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Pedophile faggot calls the Farms a "social terror platform" and thinks that Kiwis should be labelled as terrorists.

He says this shit while advocating for what can essentially be summed up as the legalization of pedophilia.
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Immortal Technique

Hontrapoints gave a shoutout to Kiwifarms in his latest video:
The best part is, this has induced trannies and troons to realizing that if your look into things; it doesn't make you a nazi. They are VERY upset to be categorized for being "KF users" because they tried validating sources. The majority not, but I'm sure 1 or 2 eyes were opened.

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Fiancee abuser and serial cheater Borisof007 aka Ryan Zane Furlong and Herald of massage parlors unprotected his Twitter.
And wants to fight the Farms.

You might ask who he is.
He got butthurt after he got doxed by @Junk Dog.
Junk Dog's follow up post:

Here are a few more reviews:

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They fear us, because they know they're terrible people. Maybe if they came clean about it and owned up to it, they'd worry less about us. Smart people surrender their shame and benefit from this down the road of life.
They’ll never own up to their shittiness. It’s easier for them to dismiss everyone else as the terrible people.


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Speak of the Kiwi, and he shall appear.
Or speak of the Kiwi, and he who is reading your Twitter will go there, read your thread, learn about your babyfur diaper fetish and then act all self-righteous about how awful the site is and how they’d never go there.

I actually agree, it’s probably not sensible to talk about us if you have dirty secrets. But don’t talk about us at all - don’t censor the name, don’t misspell it, don’t even vaguely allude to us.

Mind you, if you’re smart enough to do that, you probably didn’t put your dirty secrets online in the first place.

While the hate posts are the most enjoyable; it's always nice to come across someone that recognizes this site's skill and the good things we do. Plus, it's a PSA for the importance to archive.
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And there lays the issue with these people. If they do like 60% of KF-users, and just scroll past everything that doesn't have a link, picture or seem like a somewhat informative message, you can appreciate the facts without the commentary. There are a lot of autists, trannies, commies and even worse, people who vote republican, on this site, but you don't need to read it.

Also every thread tends to promote somewhat of a monoculture, as nobody who is a Jordan Peterson fan is going to shit on him in his thread. Yet they might post frequently about him in other parts of the forum. Pedoes are mocked relentlessly in their own thread, yet somehow the farms get accused for being pedoes. Same with incels, who are a prime target. All this nuance is lost on these people, either because they can't fathom the existence of people they partially agree with or/and because they are to lazy to click on more than one thread.


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This person was trying to defend the artist in the "New Guy" comic by flagging Oney's videos, I believe.

The thing is, we haven't really done anything besides repost the tweets they publicly make and they've been suicide baiting since.

Anyway, @Meowtaindeww_, the person leaking your tweets is me. I've done it all.