DeagleDad420 helps Null protect the site. The "Deagle Nation" (or "Grilled Cheese" subforum) is created.

March 2014: Ads begin to run on the site, but only one ad, and only for guests. []

May 2014: Moleman9000/Nava-Verse subforum started. []

July 2014: The site begins to ask for donations. []. This is the start of "True & Honest Fan" for donating members. []

August 2014: Golden Knight subforum started. Sometime around this era, it is revealed Null was aware of another trolling operation on Chris with user skyraider and another user. There was also another subforum during this time, Blue Pill, but it is folded back in to main Lolcow forum.

Sometime around 2014: Groups are launched as a forum option. []

September 2014: Side Ops sub-board created under Deagle Nation as it was reaching "critical mass". []. Reacting to the failure of Blue Pill, the Lolcow General subforum is created. [] A thread on a lolcow, TJChurch, takes off when a user named Cowlick joined, soon revealed to be TJChurch himself.

Sometime around September 2014: Ratings are introduced, previously there was only an "Mm, Yeah" (and "QUOTE ME NOW") button. Soon after, Null warns people not to use ratings as a cheap way of the "report post" button. The Horrifying rating comes in soon after when Chris pierces his taint, but it is only for True & Honest Fans. Another limited option is Deviant, as the TJChurch thread is taking off (and based after his smile). Many Dumb ratings to TJChurch retroactively become Deviant.

Sometime around late 2014: The Inner Circle board is created, becoming the shitpost board. []

November 2014: Null announces a rebranding of the site. A popular choice is "Kiwi Farms", based after Jace mispronounced it in a video earlier that year. [] This thread is also where a random.txt quote originates from ("if was available we'd totally be tomorrow and nobody would have any say in it"). Kiwi Farms launches with new software, but the same content as CWCki Forum. The "beta" Kiwi Farms looks very different than what the modern KF looked like, with "Beryllium" as the logo.

Null also launches the Lolcow Wiki, to explore other cows. []

The site also suffers its first large-scale DDOS attack. []

December 2014:
- Marjan Šiklić joins. Soon after, over three straight days the user makes a series of bizarre comments that earn him the mostly highly-rated in negative user ratings.
- The old CWCki Forums is downgraded to just Chris discussion to encourage the move. []
- "DON'T CALL ANYBODY!": CWC is arrested following an incident where he maces a GameStop employee. Chris is bailed out but in the end, Chris is just fined.

February 2015: Jace Connors revealed to be a hoax, with DeagleDad420 being Jace himself. The Entersphere subforum is launched []. A few days later, Null re-organizes staffing, with Glaive now being co-admin instead of DeagleDad420 (at this time, THE WRITER, though later reverts to DeagleDad420, likely for archival purposes). Null creates the WIZ DUM GUN subforum for future activities of Jan (Jace/THE WRITER/DeagleDad420), though it only lasts a few months before the entire Deagle Nation board is closed. Champthom retires. [] Golden Knight subforum archived after Jay Geis fakes his death on the Internet and goes silent. Tumblr board launched, initially named "Tumblr Inaction" (and briefly, "Ball Pit", referring to the ill-fated Dashcon)

April 2015: For his role in molesting a child, Nick Bate is arrested. The thread is locked and a second thread, "Nick Bate 2: THE RECKONING" is created. []

May 2015: The Entersphere subforum is closed.

June 2015: Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici subforum made, initially named C.I.S. to take advantage of Phil's paranoia of "cisgender" people and the greater Kiwi Farms. About this time, the Cybersecurity 101 post is made, as KF was making enemies and a few users had identities that could be traced back.

Summer 2015: A popular thread on the Lolcow forum, Len Shaner, is locked due to excessive w.e.e.n.ery.

August 2015: The Community Watch subforum is launched. []. As many Kiwis cross over with some communities (or others coming on board), tags can get "Infected" (users trying to steer discussion positive), "Diseased", and "Plagued".

September 2015: The Lolcow Wiki is functionally abandoned, with Null promising work on it after Infinity Next is completed (an upgrade of 8ch, never completed due to corporate meddling) [, "Goodbye Jim" stream]

Sometime in 2015: "The Bloodletting" happens (post gone, and no, the one on the drama with Dean W.e.e.n, Snakes, and Jan isn't it) which de-mods a number of users (including CatParty) that had been mods for a time, partly to reduce perceived admin abuse and preventing the problem of mods essentially running the site. One-time admin Glaive is banned following a disagreement with Null. [], despite having been considered in February the "nicest person on the forum" by Null. []

December 2015: The CWCki's main source of videos, The CWCville Library on YouTube, is taken down. The Crustpunk Fandom sub-board is established on ADF's page as an equivalent to Side Ops for Jace. [] It is merged back into the main ADF forum within six months.

January 2016: The site moves off of Linode in search of new seas. [] Due to host incompetence with meddling by third parties, the site goes offline and loses about two days of data. A "lounge" subforum created prior this, Edgeville, doesn't come back.

March 2016: Lolcow Email is launched. []

April 2016:
- The Kiwi Farms announces a fake shut down with Null "admitting" to be a transgender. The real site is still accessible, Josh still sane

- Alison Rapp fired from Nintendo of America, forum has confetti. Groups discontinued. []
- Later that month, confetti is thrown is again as Nick Bate is sentenced for 40 years in prison, parole after 16 1/2, guilty on all charges. []. Soon after, Nick Bate's third thread is locked.

June 2016:
- Lolcow LLC is established as a legal holding for Kiwi Farms. There's a server failure, which results in downtime. []
- On June 30, 2016, Julie Terryberry, a "Canadian autist living in a shed" commits suicide. It is the first major death of a lolcow. [] Additionally, Terryberry's death starts rumors among enemies of the Farms that Kiwi Farms "bullied Terryberry into suicide".

July 2016: A new subforum, Lolcow News, is created to create a series of articles independent from the Kiwi Farms forums on a Wordpress site. Loveshy Therapy Center subforum is shut down and archived.

August 2016: Kiwi Farms loses its iconic domain name. []

September 2016: Sometime around this time, the True Capitalist Radio subforum is archived.

October 2016: The Food board is created. []

November 2016: Trump is elected President of the United States. Most of the lolcows followed just wouldn't be the same after that.

December 2016: Events & News subforum is archived, with a replacement board, Articles & Happenings, launching that same month. [] Beauty Parlor is created, initially with a set theme of purple and black (as opposed to normal green and black). [] Most Beauty Parlor threads were long-running lolcow threads. In response to the election and other "Twitter outrage" events (such as the Ghostbusters 2016 film), Salt Mine forum is created. []

January 2017: Kiwi Farms is shut down following serious threats on Null's family.

February 2017: Kiwi Farms reopens after a three week absence. []

March 2017: Initially created as the semi-private "War Room", a place for Brianna Wu's "campaign promises", the Brianna Wu subforum is created, hosting a general thread for a long-running transsexual that emerged during Gamergate (but notably was not part of the Rat King circlejerk).

August 2017: Lolcow News is archived and plans for the Wordpress site are abandoned.

September 2017: Tired of the hijinks in the Amberlynn Reid thread (started in August 2016), the Amberlynn Reid subforum is created.

"Perpetual, paper-thin shielding. Violent, frothing-at-the-mouth rage for no particular reason. Indignant outrage at every possible attempt to contain, control, mitigate, or in any way improve the Amberlynn thread. You've driven out my Beauty Parlor mods by being awful, constantly, and none of the other staff even want to read it."

The subforum is completely unmoderated, but it works, and all the problem users eventually disappear.
[, Amberlynn stream]

Late 2017: A Russell Greer subforum is created but archived within the period of a few months.

October 2017: DarkSydePhil, a long-running lolcow, finally gets his own forum.

November 2017: Cryptocurrency board founded (assumed month).

December 2017:
- DSP's very first big saga, the Mystery Woman, begins. []
- ED sysop and Kiwi user FuckYou attempts a school shooting in Aztec, New Mexico. Due to the shooter's incompetence when the room is barricaded with a couch, he is referred to as "Couch Cuck".

March 2018: Salt Mine closes, with the Trump fallout thread moved and eventually renamed.

April 2018: #ChangeTheChannel controversy causes TGTGW threads to take off.

May 2018:
-ADF does the deed and replaces his dick with an axe wound.
- Ability to log in to Kiwi Farms with a Steam login is removed [] after being announced more than a year ago]
- John "TotalBiscuit" Bain, who shared a thread with Jim Sterling, passes away at 33. []
- The Golden Knight thread is briefly revived as Jay resurfaces on the Internet. []

June 2018:
- Chloe Sagal, one of the "Rat King" trannies, sets themselves on fire in Portland, dying from their injuries. [] ResetERA and others immediately jump to Sagal's defense, blaming Kiwi Farms despite the fact that they never seemed to care about Sagal before.
- International Clique is created for highly localized lolcows that would only attract native speakers. [] Today, this prominently covers Brazilian lolcows and is written in Portuguese.

September 2018:
- News of Terry A. Davis' death reaches KF.
- The Zoosadism Leaks are released. []

October 2018:
- BetterHelp exposé. []. Later, Pewdiepie features the thread in a video.
- Chance Carmichael, "700goingon800", and joined as user idontwantthisbutok, dies from complications related to obesity. []

December 2018: John Bulla is officially indefinitely incarcerated at a mental hospital in Florida. []. Additionally, malformed vegetative dwarf-child Claire Hartley passes away from an infection. Her sister (afflicted with the same vegetative dwarfism) passes away in October the following year. []

January 2019: Likely due to the actions by a well-known anti-KF troll, by default, Virgin UK blocks DNS resolution to Kiwi Farms. []

March 2019: Christchurch shooting happens, with Kiwi Farms re-uploading the video that perpetrator Brenton Tarrant initially uploaded to Facebook and largely banned from every video hosting site, including LiveLeak and MEGA. The resultant backlash of New Zealand mass media against Null and the high demands of the site drives Null into an unhealthy mixture of sleeping and playing 16-hour marathon runs of Space Station 13.

September 2019: Site hacked, revealing many PMs and user emails. Despite passwords remaining secure and no content lost, many users end up deleting their accounts including Yawning Sneasel, Zeitgeist (Gook Choy), and Dynastia.

November 2019: On November 6th, the Cryptocurrency board is renamed as The Bidness with a new focus (finance and business). Internet & Technology board created.

December 2019: "Lunacy" rating introduced.

Updates: Updated to December, additional lolcow stuff and a few other things

Here are transcripts of every announcement and featured thread (not movie night or MATI announcements) that I could find from 1/1/18 to 5/29/20.
They are way, way too big to post here. I've posted them to instead.


before 2/24/19
[A] = Announcement
[CBS] = Corner box shitpost
Everything else is a featured thread.

after 2/24/19
[CBS] = Corner box shitpost
Everything else is an announcement.

Note: Some dates may be off, especially for featured threads.
Note2: Some links are broken.
Note3: One of my sources was the old featured threads archive the site kept, but it only shows and dates them by their OPs, so if a thread only got featured for a specific hilarious moment then I’d have no idea. I copied provided context whenever I could find it.
Note4: I included some of Null’s shitposting in the corner box when it had text or links to KF threads. I probably should have grabbed videos too, oh well.
Note5: I don’t see any featured threads on the frontpage between Febuary 2017 and April 2018 but they still exist and have been included.

Walk down memory lane before Null deletes Kiwifarms.
I intend to do 2013-2017 eventually but there's a fuckton of featured threads.
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Forgot how much awesome shit went down over the years here. Never thought anything was going so surpass Robert Wayne Stiles's bath salt fueled meltdowns on the earlier sites, but there was always something fun happening.

Here's to seven and a half years or whatever of shitposting and autism.