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Immortal Technique


Real Mutha For Ya

Sweet Belinda, the peasants call her the goddess
One of KF’s constant lurkers is taking exception to my new avatar which coincidentally is a picture of him when he was 8.
@Joss_Prior obvs thinks this is something sinister: this comes from a drug addict who hangs around women’s toilets sniffing the sanitary bins.
Our Chirpy, Scouse Drag Queen is really not bothered by it all, that’s why he’s constantly lurking on KF and Mumsnet, desperate for attention.


Cooking up some shit over at kf's git page.
tfw you don't know how NAT works or what the word "distributed" means

Also expecting someone who has never used Wireshark to just download it and get useful information out of it is very :optimistic: to say the least.
Mfw netstat -abf is more easy and accessible for a beginner than Wireshark, probably just trying to fear monger people.

Next Task

True & Honest Fan
I just hope all these potential neo-Chloe's don't do it inside or near a house because we already tried to burn down that one transwoman's house and failed I don't want another failure on our hands.
I would respectfully suggest that this one a) not do it in public where they can traumatise random passers-by, b) not self-immolate, as Chloe's last words were allegedly, "I didn't think it would be as painful as this," and c) leave a note clearly blaming the people they want to hurt, so we can either get the confirmed kill or make fun of the people who use her death for their own ends, as will inevitably happen.


Keeper of smug anime face.
Pursuant to the October Evans post, I am submitting this wholeass Twitter archive from an account called @G2015Alex.
View attachment 1165062
*Hand on hips* You GUYS! Which one of you is doing murders? Naughty naughty!
I didn’t murder anybody I swear. Just look at of this picture of me reading today’s newspaper I couldn’t have possibly killed anybody



Love to hate.


José Mourinho

The Special One
True & Honest Fan

One day, I was laughing at how OneIrateGamer was sperging about how some female character in Resident Evil was masculine and the article didn't even provide any timestamps of her masculine traits, and even showcased a comment asking for that was downvoted.

This was later what happened (the effort to expose the guy was great, but the sheer amount trying to get us to gotcha for "agreeing" with a pedophile is sad:


Citation Checking Project

Wokescolds of the world, unite!
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Presented without comment.

Far left politics rambler Ian Kochinski said:
Do not tell me that right-leaning people do not suffer from depression: /pol/, Kiwi Farms, all these people have — like — gun barrels lined up against their jaws — like — non-stop. These people all want to kill themselves because they're all fucking worthless failsons that have convinced themselves that the reason they're failing in every conceivable aspect of their lives is because they haven't gotten a girlfriend, and the reason they haven't gotten a girlfriend is because the Trump's Chosen People have put out porn that has normalized interracial hypergamy, which is taking the white pussy away from the decent white man, so he — they have no choice but to spend their whole lives on the internet complaining about black people or whatever. that's, the — uh whatever... These people all want to kill themselves.
(his thread)


I wouldn't start from here.
True & Honest Fan
He sounds super butt mad about his life and is projecting wildly.
Vaush is a talented guy, he genuinely is a good communicator, and he's done some really good streams. However he's also a predatory, bestiality obsessed deviant. Character traits which have got him shut out of a lot of online circles I think he'd like to be in. Destiny has started talking to him again, but Destiny showed more respect for Mike Enoch than he did for Vaush.

Anyway I think he's bitter because he feels he has the talent to go further than he has. Also he's in a relationship with an absolute horror of a woman. As a final note he apparently owns a lot of guns. so.....