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What are you gonna do about it?

  • Dumpster me

  • Watch me screech autisticly

  • Beg for feet pictures

  • Tell me to neck myself

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wheat pasta

You're not real! Fuck you!
Vladimir? More like HEMADimir.
(sorry, that was a League of Legends joke because the character in his avatar is named Vladimir.)

Clearly, however, this Silver person should come here and give us the ol' what-for. He/she/xe/it seems to know all about us already, so it's really the logical step to take. It worked out so well for everyone else. :pickle:

GREEDY FIREMAN is your comrade
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I stumbled across a post of someone's impressions of the site and thought it might be fun to have a thread where we post similar "reviews" of our forums
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I'm trying to dig up a video review I remember someone doing. @Null do you remember that one? It was a website review page and some random girl who had never seen our site before had to review it
I guess someone got triggered.