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What are you gonna do about it?

  • Dumpster me

  • Watch me screech autisticly

  • Beg for feet pictures

  • Tell me to neck myself

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BRUTAL beating and SEVERE raping


The hyeckin frickyen sweetist
True & Honest Fan
I understand why the trannies get all pissy about KF, but where do these pedophiles and dogfuckers get the idea their rape fantasies deserves to be respected?
They believe that they're oppressed by society, similar to how LGBT people and minorities do, and they want to be treated as such. They want pats on the ass for being degenerates.


I'm Really Feeling It!
Why do these people hate us so much? Is it because they also fear us as well? Lulz.
We are the only ones laughing and criticizing their autistic obscure shit they are creating while demanding only praise from everyone for being "amazing".
People nowadays are sheltered on the internet and don't want their feelings hurt and by some random guy only making assumptions on their "talent".
And yes, they're pissing themselves not to get thread as well.
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The Pink Panther

It eeez what it eeez
True & Honest Fan
What I find weird about many of these people that hate us and complain us on Twitter, is that they hype us as these stalkers, harassers, and murderers, all of these slanderous terms, yet they probably can't recount a single time that any one of us has done that shit to anyone.

Only the most autistic users on this site would probably message the cow (and we would probably make fun of them for it) but I've seen no one on this site try to stalk and murder a cow, considering that none of us have anything against pretty much anything we make fun of. It's like they are mindless sheep going along with an established narrative by that falsfied news source from 2016. Once the narrative is set, the sheep will not be convinced to change their mind about said narrative in any way shape or form. It is stagnant and forever implanted in their mind that the Farms is the next 8chan or whatever.