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The only suicide Richard "Dickard" Jones committed related to Kiwi Farms was his public reputational suicide through his own posts here.

You can see them all here, and that he showed up to display his solidarity for fellow troons by dishing dirt on someone he didn't like.

He is only angry with us because we found him even more laughable and pathetic than his target.
Link leads to an Oops! page. That said, it's funny to see just how far a personal army request goes for an individual.

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I'm not mad at anyone, honest.
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I'm a fan of the subtle admission that we make them cry lol
We don't even make them cry though. They're always tarding out and acting like butthurt idiots before we even make a thread on them. That's why we make a thread on them. I wish they'd get their story straight as to whether we're "stalkers" or "trolls." We're neither but they're kind of contradictory claims.

Dork Of Ages

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Diaper porn drawn by Shmorky is on the same level of evil as necro-zoo porn? When did we even host necro zoo porn? I remember people trying to link that Christchurch incident but necro-zoo porn is a new reach.

Uh oh, Qanon is going after Nool! You should post PatriotMom in the Qanon Community Watch thread, it needs some love.
We can't let Qanon find out what we have been doing in the basement of the abandoned candy factory.

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When he says go back to Kiwifarms, it's a generalized insult for getting kicked out of his degenerate safe-space bubble.

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He got so god damn erratic about just himself mentioning the site that upon "owning" the person, i assume he just argued with, he spent another 5 minutes typing up a blog on why he hates it so much. It's an interesting mental cycle.

Kill all whales

Griffith did nothing wrong. Fight me
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@Kill all whales Machine)

Apparently it looks like some new social media site for feminists was launched recently. (WayBack Machine) (WayBack Machine)

Apparently this is because they ban feminists now on Twitter. How interesting. (WayBack Machine)
Damn even pedophiles and child rapists hate kiwifarms.

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