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Judge Holden

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We really should mock transmen more tbh.
Kinda redundant when they mock themselves by their very existance

♫ Most foke'll never cut out their cooch
But then again, some foke'll
Like Jacob, the trannified yokel! ♫
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We should have a contest on who can get the best reddit karma in troon Reddit’s for best made up KF horror story
Extra points shall be awarded for getting good karma despite sneaking in obvious references and dank in-jokes either to specific kiwifarms lore or general shitposter tropes. Cases where you get the first letter of every line to spell something funny shall also be rewarded accordingly
Prize: Custom tranny related title (maybe with True and Honest Fan benefits:optimistic::optimistic::optimistic:). The kiwi that gets the most karma wins. Participants post stories in DMs to protect anonymity and not tip the trannies off.


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There's so many unfounded assumptions built into this "question" that it was probably better to not have asked it at all.

The main one for me is that while they may not be blatant pedophiles a huge number of the sex pests on here are generally straight men in one form or another. The Gutian video just reminded me of how many K*wi F*rm's "DO NOT LOOK" lookers just spy on their little corner of the internet through it and think the whole place is catered to their interests. The active lolcows are by and large generally white and cis. Outside of the "all purpose trans thread" which is more people making fun of stupid randoms, the trans ones who keep a thread going have way more aspects to them than simply being trans. Arguably a larger common denominator than any kind of gender/sexual orientation is that lolcows are stupid and fat.

also lol at the avatars of the accounts who liked the first post

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"Doesn't it seem just a little weird that every single one of the targets of that discourse getting accused of being secret pedophiles or whatever are queer and trans, almost always women?"

Well, they're only ever accused of being pedophiles because there's evidence showing such. Them being "queer and trans" and "almost always women" says more about them than it does about us.

We should have a contest on who can get the best reddit karma in troon Reddit’s for best made up KF horror story
You'd have to space it out so that the Reddit isn't bombarded with a bunch at once and organize it via private messages, though.


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I think I found the culprit.

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His name is Philip Vincent Haskins-Delici, although he goes by a number of aliases, including Isabel Rosa Araujo, Ahuviya Harel, and "ADF." He lives in Portland. He should be considered extremely biohazardous and only approached by a trained hazmat team.
You forgot his Kiwi Farms handle, Hispanic Hitlermobile.
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I can think of plenty of straight men involved. Jonathan Yaniv, Tommy Tooter, Richard Jones, Jake Alley...

Citation Checking Project

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Can we have a dox to 100% prove this is bullshit
The d0xxx in question allegedly

Credits to @Spectre_06 for posting his educated hypothesis on the troon reddit.
Spectre_06 said:
Kiwi Farms poster here. I'd like to chime in on this entire thing, as I've been keeping track of it simply for research purposes as it overlaps with another situation I've been following for close to a year. Take it as you will, and I fully expect to see a "You've been banned" message in the near future.

This individual is likely someone that was doxed who uses the online handle "Ruki". Ruki is a pedophile (for obvious reasons, I am not going to post anything relating to the dox here as it violates Reddit's rules). I'm not talking "trans so pedophile", I'm talking convicted in a court of law for the sexual assault of a five-year-old. Ruki was more recently spared jail time despite violating her sexual offences order by contacting underage individuals online, as well as having child pornography/"loli" porn on a laptop/external HDD that she didn't reveal to anyone despite being required to.

To date, I've looked over everything regarding others who have been doxed, and the typing seems to match up with Ruki. It seems odd that this "attack" occurred shortly after said doxing. I highly doubt the veracity of the claims of her house having gasoline dropped in it to light it up; I think it's another play for attention--something Ruki has been known to do for a bit and drew the attention of Kiwi Farms for causing drama earlier this year when she tried to play the 'pity me' game with a couple of voice actors.

This is all being provided as neutrally as possible and does not condone the harassment or attack of anyone, it is simply for educational purposes.


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Wait, wait, the thread they linked in the OP as proof that we dox trannies was just screenshots of posts on the trans pic subreddits. That's not fucking doxing, that's just screenshotting a reddit post. What a joke.
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Neko GF

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Bakuu, a troon that I have mentioned a couple times here, continues to express their fear of Kiwi Farms. I'm starting to think that this is plebbitor who made the assassin comment:

The Nerdskull, fear mongers about the farms. Christchurch, "Muh Nazis", "I'm a gud boy! I dindo noffuin!!", asuming we like guys like Ian Miles Cheong and Ethan Ralph and accusing us of being pedos.