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First one has to do with a Tumblr "artist" that recently deleted all of their shit due to the Farms:

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Tumblr review:
Tumblrite said:
I dont know how to make this any more crystal clear to people:

  • kiwifarms was founded as an imageboard explicitly dedicated to the stalking and harassment of a specific autistic trans woman

  • doxxingand harassment carried out via kiwifarms has been linked to the suicide of another trans woman (chloe sagal). their thread on her, in all its spiteful original language, remains up to this day.
  • kiwifarms’ founder is also the former lead developer of 8chan, one of the most prolific hives of violent white nationalists online today
  • kiwifarms as a whole is baldly transparent about the fact that it sees lbgt, neurodivergent, and mentally ill folks as a source of entertainment because of their lgbt/nd status and mental illness. they do not hide this fact.
Sometimes, kiwifarms may host a thread about someone who is a truly bad person. They are still a hate site. Stop using them as a source, full stop. Any information worth actually calling out on someone can be gathered elsewhere and by other means. Just because someone dislikes someone you think is bad does not mean they are worth giving the time of day. Some nazis hate cops- we still know better than to rub shoulders with them or trust them as sources on why the police should be dismantled, because we recognize that the problems we have with the police are completely different from the reason they dislike them. It should not be so hard to do the same for a website like this. I know that the individual views and aims of kiwifarm users may vary, but all of them are people who are ok with posting on a website where slurs and virulently hateful language wrt trans, neurodivergent, and mentally ill people are used regularly. All are people who are ok with posting on a website run by an antisemitic white nationalist. All are people who are ok with posting on a website founded on the stalking and harassment of a single human being. All of them are ok with posting on a website that has blood on its hands.

Do not put their information on my dash. Do not link to them in your callouts. If you haven’t already, block tumblr user cat//bountry, who appears on popular posts to this day despite being a very long-term and active mod on said website. (Archive)

The Tumblrite in question:


I wouldn't start from here.
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