Feedback Kiwi Farms is a lucrative front for child pornography -

Did Null force you to send him pornographic images of yourself?

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  • I am a transgendered individual and cut off my entire penis

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HG 400

Kiwi Farms is a lucrative front for child pornography. When I was twelve, I was tricked by @Null and others into sending pornographic pictures of myself to them. Do not be fooled, Null profits off the tears of the innocent. All the moderators and admins are complicit in this facade. This is a child porn ring and all of you should be ashamed for taking part in it, you disgusting pedophiles. All children should avoid this site. Do not become a victim. Why do you think so many of the kids on here have become fucked up in the head, harming themselves? Because they were violated by that bitch pedo-lesbian Null. Now many of them are part of the Kiwi Farms pornography network, cases of the abused becoming the abusers. Why do you think so many legitimate users have left? They found out about Null's business but were blackmailed by Null to keep quiet. You cannot win by staying here. Leave this cancerous site.


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Why is this site forcing me to admit that I'm a tranny who cut off my entire cock, not just parts of it, not just the yarbles, but the ENTIRE COCK, over and over again?

I am going to sue this gasoline-huffing abbo for doing this to me again and again and again and again and again.

Seriously, fuck you. You realize you don't even belong to the human species, right? You're just one of those weird things that barely survive on giant islands.

Doc Cassidy

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I 100% support null's decision to use this site as a front to create and distribute kiddie porn.

Miss Rat

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I was going to be used for cp, but after the Kiwi Farms staff looked at my photos, it was decided that even the thirstiest pedo would be turned off by me, and thus I would be bad for business.

EI 903

Kiddie porn yes, lucrative no. Turns out our underage users lack the "it" factor that really brings in the NABLAbux.